Know what I realized…

So last Saturday was Christmas. Naturally, families and friends who love and pretend to love one another all met and ate, drank, and gave each other the stink-eye in the most loving ways possible. There were gift exchanges, dinners, benders, and thousands of other ways that people celebrate Christmas with each other.  My Christmas holiday was no different.

I went home and saw my parents, siblings, the dog, and a few friends. We had some beer, laughed at our current foolishness, and laughed even harder at our past foolishness. (What? My people are those who like beer and are foolish. It’s our thing. Besides it’s the most fun we can have without getting the Sheriff’s department involved.) All in all it was fun working with a set of proper villains again. So on Sunday morning I realized one thing as I reflected over the weekend’s events: My family and friends are pretty f***ing awesome. Even Mario.

That it all.

Vaya con Dios.


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