Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts about 2010.

Twenty – ten, you were an odd, odd year. I’m sure there have been 365 1/4 days that have been odder but I don’t remember them. (Honestly, my short-term memory is usually for sh*t but this week my long-term memory is out of whack.) Tons of thing happened around the world, on the corner, and every else imaginable. I’m thankful that I made it through another year and I’m actually looking forward to the potential awesomeness that 2011 may bring. Due to the fact this is my “Year end blog spectacular” this post is going to be kind of long. Most of you aren’t doing anything but drinking and watching football today anyway so don’t complain. Besides I’ve been told that my stuff is a better, more interesting read when people are smashed anyhow.

So without further adieu here is my final random newsyness for 2010:

  1. Drake, Rick Ross, and Diddy still suck. I don’t care how you try to explain it or what you say; these three are the product of a shallow talent pool in music.
  2. Jimmy McNulty: “… Why you let him play?” Witness: “You got to, this America, man.” For those of you who don’t recognize those two lines they are from The Wire. The witness’ answer to McNulty’s question is the best two ways I can describe why Michael Vick and to a lesser extent, Texas Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton should get second chances. No, neither man deserves anything (“Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”) each man in spite of their faults could exemplify why America is well… better than your country.
  3. During the final few weeks of this year I learned more about Barack Obama than I previously knew. The most important thing is that he can take an a** whipping. I judge men and women on how they lose and not how they win. Honestly, for a second the POTUS lost me heading into the mid-terms and the end of November. I’m glad to see he’s better at chess than he is at checkers.
  4. There have been many South Carolinians who went on to become famous and infamous: Ben Bernanke, Pee Wee Gaskins, John C. Calhoun, Kevin Garnett, Andrew Jackson, Mary McLeod Bethune, Robert Smalls, Dizzy Gillespie, Aziz Ansari, Eartha Kitt, Stephen Colbert,  Melvin Purvis, Jasper Johns (Allendale, Stand Up!!!), Joe Frazier, Jessie Jackson, Strom Thurmond, and James Brown. However, Alvin Greene may be the worst South Carolinian EVER!!! Considering the infinite number of whack jobs, drunks, thugs, and freaks we’ve given the world that is quite the accomplishment on Alvin’s part. He is again, running for office.
  5. Whether you like it or not Black Thought of the Roots is better than your favorite rapper. (Unless your favorite rapper is Black Thought or a few other exceptions.) You can b***h and moan about it but you know it’s true. It doesn’t matter who many records are sold or by whom they are sold your favorite rapper probably knows this too.
  6. Marmalade!
  7. I’m ashamed to admit this but… I never heard the recently departed Teena Marie’s “Portuguese Lover” until Monday. How did I miss this song? What was I doing? I feel sorry for my mother!
  8. A while back I did a post about words and phrases I hate. Well I have an addition; “Meme”. I hate the word “meme”. I like some memes but just hate the word.
  9. Ready Set Go [Explicit] by Killer Mike is one of my favorite hip hop songs of the year. I wish all southern hip hop had an edge like this without being flat out dumb or thuggishly pretentious. (I am also going to copy write the term thuggishly pretentious. I’m also going copy write pretentiously thuggish too.) Check the line that Killer Mike makes about Ed Hardy clothing. It makes me smile every time I hear it. T.I’s ad libs at the end of the song kind of blow but most ad libs by rappers blow anyhow. “Ay! Okay!”
  10. This song makes me want the Dungeon Family got back together.
  11. Thinking back about Eddie Long’s unintentional Under Armour ads made him look like a perv, an inappropriate old man, and Bishop from the X- Men.
  12. Looking back at this NFL season I haven’t figured out if Donavan McNabb is a complete gentleman or an idiot.
  13. According to Foreign Policy magazine 2011 is going to even worse than 2010. Here are 16 wars that they think could start on Saturday or sometime next year. I should read happier stuff shouldn’t I? Where in the hell is Tajikistan? It sounds delightful.
  14. My sister Dale asked me if I thought South Carolina’s senior Senator Lindsey Graham was actually gay. (For those of you who don’t watch Sunday morning news TV or are from relatively normal states like who may not be familiar with Graham, it is a long standing rumor that Graham is homosexual. I actually don’t think it matters. As far as decent Republicans go he’s what John McCain used to be before he became Walt Kowalski.) My answer to Dale was that I don’t know. Honestly a gay, Republican senator would be way too normal for South Carolina. Between, our lame-a** adulterer Governor, our questionable Governor-elect,  Junior Senator Captain Tin-foil Helmet, and Alvin Greene I wouldn’t mind if Lindsey gave speeches on the floor of the Senate wearing a tutu.
  15. My favorite albums of the year are as follows: 1. The Roots — How I Got Over (Stand out track(s): “Dear God 2.0″ft the Monsters of Folk, “Walk Alone”, and “Doin’ it Again”) 2. The Black Keys — Brothers  (Stand out track(s): “These Days” “Tighten Up“) 3. Kanye West — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Stand out track(s): “All of the Lights” ft Everybody “Monster”) 4. B.o.B — B.o.B Presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray (Stand out track(s): “Don’t Let Me Fall ” “Airplanes, Part II [feat Eminem & Hayley Williams of Paramore]“) 5. Keane — Night Train (Stand out track(s): “Stop For A Minute“) *6. Wale — More About Nothing (Yes, I know it was a mix tape but that intro went hard.)
  16. Here are my favorite comic book moments of the year: 1. Long time X-Man Nightcrawler died a gruesome death. (Even for an X-Man) 2. Luke Cage said the most Luke Cagiest thing ever “Ninja Please!” 3. Wolverine and Storm pour out some drink over there dead homey Nightcrawler while she still subtly reminds old six-claws that she can and will kick his a**. (Which I can’t find an image for. You can however read the dialogue here.)
  17. The best non-fiction book I read this year was WAR by Sebastian Junger.
  18. The best fiction w/o pictures that I read this year was Black Water Rising by Attica Locke. Honestly, I didn’t read enough this year. When you don’t read Alvin Greene wins.
  19. Do Vietnamese people watch bowl games on Tet?
  20. Now that I think about it the last episode of Lost blew. It was almost as bad as the last episode of Seinfeld. Almost.
  21. Year end lists are for lazy bloggers, hence the tripe that you’re reading right now.
  22. Yeah, what he said! this article pretty much sums up how I feel about the Civil War.
  23. I really hope things get better in Haiti. There are only so many punches in the mouths a nation can take.
  24. There are a few hours left in 2010 and I still have wrapped my mind around people’s fascination with cup cakes. Especially, since the following are superior desserts: Sweet potato pie, Chocolate cake, and Oreo pies.
  25. I once said that bald guy rock. Guess what? Black dudes do too.
  26. I still think Kwanzaa sucks… so there!
  27. In 2011 I can guaran-damn-tee you that I still will want to kick cancer’s ass. I want to beat him up in front of his neighbors, fill his iPod with nothing but copies of “Last Train to Paris”, key his car, and steal the ice cubes out of his freezer.

On that note I hope and pray that everyone has a great 2011. I hope that there’s no quakes, or hurricanes. I hope there are no wars, or other political f***ery that causes average folks to get trampled. I hope that everyone stays healthy. 

I would also like to shout out the following folks who read my bullsh*t when they know it sucks: The fetching and talented Miss Moneypenny, my sisters Dale (How did you get a lap top in your jail cell?) and Gina, T.O.R.O and D. Omoro, and my other subscribers like Smitty, LaLaBakir, Princess Jasmen, (There’s a few  more of y’all but I don’t know what handle you prefer to be called.) Also, shout out to whoever added my page to their Google Reader subscription list; thanks and what not..

Bonne année and Vaya con Dios.


10 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts about 2010.

  1. Are you serious? You never heard “Portuguese Lover” until Monday. That was one of her best and my favorites!

  2. Princess_Jasmen

    5. Truth….nothing more needs to be explained
    7. Really, wow!

    A shout out…. I’m touched ….and as always entertained and imparted with new knowledge…..

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  4. 1, What is up with that picture of John C. Calhoun? I wonder was he suprised the whole time the artist was painting?
    2, I was surprised to see that you ranked B.O.B. in your top. Like him, but I think his delivery lacks volitility. But I keep foregetting when I comment on your page… you didn’t ask me!
    3, Haha!! “When you don’t read, Alvin Greene wins..” That is great!
    Keith, I think you are an awesome writer, think tank, and what ever it is that you do here. It’s coming.

    • 1. I don’t know about Calhoun. I just assume all human beings born before 1890 were just unfortunate looking. Dude looked like he saw something horrible behind the painter but couldn’t do anything about it.
      2. I like B.o.B. His cd is good. I didn’t buy very many cds this year either. Room for improvement though. I would have put the Foreign Exchange cd on the list but I can’t deal with Phonte singing. “Maybe She’ll Dream of Me” is dope but I’m going to need him to rap. Comment at will man. This is kind of a democracy… Kind of.
      3. Thanks man. I could do a lot better but I don’t always focus like I should. Seriously, someone should stop Alvin.

      “Portuguese Lover” will get downloaded. I feel like I failed by not knowing that song. That’s like not knowing “Serpentine Fire”. This also causes a victory for Alvin Greene.

      Thanks again for reading.

  5. Confession… I heard Portuguese Love long ago, but paid more attention to after hearing it in the background of an episode of Girlfriends about 5 (or so) years ago.

  6. 4. Alvin Green is my homeboy.
    5. Co-sign x a hundred thousand trillion. I actually just saw The Roots at a show in DC. It’s the third time I’ve seen them, but they continue to exceed my expectations.
    9. Checking it out now.
    12. At the beginning of this fiasco that is his relationship with the Redskins, I’d say gentleman. Now, I’m leaning towards idiot.
    13. I don’t keep up with international conflicts, but I bet there are dozens of places continuously on the brink of war. That might make me sound like an insensitive/ignorant American, but to that I say, stop yappin’ and pass me that Big Mac.
    15. I haven’t heard 2 and 5. And while I think B.o.B’s album was good, I wouldn’t put it as my in my list of favorites of the year. I’d add Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans, John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up, and another mixtape, J. Cole – Friday Night Lights.
    20. I had high expectations for the last episode of LOST. I’m glad they didn’t answer every question, but it did leave a lot to be desired at the end.

    • Thanks for reading
      4. Alvin must be stopped! he is the political equal of Waka Flocka
      5. Root shows are always worth the money.
      9. This song is a simple, well done hip hop song. Not enough of those around these day.
      12. I’m just glad a team besides the Raiders decided to be a grease fire this year.
      13. I’m a conflict nerd. Things like this just interest me. Third World War never happened but the Third World is constantly at war.
      15. Two and five were solid rock albums. I honestly was bored with music this past year. I like a few of Bruno’s songs but I haven’t checked out all of his stuff.
      20. I like to have questions answered but that comes from my reading of comic books. A plot will get dangled and they’ll take ten years to answer it. It’s hard to do that with TV.

      Thanks again for reading.

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