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Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of November 19th, 2010)


Weee, weee, weee...

I’m finally going to take some much needed days off. Nothing below can be described as profound but I hope your entertained.  ***I will refrain from commenting on the Cam Newton “pay for play” scandal because I’m an Alabama fan and he plays for Auburn. I won’t act like a petulant like The Mario Washington will when his boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. heads off to jail.

  1. Am I the only person who ever wondered why pigs on BBQ advertisements are always depicted as excited or happy? Like this or this.
  2. Okay so the Cholera epidemic in Haiti is spreading to the rest of Hispaniola. I wonder if it will be taken a little more seriously now. Here’s a photo spread of the horrible toll of the disease.
  3. We’ve been at war for about eight years and some change, so why is Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta the only living service member to get the Medal of Honor? Have I asked this question before? I’m getting a freaking déjà vu thing going on.
  4. Are people seriously making Dancing with the Stars racial?
  5. At first I was growing my beard because my sleep cell was activated a while back but since I found out about  growing beards for charity I may keep it to fight prostate cancer or until I start scratching my face off.
  6. Even my gangsta-a** thinks this is cute.
  7. Robble, robble. What happened to Mayor McCheese for real? I’m guessing foul-play was involved. Probably found out about Ronald and those little boys.
  8. This dude’s taste test of Four Loko is a lot different from mine. It doesn’t matter if the take the caffeine out of it or not it’s still nasty.
  9. I don’t mind paying taxes. I do get offended when I pay taxes to help fund a massive navy that is working in conjunction with other massive navies and they cannot catch pirates.
  10. Speaking of spending tax money: Has any of the G.O.P. types that were elected even mentioned a cutting any substantial wasted programs to “trim the budget”? If the have I would like them substantiate substantial. Not any piddly program like the National Endowment of the Arts or PBS.
  11. You rotten little hamsters read this while I do my laundry and go to the gym. Snookiism is a movement now.
  12. Is signing to Bad Boy a mistake? F**k yes it is.
  13. I’m not sure why the Congressional Black Caucus is acting all excited about Jim Clyburn’s (D-South Carolina) new position, Nancy Pelosi (D- California) essentially made him the Head Black Man in Congress. Shouldn’t he be minority leader at this point?

Vaya con Dios.


Buick Regal Music

Buick music you b****es.

Rawse! Wu! [Ugh]

It was a steel blue 1982 Buick Regal. (Body by Fisher and what not.) It hated my guts for some reason but alas it was my mode of transportation for about four years until it finally died.

The “It” that I’m referring too is the car that my brother and myself drove in high school as well as what I would drive when I was home in from college back in the day that we inherited from our grandfather. (That Holesy Young was a cool-ass dude, for realz.) It had no air conditioning and toward the end no heat. The gas hand went south and stayed south. The mirror on the passenger side met some ill-gotten fate that I don’t quite remember. The headliner occasionally fell to the ground when the mood struck it. The radio did work well but the tape deck was as broke as a crack head on the second day of the month.


I had a blast in “Blue Thunder” but the few bad times were painful too. I think it lasted until after the summer of 1999. Blue Thunder was a perfectly okay car to drive until that summer. When I came home from another year at the College of Charleston, I got a job working for a company that is or was a division of Maytag building soda machines. The plant was located in a town called Williston, SC which made for a 38 mile trip each way. Blue Thunder took it upon itself to make each of those 76 miles pure d hell for old Wu. (Considering all of this, the Summer of 1999 was the BEST SUMMER EVER!) *If you read that last sentence out loud in the “Pigs in Space voice it’s just hilarious. Trust me*

From the end of May to the beginning of August I had several incidents with that car that can only be described as “trying”. I worked the second shift so I reported to work at 3:30 every day. One sweltering may after noon near the intersection of U.S. 278 and U.S. 3 the tire on the passenger side decided to stop being a tire and start to resemble a scratching post used by  James Howlett , Daken Akihiro, or Laura Kinney . So I pull into a gas station and start to change my tire in the 90 degree heat. This only took about 10 minutes but I was covered in sweat and grime before I even clocked-in for work, where I would inevitably become covered in sweat and grime. (This may have been the only time in my life where I was extra-grimey.)

Then there was a strange mechanical mishap that was minor but inconvenient none-the-less. Some weird bolt came off of the engine one day and made Blue Thunder actually sound like, well Blue Thunder. This is not a good look sound for a car. Luckily my cousin Wesley knew what it was and fixed it. I ended up being about one hour late for work, but who gives a f*** about getting yelled at by your boss when you don’t give a f*** about the job?

Later that summer my paternal grandfather passed away. During that week I worked Monday and Tuesday and took convalescent leave the rest of the week to be will my family. However that Tuesday night when I was getting ready to leave work at 11:30, I walked outside, got into the car, turned the ignition, it made some strange noise, and that was that. I made a phone call to my pops and then waited 45 minutes in the dark to be picked up. *Snort* There was so much going on at the time I honestly don’t remember what the hell was wrong with the damn car I don’t remember it just didn’t work.

There would be two more incidents that summer that would finally make me hate the sh*t out of the car even more. Both would involve the radiator/cooling system that eventually seemed to neither radiate nor cool. One night in Late July when I was driving home the temperature gauge just went nuts so I pulled into a gas station and did the water thing for the car. (Don’t put a race car in the red Jules!) I waited a while for it to cool down then I continued on my way. The next day the thermostat was replaced and I was back in business, or so I thought. Later that week I was doing the same thing, (Diving home from work.) and I hear a loud pop, see steam coming from under the hood, and then the car finally just shuts off. Lucky for me I was actually only a few miles from home. I popped the hood and saw that one of the radiator hoses just exploded. I called got a ride, and the next day the hose was fixed.

The good part in this story this was my next to last week at that job so I didn’t have to drive to and from there every day. Later that year the car was finally put out of its misery. Like I stated, I have many fond memories of Blue Thunder, but the bad ones just make me want to say swear words of the compound variety. (Okay, I’m probably going to say swear words of the compound variety anyway, car or no car. I just like to cuss and sh*t.) Everyone has had bad memories of car issues that just seemed ungodly or satanic. I’m not saying everyone has had a ride with Christine type qualities but you get my point. What are y’all’s? Everybody wasn’t pushing dope cars so I know there have to be some good “I hate that piece of junk” stories floating around out there. There’s nothing like swapping a good story about a bad situation so sound off.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of November 12, 2010)


 Sorry nothing pithy to say this week. If you read and comment I may send you a prize.

  1. Stop snitching! No by all means snitch. Props to this little girl for getting herself about of a bad situation. I only hope that she doesn’t get lost South Carolina’s foster care system.
  2. I hope I live another 20 years before I hear or read the word “choreopoem”. As a matter of fact I would pay at least $5 if I could guarantee to never see or hear the words choreopoem again.
  3. David Meggett, a former running back for the New York Giants and any other team that Bill Parcell coached was  convicted of rape and burglary on Wednesay completing his quest to make Lawrence Taylor look perfectly normal. Considering he has an arrest record dating from 1990 and the fact that all of his crimes involved sex and the abuse of women, I’m wondering why he’s just now getting real-time?
  4. Here is Entertainment Weekly’s Top 25 Opening Sequences for TV shows. Where’s the Jefferson’s and Sanford and Son.
  5. Who did Derek Jeter pay to get another Gold Glove?
  6. Little black boys seem to be doing worse in just about everything, especially school.
  7. Any nation with the word “Congo” in its name may be officially the worst places on Earth. The Democratic Republic of the Congo been the setting for one of the world’s most destructive wars in terms of human life since the 1940’s and horrific rape crisis perpetuated by the  “good guys” and in the Republic of Congo there’s a Polio emergency. Things may be rough all over, but some folks have it a lot harder than others.
  8. Okay there’s still Somalia.
  9. Have the Tea Baggers realized that they basically were used by the Right to get control of the house. There will be no major government cut backs  and the black guy is still the president.
  10. The Raiders are doing well so far this year, but I still won’t let my self get excited. Wait, did dude just compare trading for Jason Campbell to the Marshall Plan?
  11. After seeing the success of DJ Beverly Bond’s “Black Girl’s Rock” campaign the Republican party is sponsoring a new initiative called “Black boys suck”. Eddie Long will not be invited to participate.
  12. Bush v. Kanye has gone on for about eight days too many.
  13. I like cookies. Don’t tell nobody.
  14. If you were ever abducted and you captors gave you the choice of watching a Tyler Perry play or drinking an entire case of Zima what would be your choice? I’m going with the Zima.
  15. Monkeys are God’s comedians. That is all.

Vaya con Dios.

I can’t write left-handed.

You don't want to know what he's looking at.

I Can’t Write Left-Handed — Bill Withers

Today, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day is known as Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom, Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth Nations, and Armistice Day in many other countries. The holiday first came about as a day to honor all military veterans whether or not they ever went to war or not. The date of November 11th was picked worldwide to denote the signing of the Armistice that ended hostilities in World War 1.

Many of the men and women that I know have donned the uniform of the various branches of the Big Green Machine. Some were drafted when they themselves could not fully enjoy their inalienable rights, some joined to find a sense of purpose, some joined to provide for their families, some were probably sent there by a judge in lieu of imprisonment, and some joined to pay for their educations. No matter what the reason, each person’s world view, good or bad, was somewhat shaped or will be shaped by their time in uniform. They are friends, classmates, fathers of close friends, uncles, grandparents, and coworkers. Many of them served places like Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Germany, Panama, a few places that I dare not ask about, and like my maternal grandfather, Kansas. (Honestly, Kansas in 1940’s America probably sucked too. Just saying.) Some of them may have enjoyed their time in uniform and for some it was probably hell on Earth.

Like I stated many come back changed by their experiences physically and mentally. The song above is a story of both. I had never heard of the song “I Can’t Write Left-Handed” until I saw John Legend and The Roots perform it on Comedy Central’s little sanity Rally two weeks ago. It was originally done by Bill Withers, and co-written by Ray Jackson, after talking to a Vietnam veteran who had lost his arm. The young soldier in the song’s narrative finds himself in a bad place because he simply can’t perform one of life’s simple functions; writing.  He asks for prayer and a deferment for his brother so that he does not meet the same fate. (The link above is Bill Wither’s version. Give it a listen.)

If you know a vet they may not ask you to put pen to paper for them today but do something for them anyway—thank them. It doesn’t matter if you agree what they did or not, thank them.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of November 5th, 2010)

I'm gonna need these two to hug it out.

Is it me or do the weeks just keep getting longer and longer? This week was especially harrowing but that was due to my idiocy. (That bed has been made and laid in.) The elections are over, fall is seriously in the air, and the weekends here.

  1. The liberals and conservatives amongst us bumped heads during our day of democracy and guess what? The republic is still in tact. Sure the gutters need to be cleaned and it could use a good paint job but after 234 years  I still think we’ll be ok.
  2. This is a blog by Tom Ricks about America’s Obscure Wars from Foreign Policy. With as much history as I’ve read I’ve only heard of three of these wars. (Mormon, Black Hawk, and the Invasion of Hawaii) I would have thought SC’s own Yemassee War or One of the Seminole Wars would have made it.
  3. Good bye Alvin Greene. Go back to Manning and stay there. take Jim Demintt with you.
  4. Am I a bad liberal for not being shaken by Tuesday’s elections? Or  are other liberals just p****ies?
  5. It would seem that Kanye hurt W’s feelings. So this is what happens when an a**hat with mommy issues insults an a**hat with daddy issues.
  6. Mmmm… yeah sure.
  7. No shit.
  8. Does every black morning show on radio use the same formula? Prank calls. Quasi-homosexual character doing horoscopes. Church jokes. etc, etc, yeah right.
  9. When talking about The Wire is it still necessary to say spoiler alert? The show has been off the air for a few years now. That’s like giving spoiler alerts on the Bible for people who haven’t read it. (God wins by-the-way.)
  10. Randy Moss remember this: Powerful men are often judged by people who can’t do anything for them.
  11. Who won the World Series?
  12. When did Jessie Jackson Jr. get into trouble? Did I miss something? Why did his pops tell Soledad O’Brien she wasn’t black? Or black enough anyway.
  13. My style is mad p.l.o

Vaya con Dios.

The Saga of The Weeping Ass

Why Barack? Why?

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m a liberal.  A moderate liberal, but not a “big D” democrat because I refuse to join any political party but I’m just not much of a joiner. The party of most liberals however is and has remained the Democratic Party for some time now.  My political outlook has been shaped by years of being an Oakland Raider fan and being a black liberal in South Carolina. Victory is often fleeting so I take them as they come and then keep on moving and working until I get another. As many of you may remember there was a little election on Tuesday to DECIDE THE FATE OF THE WORLD.The lefties didn’t fare so well when the shooting stopped on Tuesday night. The House of Representatives is now controlled by the G.O.P. and their Tea bagging symbiotic overlords but the Senate is still in the hands of Dems. Needless to say things are going to get a little more difficult for the man from Krypton. Kal-el Obama is going to have to roll up his sleeves to get things done, if that’s even possible at this point.

As a liberal one of the things that irk is after the “left” doesn’t do well in an election I get to hear the “I’m moving to Canada (As if they’d have you.) let’s make the south a separate country, or the sweeping liberal conspiracy theories that seem to bubble up every so often. (Those *****ers let Obama win in 2008 just to make him look bad in 2010.) *Weep* Each time “we” take a loss I come to the same conclusion:

Liberals are some p****ies.

The sky is falling rhetoric cuts across most types of liberals that I know. The hard-core NPR types are probably lathering themselves down with Petrulli Oil, rolling a fatty, grading some poor freshman’s English 101 paper, and then complaining about “The Man” in the faculty house.  The ultra-bitchy coffee shop liberals usually come up this some good ole fashion doom and gloom scenario that usually ends with someone moving to France so that they can riot and join the sweaty French masses by rioting about what ever topic that upset Pierre du jour. (Where was that anger and rage when the German flanked y’all’s a**es in the Spring of 1940? I’m just saying.) The “meh” liberal the group to which I belong just says “Quit bitching; we’ll get ‘em next time.” The last two groups are generally between the ages of 21-35 and are the ones who helped the most in 2008. I don’t know what happened to them yesterday but they obviously didn’t make it to the polls.

We are truly a pathetic group of people. No focus, no heart, and no resolve what so ever. Bill Clinton lost the congress in 1994 to Newt and company but somehow managed to get re-elected two years later. The right is always chided for forgetting history but we are no better when it comes to minor details like history. Just like when the religious right became the Venom to the right’s Eddie Brock the same thing will happen with the Tea Party. The G.O.P. will not push the nut job agenda that they promised and soon there will be a new group of ill-informed, political outliers that will feel wronged and rally around this archaic flag or this one (If you don’t know this is the actually flag of the Confederate States of America. The one on the General Lee and on that guy’s bumper ahead of you in traffic is not it. Please don’t read while driving.) This too shall pass and in two years me and my fellow b****a*** liberals will go vote again and if “Our side” actually takes a side for once in their lives like they did in 2008, they may actually pull a Dusty Rhoades and get to the pay window.

So in summation, this isn’t the last fight you’re going to lose so just deal with it.

Vaya con Dios and quit y’er bitchin’.

The Four Loko Diaries

We are dangerous, you should have a healthy fear of us…


As many of you know Four Loko is a designer alcoholic beverage that is marketed basically to hood rats, hood ******rs, college students, and other ne’er do wells. I didn’t know what Four Loko was until almost a year ago when my littlest big sister Dale asked me about it. (She asked me about it in a manner that suggested that if ****ed with low-class alcohol or something. I forgave her of course but I was a little disappointed that she would think that I would have knowledge of such things.)  Recently, Harvard issued a warning to its students asking them not to purchase or drink Four due to health and safety concerns. The Harvard Crimson ran this story on yesterday, and Frank Bruni dubbed Four “Malt Liquor in Confectionary Drag.” In the New York Observer.

Here’s a little background on our spirit of choice.

  • Four Loko is listed as an alcoholic energy drink. (That’s what the world needs, more wide-awake drunks.)
  • It was developed by three Ohio State University Alumni. (Again with the Ohioans.)
  • A total of nine flavors are available for purchase.
  • Can be used as a substitute for napalm with the addition of two other key chemical components.
  • A 23.5 oz can contain 12.0% alcohol by volume (abv). (In comparison a 12 oz Bud Ice (Which I’ve surprisingly never tasted.) is 5.5 % abv, an Ice House contains 5%, 12 oz, and Budweiser is 5% abv.) Thusly, the consumption of two cans of Four is roughly the equivalent of 1 ½ six packs of Budweiser.
  • In lieu of GHB and Ecstasy, Satan uses Four to get his dates hammered.
  • During the scene from The Wire episode “Not For Attribution” where Chris and Snoop interrogate “Mostly Blind” Butchie, the bartender about Omar’s whereabouts, the shows writers originally intended for Four to be used to pour down Butchie’s throat instead of liquor as a means of coercion but this was deemed too cruel and heinous, even for HBO.
  • Uncle Ron refuses Four Loko endorsement deal saying this to the ad reps “Look here young blood, If ain’t Bull or Yak, I don’t ***k with it… now hand me that Black & Mild off that there table.”

Anyway, I’ve never tasted a Four Loko but that will change soon. I’m going to conduct an experiment to see what the affects of a 23.5 oz can of Fruit Punch flavored Four Loko is on a 31 year-old man who is stone sober with a full stomach. To the best of my ability I will try to make notations documenting my progress as I make my way through this 23.5 oz of liquid hell while watching a complicated science fiction show, The Event. Pray for me and let’s get it…

The following are notes that I made during and after my consumption.


November 1st

8:58—Informed Miss Moneypenny of the particulars of the “experiment”


9:01 – Opened the 23.5 oz can of Four. (Fruit Punch Flavored)

             I feel like Edward Norton in the last Hulk movie when he was injecting himself with cures for his Hulkism.

9:02—Took my first sips. Tastes like a combo of cheap fruit punch, Gatorade, stumphole, and cough medicine.

9:06—Noted a warm feeling in my chest, but no buzz.

9:11—This sh*t tasted bad!!!

9:16—This thing is flavored with Guarana and Taurine. What in the hell is Guarana and Taurine.

9:22—*Watching Monday Night Football* This stuff is strong but it isn’t powerful enough to make me not want to                  tell Jon Gruden to shut up.             

9:23– *Watching the Women of Saturday Night Live* Rachel Dratch is the ugliest cast member of either sex ever!    Maya Rudolph looks like a light-skinned version of her mom.

9:41—Seriously, am I the only Alabama fan who finds something creepy about Nick Saban.

9:44—I’m going to write a new gospel play: “For Colored Boys Who Considered Slingin’ Rocks When the Rest of       The World Told You, You Ain’t Shi*t, Just Like Your Nappy-Headed Daddy”

9:48—I’ve got to stop dropping this pen. Approximately half way through the can.

10:17 – Nucky Thompson wouldn’t sell this stuff.

From approximately 10:25 – 10:45 I took a brake. I can actually feel the results of the alcohol now.

10:56 – I finished the can. At the moment I’m extremely tired. Going to take shower.

11:18 – Final thoughts for the night. There is nothing that I find appealing about Four. The taste is subpar and the buzz I have is not an enjoyable buzz. I’m actually not drinking again until after Thanksgiving.

11:26 – I’m heading to bed.

November 2, 2010

5:30am – Woke promptly but I feel like hell. Beginning to make coffee.

6:08am – 3:00 – I made no notes from this point on my gastrointestinal system has begun to punish me for my inconsiderate behavior. I clocked in at work and promptly left at 9:40.  I got home around 10ish, vomited again brushed my teeth for the 100th time yesterday and fell asleep. During this time I suffered from chills and what seemed to be flu like symptoms. I awoke around 3 and went to vote.



There is nothing enjoyable about drinking Four. As I noted, I’m not sure what the exact appeal is. If my Allendale County math is correct a can is the equivalent of nine 12 oz bottles Budweiser. The morning after drinking this crap I have vomited more than I can remember in my 31 years.

Honestly this was an asinine thing to do for the sake of a blog. Moneypenny, I’m sorry for having done this to you.

This stuff should be pulled from the shelves and I agree with the warnings ushered by Harvard and other colleges to protect students from the hell that follows drinking one of these things. I’m puzzled if it is even possible to drink more than one but Steve Young’s baby boy will never know.

I feel like I want to rage…right now!

***The first portion of this post was written, framed, constituted, and all that glittery literary s*** hours before your stalwart Agent of M.E. been to imbibe the wicked, wicked concoction known as Four Loko, hence the state of somewhat lucidity. ***

****Anything following the four asterisks happens after I began drinking****

***** Anything written following these asterisks occurred on November 3, 2010. *****

Vaya con Dios.

Say hi to the bad guy. (The day Lebron embraced his villainy.)

He should hit up Roland Martin for a few ascots.

I still don’t give two sh**ts about the NBA but Lebron James’ situation is an interesting one. As y’all know he’s kind of not popular right now. So it looks like Lebron James has accepted his role as the unintentional villain of the NBA. For the bulk of his seven year career the media, fans, and dudes in every barbershop has been saying that to be better than both Jordan and Kobe, Gloria James’ baby boy is going to have to win a lot of championships. The problem is that he has only played in one finals and his team was bested by Toni Parker – Longoria and the Spurs. The Cavaliers were constant fixtures in the NBA playoffs but they could never get it done. Finally, they just fell apart in the Eastern Conference finals after winning a ton of regular season games.

For those of you living under a rock or some other large geological formation, Lebron’s contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers ended this summer making him a free agent. He decided to sign on as a member of the Miami Heat, taking his talents to South Beach, and teaming with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form the Big Two and a Half. He announced all of this on ESPN with an hour-long, primetime special, raising a couple of million dollars worth of scratch for kid’s charities, and he also managed become one of the most hated men in sports.

This week Lebron’s new Nike commercial began airing and LBJ seems to have taken the time to flip off his detractors. All dude and his receding hairline did was sign a contract that would allow him to go to Miami to get a better shot at winning and get the hell out of Ohio. (Seriously, why are the people of Cleveland mad? Half of the state moves to South Carolina and tears it up anyway. Just ask William Sherman. **Look it up it makes sense. **)

I like the turn Lebron has taken because he’s sticking to his guns. Here are few thoughts about Lebron’s commercial and his situation.

  1. I love the subtle and not so subtle shots at Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Every young man has the urge to tell old men to “Shut up.” sometimes and Lebron just did it in a nice nasty manner.
  2. I’m all for athletes saying what’s on their minds and not giving a Michael Jordan/Derek Jeter canned answer. Most sports figures just say a bunch of pretty words that mean nothing what so ever. Michael Jordan gave the same interview every night for over a decade. Charles Barkley on the other hand said what was on his mind to his credit, but Charles Barkley is an idiot 95% of the time so what he says can generally be considered moot.
  3. You can’t always make fans happy. We fans are fickle maniacs who have mood swings like a coked-up, middle-aged housewife on a Lifetime movie. You gave your old team the best you had with Antwan Jamison and something called a Delonte West (Who by the way shared sex faces with your mom.) and didn’t succeed, time to move on. You’re still in your mid-20’s get out when you can. Nationally your popularity ratings are lower than those of a two time alleged rapist, several drunks, and a man who did time for fighting dogs. Remember this is the same American public who voted for W twice and also keeps giving Sarah Palin and audience. The fans will be okay.
  4. Dan Gilbert, the Cavs owner was pissed at you for doing the same thing he would do to you if you fell off.
  5. He handled the decision making process like a drunk who found one of those live mortar rounds they still find in Flanders and Normandy.  If I had the talent I probably would have done the same thing at 25.
  6. Both Michael Jordan both played on teams stacked with superstars for a time. The second Bulls Three Peat teams had Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman and Barkley whored himself out to the Rockets with Hakeem and ‘em but was to fat and out of shape to contribute. So once again ignore them both. (Lebron’s better than Barkley already and he plays more like Magic anyway.)
  7. He probably should just stop talking about it okay after the commercial dies down. You’ve got Boston, Orlando, and Los Angeles to worry about.
  8. Anti-heroes kind of rock: Joe Willie Namath, Ray Lewis, Muhammad Ali, and Charles Barkley himself all successfully played the anti-hero role to a tee. Embrace it.
  9. It’s your life, live it.
  10. Keep your moms away from Delonte.
  11. Nike still makes dope-a** commercials. I like the “Boom” campaign sans Rick Rawse and the “Teachers” ads were dope too.

Those are my $.02 about Lebron and his commercial. You got any?

Vaya con Dios.