The Tao of Wu

These originally appeared in my post The Rules. There are currently 12 but as I think of them I will add more so pay attention. There may be a quiz.

  1. Never tell another man’s story. To put it simple enough for you, just keep your mouth shut when it comes to discussing someone else’s personal situations and lives. I’ll argue that if it’s a life and death situation, just shut it. When it comes to another man’s life just let him tell it like he knows it.
  2. Your word is bond. If you need me to expound on this then you’ve come across the wrong web site. Go read Perez Hilton, Fox News, or Media Takeout.
  3. Do your damn job. If you aren’t adequate at your job then shut your mouth. If you are the only one who is always bitching and moaning then this is a good sign that you’re a cancerous growth, energy vampire, or a receptionist. If you were actually good at your job someone would who matters would probably listen to what you have to say from time to time.
  4. Never worry about another man’s money. Thats his scratch that he’s spending. Just don’t worry about it. You can’t spend, save, or blow it for him so find something else to worry about.
  5. If you have to make and effort to give a damn about something, then you probably don’t. If it’s worth it then caring about it is easy.
  6. Just do the right thing. More often than not everything ends well when this happens.
  7.  If you think you’re about to do the wrong thing then you probably are.
  8. Always reward loyalty. If you don’t get this one please see my explanation for Rule # 2.
  9. If you don’t want anyone else to know something then DO NOT write it down or tell anyone. Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.
  10. Know when to stop talking. Always learn to practice the deadly and mysterious are of knowing when to shut the f*** up. There have been times throughout history when a few words too many have caused men, empires, and legacies to crumble.
  11. Stay Calm, don’t panic, and breathe. Panicky people do stupid sh** often. It’s a scientific fact.
  12. Never give them options. Another scientific fact is that too many options make people stupid.

4 responses to “The Tao of Wu

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  2. LMFAO if the list is this funny, will you be on twitter as well? Haha good sh!t

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