Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 3rd, 2010) …trying to start a Jihad looking like a gal.

Old Iman lookin' a** boy.

I took a week off to let the turkey digest but I’m back. So this week we’ve got a real life James Bond villain, a Jihadist boy who looks like a supermodel, and a cornerback getting the snot beat out of him. I know there wasn’t much going on. Sue me. No don’t sue me. I couldn’t find a good lawyer.

  1. The kid in the picture is named Mohamed Osman Mohamud. He got it into his mind somehow that he was going to become a Jihadist by setting off some ‘splosives during a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon. Mohamed, who is 19, said he wanted to go all gangster for Allah but I just think he’s mad because he looks like a wavy-haired girl or an aging supermodel married to an English weirdo. You ain’t a gangster…
  2. Check out these pics from Isabel Wilkerson’s book The Warmth of Other Suns. It chronicles the migrations of blacks from the American South to the industrial cities of the north and mid west. Kind of cool.
  3. Vlad Putin is an alpha male. No sh*t. Julian Assange the mastermind behind Wikileaks (Wikileaks sounds like a fetish web site that should be frequented by one Robert Sylvester Kelly.) has managed to become the world’s biggest snitch, and alleged rapist, and the guy from your job who comes to the company Halloween party dressed like a James Bond villain all within the span of a few months. Although the media acted like this round of leaks gave away our secret war plans against Canada it was mostly crap that people had prior knowledge of. Nicolas Sarcozy is kind of a chump. Of course he is. He’s a French. Vlad Putin is a bada**.  Well yeah. Russia is a country made up of 139,390,205 bada**es. It’s part of their charm. Here’s the deal. Transparency is nice and all but I firmly believe things should remain need to know. I have no need to have every little detail about Uncle Sam’s motives in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Sharing does not = caring. If I ran things, when I wasn’t playing with my miniature giraffe, I would make sure crap like this never happens. Besides I’m pretty sure diplomats from other countries are saying catty things about Barack and Hillary via their secret cables too.
  4. This article from Foreign Policy explains how diplomats are just well-paid bullsh*t artists. Wow, a group of people who specialize in living in foreign countries and smoothing things over are bullsh*t artists? I would have never guessed.
  5. Ham
  6. I wouldn’t be shocked if Julian Assange was friends with Bill Belichick and Wendy Williams. Yes, he’s that despicable.
  7. Andre Johnson should get to spend the rest of the year kicking Cortland Finnegan’s a** due to general principle. The only thing that could have mad Andre Johnson beating the hell out of Finnegan funnier is Nelson Mandela Muntz going “Ha Ha!” after the fight was over.
  8. John McCain, it’s not going to happen so let it go. This isn’t your Navy anymore.
  9. Thoughts on Kanye’s cd: He’s still not the best rapper. He’s improved but not yet the best. His cd just sounds good. If I had two words to describe it I would say it was “sonically superior”. He’s still a punk though.
  10. Don’t feel bad Frosty. Life just does this to you sometimes. Things will get better.
  11. Imagine playing in the world’s biggest soccer tournament that’s being held in a desert nation the size of a dime where temperatures are constantly flirting with 120 degrees. It will still be more interesting than the NBA.
  12. Cecil Newton, Father of the Year?!?!? Some where Joe Jackson is laughing at Cecil’s attempts to pimp out his son.

Vaya con Dios.


10 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 3rd, 2010) …trying to start a Jihad looking like a gal.

  1. listen..when your country has no more water..dont come across the border with upgraded passports (YOUR country’s policy) for it!! why in the world would you beat up on your lil brother? that aint nice!
    take it back!!!!!!!

    • Don’t worry KB. If we didn’t cross over the 48th or 49th parallel with the tanks yet, we won’t. Kind of busy. I firmly believe the U.S. Has contingency plan to invade Belize, England, and South Carolina. It’s not personal. Besides we can’t have any stray bombs destroying the Research In Motion Facilities and Canada is a country full or mutts just like us.

  2. The Only Real Outcast (T.O.R.O!)

    1. I wonder what Randy Moss would say about that kid’s hair…
    2. Cortland Fennigan got WHOOPED! I think they let Andre beat him for a minute on purpose.
    3. Is it (Qatar) “Cutter” or “Ka-tar” or “Cater”?

    • 1. Randy Gene Moss is a douche but I would to hear his commentary on hair. How is this dude going to be a terrorist looking like that. You can’t hide in caves and put juices and berries in your hair at the same time.

      2.Finnegan’s hair is Jersey Shore ish. Yet another reason for Andre to lay hands. Question: why provoke a man with guns like Johnson who never talks?

      3. I think my bro-in-law said it was pronounced “Cutter”. I hope FIFA has some good HVAC guys.

  3. The Only Real Outcast (T.O.R.O!)

    I heard somewhere that “Cutter” is going to pump AC into their stadiums (must be indoor?), or play the games at night.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought ol’ boy terrorist looked like a girl. *snicker*
    Who knew Pauly D was moonlighting for the Titans?? I’m glad Andre put them thangs on him. ‘Bout dayum time someone did.

  5. You know I have to comment on the Kanye album. I really like it. But I can’t wear it out the way that I do some CD that I think are very good. The Chris Rock skit reminds me you Mr. Wu Young. Especially when he says “Yeezy tought you well….Yeezy tought you well….
    I am a fan of Kanye, but I must agree with his punk-atious status.

    • We were laughing at that skit yesterday. (Chris Rock is funnier when he stays away for a while then does something like this.) I do repeat things and I always have. I’m not wearing the cd out but it is very good.

      Kanye is a man-boy. Figure out what that means on your own. The definition includes a lot of things.

  6. Pollypureheart

    I’m sick to freaking DEATH of this damn Cam Newton story! And typical the racist hypcorite media and you spineless Negroes whine about it while you have WHITE males who are accused of being rapist,beat their wives IN PUBLIC,and assualt an elderly cabbie. Trick please you’d think he and his dad when after a group of nuns with ginsu blades I call BULLS**T!!

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