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Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts about 2010.

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Twenty – ten, you were an odd, odd year. I’m sure there have been 365 1/4 days that have been more odd but I don’t remember them. (Honestly, my short-term memory is usually for sh*t but this week my long-term memory is out of whack.) Tons of thing happened around the world, on the corner, and every else imaginable. Continue reading

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Know what I realized…

So last Saturday was Christmas. Naturally, families and friends who love and pretend to love one another all met and ate, drank, and gave each other the stink-eye in the most loving ways possible. There were gift exchanges, dinners, benders, and thousands of other ways that people celebrate Christmas with each other.  My Christmas holiday was no different.

I went home and saw my parents, siblings, the dog, and a few friends. We had some beer, laughed at our current foolishness, and laughed even harder at our past foolishness. (What? My people are those who like beer and are foolish. It’s our thing. Besides it’s the most fun we can have without getting the Sheriff’s department involved.) All in all it was fun working with a set of proper villains again. So on Sunday morning I realized one thing as I reflected over the weekend’s events: My family and friends are pretty f***ing awesome. Even Mario.

That it all.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 24th, 2010) Merry Christmas Baby, you sure did treat me nice…


Merry Christmas. Enjoy your families and be safe while you’re celebrating the holidays.

  1. David Bowie (Who is one of the most creepy people ever.) and Bing Crosby singing “The Little Drummer Boy” is actually more creepy than Bowie could ever be by himself. Check out Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby’s remake of the remake.
  2. According to the 2010 Census people are moving to the bottom of the map at a higher rate. South Carolina’s population is now 4,625,364 with a growth percentage of 15.3% since 2000. We also gain another seat in the House of Reps bringing us a total of 7. (Texas will gain 4 new seats.) Either no one wants to live in the cold or Big Ten football has finally driven people leave their homes.
  3. While I was out at the outlets in Charleston shopping I saw a woman who looked like the Bumble but her hair was twenty different colors and white wasn’t one of them. (I’m not at all proud of what I do.)
  4. I’ve got to be honest when I saw the cast listing for Marvel Comic’s Thor I was taken back that Stringer Bell a/k/a Idris Elba was playing Heimdall, a god in Norse Mythology. This is mostly because I like my comic characters in movies to at least resemble their comic counterparts. I’m still up in the air about Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury but I’m good with it because an alternate version of Fury is modeled after Jackson, and after all Samuel L. Jackson is a bada**. My raised eye brows went away because the trailers for Thor all look freaking awesome but there are a few folks out there who think Stringer Bell’s role is anti-white.  Sure Idris is obviously not of Norse stock but the movie is about a large man who can manipulate the weather, fly around with a hammer that only Clark Kent, Ben Grim, and a few others can pick up, and hands out with a 89-year-old man who punched Hitler. Paranoid white folks, please get over it. It’s only a comic book movie. Six foot tall dime pieces didn’t flip when Halle Berry played Storm so y’all will be okay. Disney doesn’t need your money any way.
  5. If the Black-Eyed Peas didn’t have Pro-Tools and turntables they would be Blonde.
  6. After watching it in re-runs I have to say that I miss the The Unit. You had the Allstate Man, David Mamet’s snappy writing, and gun fire. It was like Glengarry Glen Ross meets The A-Team.
  7. With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell how long will it take our society to look back on DADT and think about how silly it was in the first place. (See Executive Order 9981.) ***the first person to tell me Race and sexuality aren’t the same thing get’s blocked then they will be paid a visit by my Mexican special ops team. I know they aren’t the same thing.***
  8. Remember awhile when I was talking about the spectrum of African leaders? Well this guy, Laurent Gbagbo of Le Cote D’Ivoire is trying to be one of the bad ones.
  9. Are people seriously going to spend money on a Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley?
  10. It took someone getting hurt to stop U2 and Marvel Comic’s bad idea. Peter Parker is emo enough without the singing and dancing.
  11. Since this week marks the 150th anniversary of South Carolina deciding to take its ball and go home. Check out Ta-Nehisi Coates’ look at Secession and Robert Smalls. I really wish the 5% of South Carolina’s population (both black and white) would get over the Civil War, that wretched flag, themselves, whatever the hell their great-great-great whomever did during the war and move the f**k forward. There’s too much keeping score involved.
  12. The current Lame Duck Session of congress wasn’t very lame at all. I wish my government worked with this kind of urgency all of the time.
  13. Ewww Rex Ryan, ewww.

2010 has been a long and trying year everywhere in the world. Here are some visuals from the NY Times. Here’s hoping 2011 is better. All we can do is endure right? I hope everybody enjoys Christmas, New Years, the Holidays, or whatever you choose to call this time of year. I may post next week I’m not sure yet but I hope to see everybody in 2011!

Vaya con Dios!

In my mind I’m. . . (The Delusional Negro Blog)

In reality I am a lot of things. I’m a man. I’m a know it all. I’m a cynic. I’m fiercely loyal to my friends. I’m a contrarian. I’m introvert. I’m a comic book nerd. I’m a hip-hop head. I’m an information junkie. I’m below average at math. I like chicken in various forms. I like cold jams. I like explosions and guns. For some strange reason I like watching Sunday morning TV. I’ll stop here because this could get a little lengthy.

****This is going to make sense in a few sentences, trust me. ****

So the other day I was talking to my friend O and I don’t remember what specific part of our conversation was about but one of us made the comment about what we think we are in our own minds. I then started singing the chorus of Ray Cash’s “Sex Appeal (I’m a Pimp in My Own Mind) and we both laughed. This made me think about how people perceive themselves between their own ears.

Now this self perception can be based in some forms of the truth. It can be downright hilarious. Sometimes it can just be delusional which usually means more hilarity. (SEE Palin, Sarah) The way nominally sane people think is often contradictory to how they act or how the world see’s them. Sometimes this self perception slips out as personality quirks that make us love or hate people too.

So without any more useless attempts at witty prose here what I think I am in my mind:

In my mind I’m… kind of schizo (No I’m not implying I’m schizophrenic but I’m all over the place.) My brain is like a flat screen television with every package that Direct TV offers.

In my mind I… fancy myself to be quite the bad m****r****er.  Like for realz. That’s right kids upstairs old Wu is kind of ninja. I have nothing in reality to base this on but this is my story so let me tell it!

In my mind… this plays in my head when I walk down the street…

In my mind I’m…the best freakin’ cook in the world. In the real world I don’t think I’m that shabby but this is a stretch. Miss Moneypenny’s mac & cheese is vastly superior to mine. She knows this and has not rubbed any salt into the wound.

In my mind I’m… some kind of a superhero. More Luke Cage than Superman. I always get the win. (We all know that in real life people seldom win all of the time. Unless you’re Bill Belichick and you cheat.

In my mind… my entry into a room is signified by a brief yet substantial gust of wind because I’m some kind of a superhero… and a ninja.

In my mind I’m… the best writer in the world!!! I’m talking about making Norman Mailer look like Tyler Perry.

In my mind I’m…kind of an a**hole. I have no idea if that’s how I’m viewed but sometimes that’s just how I think things are.

In my mind I’m… awesome. (I’m the bee’s knees n****a.)

In my mind I’m… not nearly as neurotic as I am in real life.

So those are few ways that I view or think about myself upstairs. Everybody does this right? In the words of Leonard Washington, “Yes, I’m crazy and if you tell anyone I’ll f***ing kill you.” In what ways are y’all a little off upstairs? Don’t let me sit here and think I’m the freak. So share your delusions and share a like. Wu won’t tell.

****I reserve the right to add more things to this list.****

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 17th, 2010)


You're not Robin either.

It’s the end of another week and not much happened around the world. Next week is Christmas so everyone please be careful when you’re out and about. Stay out of the streets as much as possible.

  1. It’s getting near the end of the year and this one was kind of rocky. Check out Life magazines pictures of the year. Some of these are kind of bloody so be proceed with caution.
  2. Juxtapose Life’s pictures with those of Foreign Policy. These show how the year 2o1o went in Afghanistan. (Again, some of these may be harsh.)
  3. The Coen brothers have remade True Grit, which happens to be one of the few John Wayne movies I can watch without crying. I hope the new version does the original justice.
  4. Next year the Ukrainian government will allow tour companies to give guided trips to Chernobyl. Big Fun.
  5. By-the-way on the Clair Hanks-Huxtable Big Fun Index: Chernobyl Tours > The Wretched.
  6. I often  always give Tyler Perry a hard time for having massive plot holes in his movies. By massive I mean large enough for a super freighter and Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife to go through side by side.) This article from Wired shows us ten overlooked plot holes that most people probably missed. The one about Spider-Man 2 is a good call.
  7. Did anyone else find the school board “shooting” in Panama City Florida kind of odd? None of it made sense. I also found the superintendent’s calmness to be a little off too.
  8. I read this article describes the killing of a town bully in a small Missouri town. The entire crime sounds like the plot of a hour-long TV drama like Criminal Minds or Law and Order. It’s funny how no one saw anything.
  9. ***Me singing*** “I’m just a bill on Capitol Hill/oh I hope and I pray that some day that I may but today I’m still just a bill…” Am I to believe that Schoolhouse Rock was secretly feminist propaganda. Even if it was it was still dope. (I dare you to start singing “Conjunction Junction” and not smile. I dare you!)
  10. You’re not a man. You’re a Chicken Boo. You’re welcome! (Still not singing it again Sweetie.)
  11. If North Korea were a person it would be Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men. Feeble-minded, strong, and scary.
  12. Tim Tebow is the probable starter against the Raiders on Sunday. Oakland, don’t mess this up.

Everyone have a safe weekend. Vaya con Dios and sweep the leg.

See ya Brett Favre. (And take Trent Dilfer with you.)

From left: Brett Favre, Trent Dilfer, John Gruden, Matt Millen, John Madden, Peter King, Joe Theisman, Dan Marino, and the bulk of the NFL media.


I used to eff with Brett Favre because Brett Favre was good as a mug. Sadly, He wore out his welcome. For the bulk of his career dude simply played QB in a way that even Bears fans had to respect. (I guess they feel about Favre the way I, as a Raider fan feel about John Elway. I guess.) Fast forward a decade and old Brett started turning into a diva. (Why didn’t the Packers just offer him a Snickers bar?)

The Green Bay Packers, the franchise which gave Brett his chance to shine started to prepare for the future by drafting Aaron Rodgers to replace Brett because he was just getting old. He refused to mentor his replacement and he got a pass on this. This started off a couple of summers worth of will he or won’t he retire, eventually leading to Brett exiting Green Bay to play for the New York Jets.

Fast forward three and a half seasons and a few untimely interceptions and Brett’s career is now basically over. Through out this time, the majority of those who covered the NFL never once called Brett Favre on his being a Choosy Susie for the last fourth of his career. Even after the shine had worn the John Maddens and Trent Dilfers of the world never uttered a truthful word about Brett putting the Packers, Vikings, and Jets in a bad spot by not showing up for training camp under the guise of indecision when it was essentially a clever way to hold out for more cash. Nothing was said about him speaking on the contracts of teammates, thusly violating Rule Number 4 on the Tao of Wu. The media simply road Brett’s jock in a manner that made Ahmad Rashad’s love affair with Michael Jordan seem like a quickie in a stair well. Brett’s nuts were ridden to the extent that the G.O.P. called Rupert Murdoch and the folks at Fox News and asked “Why don’t you tell me I’m pretty any more?”

The NFL media coverage of QB4 became an ultra near-sighted man (Favre) leading the completely sightless (The Media). Through all the interceptions, ill-advised passes, text messages, and a washed-up gunslinger act it seemed as if they guys in the press both were secretly cheering for Favre. Now, he’s gone.

Sure he’ll be around a while longer because the Jen Sterger thing has to be played out but it’s time to say good night because that party is over. (R.I.P Don Meredith) So who will get their nuts tugged on now? T.O. and Ocho are the only other NFLers I can think of that love the camera as much as Brett but the media doesn’t love them back. (Too black? Too mouthy? Too silly? No wait, they actually admit to being attention whores. They just skipped the dumb country boy who is playing coy act.) Tom Brady and Peyton Manning could care less about the media because they just transcend their sport. So the media better scramble to find a new pair to swing on or their going to actually have to do their jobs and cover the games. My money is on the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez’s baby boy Mark Sanchez being the new blind man to lead Trent Dilfer and Matt Millen and around his talent level will probably have no bearing on this.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 10th, 2010)

... or gets Karrine Steffans a book deal.

This week the news was filled with cyber-attacks, WikiLeaks, and a back-peddling Barack. We also have a very important born day, Cam Newton’s need for a new trophy case (He can afford it.), and me freezing for the better part of the week. (Yes Virginia, there is global warming.) So without any more sloppy, uninspired prose from me here we go:

  1. Happy Birthday to my pops Stephen Young, Sr.
  2. Shout out to Gem of The Ocean for making me remember that Bangs is the greatest emcee alive and he wants to tell you Merry Christmas.  As a matter of fact watch this classic for old times sake. (I honestly wish I had a video of Miss Moneypenny’s reaction the first time I let her see a Bangs video. Priceless.)
  3. #FakeWikiLeak: St. Peter to Gabriel — “I’m tire of standing at this damn gate.”
  4. I was waiting on Jon Stewart to weigh in on Julian Assange and he didn’t disappoint. I’m also adding the word “whitemare” to my vocabulary.
  5. You know what would be a gas. If someone just slapped a parachute on old Assange and dropped him out of a plane over North Korean airspace. That would me bigger fun than going to see The Wretched in Baltimore.
  6. #FakeWikiLeak: Urban Meyer to Tim Tebow — “Why can’t I quit you?”
  7. Some African leaders have less than dubious reputations in the rest of the world. They range from good to somebody please shoot impeach this guy. Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is doing okay considering her country’s recent history. The jury is still out on Jacob Zuma (South Africa) mostly because he was elected via a very controversial election but that never happens here. On the other hand Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (Libya),  and Honsi Mubarak (Egypt) are borderline movie villains. On a lighter, more creepy note Botswana’s President, Ian Khama is a strange mix between Bill Clinton and Don Draper. He looks like the creepy deacon at your church who can’t seem to keep his hands to himself only makes his comments about women that much more disturbing. Especially since it’s coming from a 57-year-old bachelor.
  8. No Bill Maher, every black man does not have the temperament of Suge Knight.
  9. Sylvester Stallone along with Mike Tyson and Julio Cesar Chavez are to be  the boxing International Hall of Fame 2011 class .  The original Rocky film, although cheesy was a great movie about boxing in an era following the decline of one the greatest fighters of all-time, Ali. No matter what some boxing purists may think Stallone’s film had an impact on the sport. While there at it put Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese should also get elected because of Raging Bull.
  10. #FakeWikiLeak: O. J. Simpson to Ronald Goldman’s parents — “I did that sh*t.”
  11. Popeye’s Chicken has a buffet now. Oddly enough, I’m not happy about this.
  12. #FakeWikiLeak: Wu Young Agent of M.E. to Miss Moneypenny — “I’m never eating fried chicken again.”
  13. #FakeWikiLeak: President Obama to his sister — “I should have kept my a** in Chicago. A n****a can’t have nothing in this country.”
  14. Obama, just try to hit the others guys back just once. Strategically you’re the French Army circa May 1940. Just fight back on something.
  15. Normal dude news of the week: Kevin Fitzhugh a former safety for the New York Jets turned down a chance to rejoin the team and keep his job as a train conductor for Norfolk Southern so that he can support his parents with a steady paycheck. Good for him. Denzel Washington will play Fitzhugh in Unstoppable 2: I’m on a another train.
  16. Post racial South Africa? Maybe.
  17. #FakeWikiLeak: Quincy Jones to Prince — “Ray J is the next Donny Hathaway. Just you watch.”

Vaya con Dios.

When Santa can’t make it happen./Dream toys.

‘Tis the season and what not.

 Doesn’t it feel like Christmas?

Yesterday morning in lieu of listening to Colin Cowherd at work I thumbed my nose at my company’s net security and listened to The Takeaway on the net. (It’s basically a public radio news show that airs on varioys NPR stations. It backed by the BBC and the NY Times so it’s mostly straight shooting and no MSNBC type liberal whining.) One of the stories was about how does an adult break the news to a child that their dream present for that year may be out of reach financially for Santa the family.

This along with a conversation I had with my friend The Mario Washington (You’ve got to say the whole thing.) after he put me onto the Hub Network which runs various television shows from the late 80’s and early 90’s. On Saturday just before South Carolina’s public beating by the Right Reverend Bishop Cecil Newton’s baby boy, Hub ran a mini series called Transformers: Prime. It’s basically another reboot of the old Transformers story that we all grew up with sans, Spike and Sparkplug Witwicky, Megan Fox’s Megan Foxiness, or Michael Bay’s excessive lack of directorial talent. (Why is it that Jamie Foxx and Jimmie Foxx got two xs and Megan only gets’s one? Is there an x tax or something?) However Starscream’s quest to out Iago, Iago in ho-a** behavior remains.

So anyway after thinking back on the Takeaway story and Transformers: Prime, I remembered the thing, the toy, and the prize that I always wanted: Optimus Prime. For those of you who don’t know Optimus Prime was the H.N.I.C. for the protagonists of the Transformers series, The Autobots. He was Clark Kent, Steve Rogers, John Shaft, and Josie Wales with the ability to change into a fire-engine red Peterbilt. I wanted that toy so bad that it hurt sometime.

I remember being in Walmart in Barnwell, SC with my pops around Christmas and we walked through the toy department. That’s when I saw Optimus Prime in all of his Optimus Primeness. I asked “Can I have that for Christmas?”

Pops picked up the box and saw the $35 price tag and said “We’ll see but I don’t know if we have it.”

***Me singing***

“Everrrrrrrryy body hurrrrrrrrrrts, Everrrrrrrryy body hurrrrrrrrrrts [sometimes]…”

You know what though, I got over it and realized that Pops was correct in his assertion. To a 3rd Grader it was pure bullocks at the time but I ended up enjoying Christmas just like I always did. That $35 meant a lot to a family on a budget. I have a fondness for a certain domesticated bird that we need not name. (Don’t do it Moneypenny.) My brother was no slouch when it came to eating and my pops and littlest big sister eat rice like got-damned Nigerians. (Nope, that’s not racist. Any Nigerian you know will tell you that their fondness for rice rivals that of South Carolinians. So there.)

Truth is Optimus Prime was a dope-a** toy. There’s one for sale at the comic book store that I frequent but I’m not trying to buy that joint. Every kid had a dream Christmas present that they wanted. It could have been a Red-Rider bb gun, some kind of a doll, a claymore (What? Little Serbian boys and girls like Christmas too. And for those of you keeping score, that was in fact racist as hell.), or a bike but I’ll guarantee you had a dream present.

What was it? Did you get it? How did you feel when you opened the box and saw it? Tell it to me, on the mountain, or where the hell you want to tell it.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 3rd, 2010) …trying to start a Jihad looking like a gal.

Old Iman lookin' a** boy.

I took a week off to let the turkey digest but I’m back. So this week we’ve got a real life James Bond villain, a Jihadist boy who looks like a supermodel, and a cornerback getting the snot beat out of him. I know there wasn’t much going on. Sue me. No don’t sue me. I couldn’t find a good lawyer.

  1. The kid in the picture is named Mohamed Osman Mohamud. He got it into his mind somehow that he was going to become a Jihadist by setting off some ‘splosives during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon. Mohamed, who is 19, said he wanted to go all gangster for Allah but I just think he’s mad because he looks like a wavy-haired girl or an aging supermodel married to an English weirdo. You ain’t a gangster…
  2. Check out these pics from Isabel Wilkerson’s book The Warmth of Other Suns. It chronicles the migrations of blacks from the American South to the industrial cities of the north and mid west. Kind of cool.
  3. Vlad Putin is an alpha male. No sh*t. Julian Assange the mastermind behind Wikileaks (Wikileaks sounds like a fetish web site that should be frequented by one Robert Sylvester Kelly.) has managed to become the world’s biggest snitch, and alleged rapist, and the guy from your job who comes to the company Halloween party dressed like a James Bond villain all within the span of a few months. Although the media acted like this round of leaks gave away our secret war plans against Canada it was mostly crap that people had prior knowledge of. Nicolas Sarcozy is kind of a chump. Of course he is. He’s a French. Vlad Putin is a bada**.  Well yeah. Russia is a country made up of 139,390,205 bada**es. It’s part of their charm. Here’s the deal. Transparency is nice and all but I firmly believe things should remain need to know. I have no need to have every little detail about Uncle Sam’s motives in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Sharing does not = caring. If I ran things, when I wasn’t playing with my miniature giraffe, I would make sure crap like this never happens. Besides I’m pretty sure diplomats from other countries are saying catty things about Barack and Hillary via their secret cables too.
  4. This article from Foreign Policy explains how diplomats are just well-paid bullsh*t artists. Wow, a group of people who specialize in living in foreign countries and smoothing things over are bullsh*t artists? I would have never guessed.
  5. Ham
  6. I wouldn’t be shocked if Julian Assange was friends with Bill Belichick and Wendy Williams. Yes, he’s that despicable.
  7. Andre Johnson should get to spend the rest of the year kicking Cortland Finnegan’s a** due to general principle. The only thing that could have mad Andre Johnson beating the hell out of Finnegan funnier is Nelson Mandela Muntz going “Ha Ha!” after the fight was over.
  8. John McCain, it’s not going to happen so let it go. This isn’t your Navy anymore.
  9. Thoughts on Kanye’s cd: He’s still not the best rapper. He’s improved but not yet the best. His cd just sounds good. If I had two words to describe it I would say it was “sonically superior”. He’s still a punk though.
  10. Don’t feel bad Frosty. Life just does this to you sometimes. Things will get better.
  11. Imagine playing in the world’s biggest soccer tournament that’s being held in a desert nation the size of a dime where temperatures are constantly flirting with 120 degrees. It will still be more interesting than the NBA.
  12. Cecil Newton, Father of the Year?!?!? Some where Joe Jackson is laughing at Cecil’s attempts to pimp out his son.

Vaya con Dios.

Say what now? (Words and phrases that I hate.)


Guess what? I like words. I can’t spell to save my life but I like words. As a matter of fact here are some of my favorites:

M****er*f***er — That’s word to Samuel L. Jackson. There’s always a reason to say it.

Gaggle — I like gaggle. I like seeing a gaggle of certain things. Geese, are not among them.

Elvii — This is the plural form of Elvis if you didn’t know. I didn’t like Elvis but I love the word Elvii. (Is Vegas the only place you can see a gaggle of Elvii these days?)

Doppelganger — I have a doppelganger. I have to find him, destroy him, and absorb his essence. *Props to Sean Connery*

Smote — I just like the way it sounds. It’s very caustic and to the point. Turn your a** into a block of salt ninja.

Triskaidekaphobia — Why someone would have this much concern about the number 13 is beyond me but this is just a cool word to say.

These are just a few of the words that I love. Unfortunately there are more than a few that I loathe more than watching award shows. I’ve deemed them cringe-worthy, bile-inducing, and ire-raising. Think Four Loko but with verbiage in lieu alcohol, caffeine, and the terrible after taste. They make me sick like the sound of Nancy Grace’s voice does. *Side note* Nancy Grace looks like a grown-up version of Nelly Olson from Little House on The Prairie much in the same way Kirk Herbstreit looks like a grown-up bully from an 80’s teen movie. Sweep the leg!*

Any how here are some of the ones that just set me off and I want to be struck from the English language:

1. Boo — (noun) a Negro significant other, baby’s parent, parolee, or that dude who’s splitting your rent and using up your EBT card.

I really hate this word. I’ll be a boyfriend, significant other, a husband one day, but never anyone’s boo. The low point for this word came while I was watching Justice League and Vixen called John Stewart  “boo”. Even black super heroes are hood.

2. booed-up — (Verb) The state of being in a hood relationship.

What’s worse than a made-up noun for your boyfriend but you take that word and make into an action verb. Worse than that it’s in the past tense. (That’s what the ed is for at the end of booed.)

3. swagger — I used to like this word but that’s changed. Contrary to what people under the age of 25 may have heard, read, or found out at the barbershop, swagger is not a “black” word. It’s been around for a while but it found new life due to its overuse in modern “urban” culture. I wish it would stop.

4. urban — Somehow this word means “black”. It is a generally excepted term that I actually think is a pejorative. “Oh that’s so “urban”.” “Dave’s daughter dresses so “urban” doesn’t she?”

Trust me there are a lot more words on my cringe-inducing list and I could ramble on about this topic but I want to share. I was going to add choreopoem to my list but a few weeks ago I  promised myself not to use choreopoem again. What words or phrases cause your stomach to twist into knots? Everybody has a few that set them off so let me know. I willing to bet we share more than a few.

Vaya con Dios.