See ya Brett Favre. (And take Trent Dilfer with you.)

From left: Brett Favre, Trent Dilfer, John Gruden, Matt Millen, John Madden, Peter King, Joe Theisman, Dan Marino, and the bulk of the NFL media.


I used to eff with Brett Favre because Brett Favre was good as a mug. Sadly, He wore out his welcome. For the bulk of his career dude simply played QB in a way that even Bears fans had to respect. (I guess they feel about Favre the way I, as a Raider fan feel about John Elway. I guess.) Fast forward a decade and old Brett started turning into a diva. (Why didn’t the Packers just offer him a Snickers bar?)

The Green Bay Packers, the franchise which gave Brett his chance to shine started to prepare for the future by drafting Aaron Rodgers to replace Brett because he was just getting old. He refused to mentor his replacement and he got a pass on this. This started off a couple of summers worth of will he or won’t he retire, eventually leading to Brett exiting Green Bay to play for the New York Jets.

Fast forward three and a half seasons and a few untimely interceptions and Brett’s career is now basically over. Through out this time, the majority of those who covered the NFL never once called Brett Favre on his being a Choosy Susie for the last fourth of his career. Even after the shine had worn the John Maddens and Trent Dilfers of the world never uttered a truthful word about Brett putting the Packers, Vikings, and Jets in a bad spot by not showing up for training camp under the guise of indecision when it was essentially a clever way to hold out for more cash. Nothing was said about him speaking on the contracts of teammates, thusly violating Rule Number 4 on the Tao of Wu. The media simply road Brett’s jock in a manner that made Ahmad Rashad’s love affair with Michael Jordan seem like a quickie in a stair well. Brett’s nuts were ridden to the extent that the G.O.P. called Rupert Murdoch and the folks at Fox News and asked “Why don’t you tell me I’m pretty any more?”

The NFL media coverage of QB4 became an ultra near-sighted man (Favre) leading the completely sightless (The Media). Through all the interceptions, ill-advised passes, text messages, and a washed-up gunslinger act it seemed as if they guys in the press both were secretly cheering for Favre. Now, he’s gone.

Sure he’ll be around a while longer because the Jen Sterger thing has to be played out but it’s time to say good night because that party is over. (R.I.P Don Meredith) So who will get their nuts tugged on now? T.O. and Ocho are the only other NFLers I can think of that love the camera as much as Brett but the media doesn’t love them back. (Too black? Too mouthy? Too silly? No wait, they actually admit to being attention whores. They just skipped the dumb country boy who is playing coy act.) Tom Brady and Peyton Manning could care less about the media because they just transcend their sport. So the media better scramble to find a new pair to swing on or their going to actually have to do their jobs and cover the games. My money is on the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez’s baby boy Mark Sanchez being the new blind man to lead Trent Dilfer and Matt Millen and around his talent level will probably have no bearing on this.

Vaya con Dios.


11 responses to “See ya Brett Favre. (And take Trent Dilfer with you.)

  1. I just have the feeling that Brett will attempt one more comeback. He just can’t leave the limelight alone. Maybe he can seduce Daniel Snyder if Donovan McNabb is shown the door at the end of the season.

    • You know Dash I completely forgot about Dollar sign Daniel in D.C. If next year is uncapped he may just try it. You think McNabb looks bad throwing to Santana Moss wait until Brett tries.
      Sadly Dilfer and company will still defend Favre.

  2. damn. this post reads if if i wrote it!!! LOL so…. #cosign

    except i will say, for an old prevy fart, brett has shown some superior athleticism even in his way-past-expiration years. for an old many to barely be able to walk but STILL make some great plays on the field and lead the vi-queens into some unlikely victories is impressive. sadly

    that said, brett shoulda never gotten to this point. NO ONE truly wants to see their football-idol decay right before them. and shame on minny for not doing a better job of coaching their b(l)ackup QBs *smdh*

    oh and this–> “(Why didn’t the Packers just offer him a Snickers bar?)” L.M.A.O. #reefuh

    • p.s. had you consulted with me ahead of time–i could have written a very appropriate Nacho/Dilfer/Chimpanzee trivia question for you… i went into a Nacho/Dilfer/Chimpanzee frenzy last night during SC.

    • The sad thing is that Brett could have been the man if he would have stopped playing four years ago. No one told him that quitting while you’re ahead isn’t the same as quitting.” I blame part of his ego trip on the media’s nut riding of him. Now he’s the football version of a skunky beer. It’s old, flat, and nasty but if you get thirsty enough you’ll drink it.

      As for the Vikes back up qb’s blowing I blame the organization too. How can they get reps when grandpa is getting them? It reminds me of when Vick was on the Falcons and folks complaining that Roddy White couldn’t catch. How could he build a report with the guy if the guy is going to take off running 89% of the time.

  3. The Only Real Outcast (T.O.R.O!)

    A few thoughts:
    –Amazing (but not suprising) how Farve decayed right before our eyes! Father Time is a BEAST!
    –Both Team Obliterator (I wish I made that up) and 85 are clowns…the media won’t make you a demigod if you’re a clown…BTW: How does Chad introduce himself as Ocho Cinco and keep a straight face? Anyway…
    –Metrodome collapse = symbolism. Vikings have had their hand in Brett’s pocket (in the bad way) since the jump.

    • Father time rolls over people like the Russian army in the spring of 1945. He’s just unstoppable. Brett held out a long time.

      I actually think T.O. Has good sense. Ocho, not so much. Dude is off.

      If ever there was a harbinger of doom, it was. The metrodome collapse. Why did that place have a cloth like roof?

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