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Ain’t it thoughts/Random News (Week of September, 25th 2010)

He's a hater and so am I!


I can’t believe it’s almost October. Since I missed my self-imposed deadline for posting this I’ll keep it short. 

  1. Due to the upcoming zombie apocalypse which weapon should I use for close combat? Should I go with a tomahawk, an e-tool pull a Naomie Harris via 28 Days Later and use a machete?
  2. Is this what happens when the so called “Good guys” start behaving like the “bad guys”? What I can tell you that this type of behavior won’t win many friends.
  3. I’m not going to touch Bishop Eddie Long. Pause.
  4. After further review I’ve decided that I want steroids back in the MLB. If not steroids I can take players being on any of the following: HGH, Mutant growth hormone, The Super Soldier Serum, the Infinity Formula, or even vampire blood. Watching no-hitters just suck. (Not as much as riding on the train with no dough.)
  5. I’m glad D’Angelo is back sorta, but I don’t know what to make of “Glass Mountain Trust“. I like D’Angelo, and I like Mark Ronson but I’m still thinking on this one.
  6. Somalia… Yep, it’s even more f**ked up.
  7. Here’s a review of some of the worlds most famous mustaches. Sadly, no Eddie Murray, Ned Flanders, or Buzz Killington. ***Side Note 1*** It’s kind of weird how much Saddam Hussein looks like Joe Stalin.
  8. Upon further review: I watched the tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson on July’s BET Awards last night and realized that every single tribute sucked. ***Side Note 2*** Moneypenny, sorry about asking “Baby, what in the world are you watching?” in such a haughty tone of disgust.
  9. What was it exactly about Lyfe Jennings that made people take his music as sage advice? That’s like taking advice from Maino. I missed something. Btw that song “Statistics” makes no damn sense.
  10. I’m a hater. There I said it.


Roll Tide, Go Cocks, and enjoy your weekend. 

Vaya con Dios.


The Rules.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had the chance to re-watch 2/3 of one of my favorite movie trilogies. The Transporter films are basically mindless entertainment that stars one of my favorite character actors, Jason Statham. (Unfortunately we share the same hairline, but I have the sense to shave my head.)

Statham portrays Frank Martin, who acts as the films main protagonist and the source of endless pithy one-liners directed at both his friends and enemies. As a professional “courier”, Frank Martin takes jobs delivering goods and people to pre-determined locations while driving high-end European sedans, while donning a plain black suit. (Think the Crazy 88 without the Kato masks), and usually saving some wayward strumpet in the process.

In the first film of the trilogy Frank lays down a series of rules for his clients so that they know who is who and what is what when it comes down to doing business. With small hints of a former career in “special operations” the Transporter is highly disciplined when it comes to how he lives his life and does his business. The combination of rules and his rigid discipline has kept him alive and they are as follows.

  1. “The deal is the deal.”
  2. “No names.”
  3. “Never open the package.”
  4. “Never make a promise you can’t keep.”


****These are actually a lot more fun if you say them in a horrible cockney accent. ****

Barring a few hiccups, Frank’s rules work for him. You must exclude finding a small Asian woman in a duffle bag and the occasional shoot-out with Ukrainian gangsters, Frank’s life is rather streamlined. Seeing this I’ve come up my own set of rules that I try to adhere to as best possible to help achieve a peaceful life.

  1. Never tell another man’s story. To put it simple enough for you, just keep your mouth shut when it comes to discussing someone else’s personal situations and lives. I’ll argue that if it’s a life and death situation, just shut it. When it comes to another man’s life just let him tell it like he knows it.
  2. Your word is bond. If you need me to expound on this then you’ve come across the wrong web site. Go read Perez Hilton, Fox News, or Media Takeout.
  3. Do your damn job. If you aren’t adequate at your job then shut your mouth. If you are the only one who is always bitching and moaning then this is a good sign that you’re a cancerous growth, energy vampire, or a receptionist. If you were actually good at your job someone would who matters would probably listen to what you have to say from time to time.
  4. Never worry about another man’s money. Thats his scratch that he’s spending. Just don’t worry about it. You can’t spend, save, or blow it for him so find something else to worry about.
  5. If you have to make and effort to give a damn about something, then you probably don’t. If it’s worth it then caring about it is easy.
  6. Just do the right thing. More often than not everything ends well when this happens.
  7.  If you think you’re about to do the wrong thing then you probably are.
  8. Always reward loyalty. If you don’t get this one please see my explanation for Rule # 2.
  9. If you don’t want anyone else to know something then DO NOT write it down or tell anyone. Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.
  10. Know when to stop talking. Always learn to practice the deadly and mysterious are of knowing when to shut the f*** up. There have been times throughout history when a few words too many have caused men, empires, and legacies to crumble.
  11. Stay Calm, don’t panic, and breathe. Panicky people do stupid sh** often. It’s a scientific fact.
  12. Never give them options. Another scientific fact is that too many options make people stupid.

These are some of the rules I came up with on the fly to help keep you or get you out of tight situations when the may arise. Everybody has got to have some kind of code of conduct right? If you don’t then you probably enjoy Perez Hilton, Fox News, and Media Takeout.

What rules keep you on the straight and narrow path when things are looking kind of grim? I promise I won’t judge you.

Vaya con Dios.

What are you gonna watch? (My fall TV preview.)


One of the worst kept secrets about me is that I watch too much television. I think I’ve written about my love affair with the boob tube in the past but I’m not sure. Sadly enough I’m kind of looking forward that new shows will start airing this week.            

During the summer months TV just isn’t as interesting as it is during the fall and spring. For the most part summer TV is a combo of re-runs and baseball (kind of missing the roids) so I spent the bulk of the summer reading. I generally don’t watch reality TV because the bulk of it involves people acting horribly towards one another so I just say no to it. Honestly, I can stand on any Charleston street corner and see the same behavior. There’s that and I can only watch orange-skinned baboons for so long.            

A lot of things have changed this year TV wise. An old favorite Lost is done. I’m divorcing Grey’s Anatomy because I hate the two main characters and a hospital in a town full of coffee swigging hippies can only have but so many disasters. A show that I liked is coming back on a new network, The Game, (If you call BET a network.) after a year of being in black television limbo. Summer mainstays, like True Blood, Mad Men, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, and Burn Notice are in hiatus until the spring and summer so I’ve got to sift through some new shows to see what’s worth my DVR’s memory and my time. I’ve done some research and I’ve got some picks that I’ll watch at least three times to see if they make the cut.         

                                                                           Undercovers (NBC)  Weds at 8:00 Starring: Boris Kodjoe , Gugu Mbatha-Raw , and Major Dad star in as two married spooks (no pun intended) who left the CIA to start their own catering business in Los Angeles. Through what I’m guessing is a predictable plot-twist our heroes will get pulled back into their former professions whether they want to be or not.            

I’m actually excited because NBC who almost lost me after cancelling Life, and Southland (Which was saved by TNT) has taken a risk by having a prime time show starring two black actors who are actually married. I’ll give the peacock their props on this one.            

From what I’ve seen from the previews this is a more light-hearted version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but they actually admitted they loved each other before the gun fire started.            

Think of it a hot black people saving the world and honestly I was looking for a reason to type Gugu Mbatha-Raw.        

 The Event (NBC) Mondays at 9:00 Starring: Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter, and The Creepy guy who played the Magister on True Blood.           

It’s a Negro President Charlie Brown!!! (Which is actually the working title of Tyler Perry’s Barack Obama biopic.) Here’s the long and the short of it. The POTUS, Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) survives an attempt at getting the Franz-Ferdinand treatment while another character Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) begins a search for his missing boo (snatchin your people up). Both instances lead to the discover of some shady dealings by good folks in Langley, VA and an entire chain of events are set into motion that promises the views some Lost like conspiracy/what the hell? action.           

First of all this already looks better than Heroes, Two and a Half Men has been funny lately, the Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday so I’m in.            

NBC is really pushing the good looking black person angle this year aren’t they?      

Outsourced (NBC) Thursdays at 9:30 Starring: Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show, Batman: The Brave & The Bold) and bunch of people I’ve never even heard of. I’m guessing this might be kind of funny, you know in the way that Germans are funny, but as soon as you realize how stupid out sourcing is and your last run-in with a Sprint customer service rep named “Steve” you only get upset and want to break your television. Here’s hoping for a Bollywood dance off in the middle of the show.      

Boardwalk Empire (HBO) Sundays at 9:00 Starring: Steve Buscemi, Michael K. Williams         

The people at HBO are smarter than you think. They obviously asked themselves what do Americans love more than Vampires and redneck bar maids and came up with gangsters. Boardwalk Empire is set in 1920 Atlantic City just as the dumbest law in American history (Prohibition) is passed. (How are you going to look a man in the eye after he spent the last six and a half days walking behind a mule and tell him he can’t have a beer?) Produced and directed by Martin Scorsese Steve Buscemi stars as the Manager of Atlantic City, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson who walks a fine line between corruption and political brilliance that would make even the grimiest politicians Chicago ever had to offer envious. Proving that there may be such a thing as a halfway crook, Thompson literally has his hands in everyone’s pocket but does not hesitate to share the wealth. Because of the shortsightedness of the temperance movement giggle water has become illegal so Nucky does what he does best and begins a bootlegging operation that will involve soon to be famous gangsters like Al Capone and Arnold Rothstein.            

I’m going to give this a try although I’m not a fan of the old school mob genre. Hell, I’ve never seen any of the God Father movies.    Since I DVR’ed this sucker last night I’ll let y’all know what I think later on.       

No Ordinary Family (ABC) Tuesdays at 8:00 Starring: Michael Chiklis, Romany Malco, and Julie Benz         

While on a flight to South America weird things happened to the Powell family. Really weird things and soon the realize that they have been blessed/cursed/bestowed with “abilities” that allow them to do things that the average family cannot.           

I can’t say that I’m excited to watch this because I’ve seen it before when it was called the Fantastic Four. Chiklis portrayed Ben Grimm in the horrible film adaptations of the Fantastic Four and was the sole bright spot. I’m just hoping that after the whole “Some trippy sh*t happened to us while we were on a plane” motif passed they’ll go in a completely different direction than the Fantastic Four and even the Incredibles.            

Television doesn’t need another Heroes rehash.    #itsnotclobberintime           



Chase (NBC) Mondays at 10:00 Starring: Kelli Giddish, Amuary Nolasco, Jesse Metcalfe, Rose Rollins, and Cole Hauser        

Kelli Giddish stars as Annie Frost, a United States Marshall who will go to any length to get her man. Backed by a weapons specialist portrayed by Rose Rollins, and several other Marshalls, Giddish’s Frost is looking to give Timothy Olyphant’s Rayland Givens on Justified some competition for best U.S. Marshall on TV since Matt Dillon.          

Just like Undercovers I’ll give this show a chance because I like action and from what I can tell this show won’t be short it.       

Other Possibilities:          

Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC), The Defenders (CBS), Lone Star (Fox), and Hawaii Five -O   (CBS)         

Returning Shows that I’m looking forward to watching:     

NCIS (CBS) Will the Mexican mafia kill the father from The Waltons? What exactly happened to Ziva in Somalia? Why does everyone on this show have daddy issues?     

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) How exactly does a federal agency hire someone without knowing anything about his past? Heady is a creepy old lady.     

Southland (TNT) Will Chickie finally get her props for catching the rapist? (She is a cop!) Will Regina King have to break out the shotgun on someone again?     

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Funniest sitcom on TV.     

Justified (FX) Will Raylen sleep with every woman that he meets? Watch out Rachel. What the hell happened to Rachel?     

Those are my picks for this year. I still find it ironic that someone so gangsta as myself watches so many show about cops. Me and my DVR are ready for another year. Also notice that I’m giving NBC another chance after they snatched Life off the air. Let me know what you may watch this year too.     

Vaya con Dios.

Ain’t Thoughts/Random News (Week of Sept 17th, 2010)

He's just like Steven Seagal, but only a real person.


I had every intention of making this post a lot longer this week but life got in the way. Deal with it! It’s a lot more newsy because that’s what I felt like doing so read it, comment, and have a good weekend.  

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight a woman but wont fight a small Filipino. Hmmm… After an altercation with his baby momma Floyd is facing 4 felonies and some other charges that include stealing an iPhone. T.I. is also going to send you a “Thank you!” gift basket for taking the heat off of him.
  2. Since T.I.’s old lady Tiny got arrested will she lose her role on Duck Tales?
  3. I always thought Steve Seagal was the craziest white man on the planet. I was wrong. Look behind you Osama.
  4. Are Gypsies the Mexicans of Europe? They seem to get treated like it.
  5. Good Will Hunting had a one night stand with The Departed and this is their love child.
  6. Since there are only five episodes left of Jersey Shore on MTV they should film a reality show that would place nut job politicians from around the world under one roof. The cast would include Glenn McConnell, Sarah Palin, Kim Jong-il, Robert Mugabe, both Castro brothers, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bill Clinton, and Hugo Chavez. The show will consist of 13 one-hour episodes and set up in a Big Brother type format with Rahm Emanuel’s gangster-ass as the host.
  7. Will and Jada’s daughter Willow’s song actually sounds better than anything that Rihanna has done in like two years… no bullsh*t.
  8. Is it 2011 yet?

 Vaya con Dios.


A few thoughts about this picture, The Civil War, and some other stuff.

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I saw this picture while reading the Black Snob this morning. Why? Continue reading

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She said she likes my Dougie and a few other things that I don’t get.

You won't be so brand spanking new after Mr. Dink get's done with you.


Sometimes I can be rather dense. I’m a little slow on the up take if you will, but there are times when I come across things that are genuine jaw droppers. These are things I think about often but never get any inner clarity on. Here’s a short list of things I need some assistance on.   

She Said She Likes my Dougie     

I honestly don’t know what this means. I’ve seen the video a few times and still don’t get what the hell these kids are talking about. I do know that East Indians seem to like to “Dougie”.    


The New York Jets   

I’m tired of them, there coach, Fireman Ed, their little TV show, and their cornerback. Make the playoffs without the Colts sitting their good players and I’ll be impressed. I don’t why the world considers the Jets worth talking about but impress me but actually being a good team for more than one season. Lastly, I’m glad the Ravens kind of made them look silly. Now there.    

The arrogance of Clemson Tiger fans.    

Yes, you’re a “football school”. Yes, y’all are most definitely better than South Carolina on most days of the year, but in way do y’all consider yourselves a national powerhouse? You can barely control most of the pansies that you play in the ACC and yet you think you matter in the grand scheme of the college football world? ‘Fraid not. True you have one national championship from 1981 but that doesn’t make you contenders. It just makes you Georgia.    

The hope of South Carolina fans.    

From year to year watching the South Carolina football team play is like watching a fat dude with a piss-poor attitude and a bad heart run laps at the gym. Big boy will stay focused for about two laps at a time then he’ll get frustrated and start to look for something else to do at the gym that will hopefully involve sitting, and a hotdog stand. Then he’ll utter the words “I’ll get better next year.”    

Andrew Zimmerman’s need to eat everything placed in front of him.    

Seriously dude is just nasty. This is coming from someone who grew up on a small farm in South Carolina. I have dined on both squirrel and liver pudding and enjoyed them both. (Separately of course. Together is just fucked up.) It’s nothing to see Zimmerman eating rabbit penis with scrambled-eggs, and some monkey nuts in a remote village in Vietnam’s Central Highlands and LOVING IT!    

“May I take your order Mr. Zimmerman?”    

“Yes, I’ll have the donkey anus with a nice Chianti!”    

Nasty f**k! Who eats monkey eyes!?!?    

Speaking of food. Why are the wings at Chinese take out places bigger than wings in other locales?    

These freaking things are usually massive. Is this chicken at all or some king of large woodpecker or pheasant? They are usually good and a little greasy but I never figured this out. And I told you not to put any eggs in my fried rice too!    

What don’t y’all get? There are some things that are head scratchers for everyone so post them and we’ll help each other.    

Vaya con Dios.

A conversation with a Chinese guy.

No, this isn't General Tso.


Last week I had what was by all accounts a sh*tty week. My boss was in town for two days doing what he does. I’ve been supervising a construction project in our office. (Seriously, contractors are the new cable guys.) Leading directly from the pungent odor of paint fumes and dry-wall dust resulting from the still incomplete construction had my sinuses (Should it be sinusi(sp)?), lungs, and stomach acting like I spent a couple hours at Verdun or Ypres. Needless to say by clock-out time on Friday afternoon I was as my high school classmate Ron Williams would say “Through dealin’”. 

I made my way across the river to my place and promptly tried to take a sanity nap but this wasn’t in the cards. My neighbor across the parking lot of my apartment complex decided that it might rock to put up a f**king fence between the hours of 5:30 – 7:30 on a Friday afternoon. I couldn’t sleep but my fatigue remained so I just  vegged-out across my bed until around 8:30 until decided to drag my a** to the shower. 

After the previous balls to the wall excitement  that I just told you about I decided to make a beer run. After I got my Anheuser product of choice I decided to I wanted some Chinese food. I swung by my local Chinese bistro (Yes, such a thing does exist! The dopeness of the idea of its existence is only equaled by the dopeness of the food.) to cop an order of kung pow chicken. While I waited at the bar for my bird the owner/bartender who is the “Chinese guy” in the post’s title, looked at me and said “You need a drink.” 

He was correct in his assumption so I had him pour a rather stiff vodka and tonic, which boarded on bomb-a**. As I drank he sat down at the bar next to me and began eating his dinner, which smelled of cabbage and looked even more unappetizing. As I nursed my bomb-a** vodka and tonic and as he slurped whatever it was he was having we conversed about our jobs. This lead to a discussion about various management styles, dealing with upper management, and how maddening both topics can be. We came to the conclusion the if you are in the middle your screwed. This is mostly due to inconsistencies in upper management and no one in upper management wanting to make a decision. So if you are stuck in the middle you either find a way to move up or move out and work for yourself. No it doesn’t change the fact that being in charge of people can suck, but you can at least control who you are in charge of. 

So I’ve got to move out ‘cause this W.I.C job ain’t gonna cut it. Not only for the sake of my sanity but for the sake of my liver. (Methinks having bomb-a**  vodka and tonics isn’t healthy.) Well there’s that and I don’t want my liver ending up looking like how I would imagine James Bond’s. 

Vaya con Dios.

Things I realized while reading Ozone Magazine and protecting the world from evil.

I’ve always been a magazine head. It started upon my entry into middle school when I discovered The Source magazine. Prior to this I would see old copies of my sister Dale’s Time and my oldest sister Gina’s Rolling Stone. I would try to grab the mags to say – Yes Y’all. They tried to take it and say I’m too small, so I would wait until the seventh grade to start picking up my own choice of magazines and for me The Source was the end all be all of magazines.

So from then out I’ve purchased various magazines like The Source and XXL that dealt with hip-hop because I listened to way to much rap music but there’s no need for useless hind sight here. After I got older my tastes in periodicals changed for various reasons. These reasons ranged from me getting tired of reading about rappers that I didn’t give a damn about like 50 Cent or me just realizing that hip hop journalism is as about as balanced as Fox and Friends.

So today as a 31 year-old man of hearty southern-American negro (When are black men going to get our Essence? The few mags directed at us blow.) stock I’ve have a few choice magazines that I have subscriptions too either via mail or online. Sure Men’s Health, GQ, Esquire, and American Knife Fighter Monthly (There was a great article on Arkansas Tooth Picks last month that I loved.) are usually great reads month to month but every now and then I still check out the hip hop monthly’s just to see what’s up in the corners of the hip hop universe that I don’t usually pay attention too.

So the other day I went to Best Buy to finally pick up the latest Root’s CD “How I Got Over” and after I was done I went next door to Books-A-Million and began to peruse this month’s magazines. For the life of me, I don’t know why, but I picked up Ozone Magazine. I’ve never read Ozone before but I did know it focuses mainly on southern hip hop. I always assumed Ozone as a slightly more intellectual version of Murder Dog (I have actually read a few copies of Murder Dog before. There would always be a few laying around the barber shop.) which is another lower tier hip hop monthly. (Don’t judge me. American Knife-Fighter Monthly is a much higher-brow magazine than Murder Dog.) So I started reading the particular issue of Ozone with Lil Wayne on the cover (I’m not sure about Weezy F Baby being on  the cover but it is a hip hop magazine and there’s only like four rappers now so it had to be Weezy.) and I was not impressed as I sat in the book store making the Josey Wales face for about 30 minutes. After weeding my way through the muck I came to these conclusions about Ozone magazines. ***Many of these realizations were confirmations also.***

  1. Most rappers seem to actually believe the bullsh*ta** attitudes that they rap about. For realz, in interview after interview rappers like Rick Ross, Plies, and a bunch of cats I’ve never heard of all seem to live in some jacked-up fantasy world that seems to be created by some a black, sleazier version of Robert Rodriguez. During the bulk of the interviews that I read O.J. Da Juiceman’s “I’m Getting Money” was playing in my head.
  2. Southern rappers just ain’t what they used to be. Never in my life would I think that I would have uttered the words “Damn, I miss Fiend and Tela.” But alas I did. (Don’t act like y’all didn’t like “Sho Nuff” and “Tired of Ballin’”.) There seriously, needs to be more variety in hip hop below the Mason-Dixon. Sure people like the Dungeon Family, Pooh and Phonte, B.o.B, Bobby Creekwater, and Status Quo are all floating around out there but we need more variety. Once upon a time the Geto Boys existed in a world that also contained Arrested Development, the Poison Clan, and Jam Pony Express. I’m just saying. Where’s Pimp C when you need him?
  3. Wale is one interesting cat or either he portrays one in Ozone Magazine interviews. Just so you know I like Wale as an emcee so this could be slanted. Wale managed to give the one interview in the whole issue that didn’t make me want to slap several parents and grade school teachers in various southern locales. Like most of the other interviews the subjects were asked some the same questions: What are you listening too? How do you feel about groupies? Rihanna or Beyonce? For the most part he answered the questions with some sense.
  4. The notion that I had of me out growing hip hop and becoming an old man was confirmed. I shouldn’t have to expound on this but I just don’t understand a lot of things like: What the hell is a  “Dougie” (More on that later this week.) . Is Roscoe Dash or Travis Porter down south’s version of Tanya Morgan? So many questions to things I don’t understand.
  5. Gucci Mane may be the hardest working rapper in the world. Love Radric Davis or hate him, He who has the blackest lips puts work in like slave. This guys music is pure sh*t in my opinion but the boy is trying so I can’t knock him for it. Yes, I can. I just wish he would go try it in Bangladesh. #ImbiginDacca
  6. I’m never reading Ozone magazine again. This sh*t made me dumber than my job, the VMA’s and Monday Night Raw combined.


Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t Thoughts (Week of September 3rd, 2010): Now 23 1/2% more newsy!

It’s been a long week and I’m glad that it’s over. Work sucked, Barack spoke, and I can’t wait for football and a three-day weekend. I love days off like Kanye West loves himself so I’ll try to get straight to the point.

  1. Big-Bad Barack took time off to speak to the country and its fighting men and women this week. He essentially thanked them for putting up their maximum effort while doing a sh***y job. With all major action supposedly over in Iraq one can’t help but to wonder if this crap is over now. Although it appears that we’re done there, here’s an article discussing why powerful countries like us keep making the same mistakes when it comes to ending wars.
  2. Sign that the economy is still bad (Other than looking at the losses on your 401k statement.) On Wednesday night I say a man scalping $8 tickets at a lower-class Single A minor league baseball game. It’s real in the field.
  3. The oil industry just isn’t having a good summer. Can we find an alternative fuel now!?!?!
  4. Piggy backing off of number three: I think the rest of the country owes Louisiana a hug.
  5. I still haven’t heard the new Roots’ cd “How I Got Over”. How is it?
  6. Hey T.I. You stupid!
  7. Are the women on American scripted TV becoming more violent? With the likes of Burn Notice’s Fiona and company I’m going to say yes.
  8. I respect Lindsey Graham but I love it when Republicans attack each other. No matter how hard you try people always want you to pick a side in politics.
  9. Moment of honesty: I kind of like Drakes song “Fancy”. Please don’t tell my mother.
  10. I actually watched football games last night that actually mattered!
  11. I’m wearing white on Monday!

Y’all have a safe and long weekend.

Vaya con Dios.


“But bo, what if he wins?” or How an improbable victory by Alvin Greene would be game changer.

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“But bo, what if he wins?” were the words uttered by my friend The Mario Washington during a phone conversation on Monday night. The question was in reference to an improbable victory by Alvin Greene D, South Carolina against incumbent Jim DeMint in Novembers’ South Carolina senate race. Continue reading

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