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Random New/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 29th, 2010)

Watch Col Taylor do some grimey ish.

I’m going to ge extremely random this week. Not much happened in the news and I really don’t want to talk about any elections so let’s go. And you’re welcome.

  1. Fetching, is one of the best adjectives to describe a woman. That is all.
  2. Every mean-spirited comment is funnier when the person doing the insulting is drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes.
  3. The world would be a better place if hood rats had natural predators.
  4. The NBA is back and I still really don’t care.
  5. “…she’s a nasty little c***, bless her heart.” is the most random comment I’ve ever heard while walking from a bar. Walking from a bar not in a bar.
  6. With crap like the T. Ocho show, hockey, and WAC football, I hope the Versus Network understands why they suck.
  7. Almost getting ran over by a woman who looks like the black nurse from Scrubs while crossing at a walk signal when you’re headed to work wakes you up better than coffee.
  8. Obama on the Daily Show was really underwhelming. The “Heck of a job” thing was kind of awkward too. For realz though, Barack looks tired.
  9. Captain Save a Nubian Princess are the funniest words I’ve ever heard used to describe Hill Harper.
  10. I’m still looking for Denver Broncos fans to taunt. If you know of any send me their e-mail addresses.
  11. Other than some dressing up like a slave, in black face, a Nazi, a hooker, or a Nazi hooker, what is the most offensive Halloween costume ever.
  12. Are these people really trying to make a Thriller movie. Leave the original alone.
  13. Are black horror movies always bad? Leprechaun: In the Hood may have been the worst. I think J.D’s Revenge may be the best.
  14. Barry Bonds is a douche who wants to be a MLB hitting coach. I say give him a chance.
  15. Here’s more gun talk from last week’s post.
  16. I’m going to get some coffee before I Hulk out.

Vaya con Dios.


Next on a very special Up Here On Cloud 9 (The desensitization of Wu.)

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People who know me quickly learn that I’m seldom shocked by the things I see on TV or in movies. (Ironically, I was really disgusted at times when I read Push.) At first I thought it was weird but as an adult I realized what the issue is. (Although I don’t get shocked easy, there are things that I refuse to watch: Think Glee, Nick Cage movies, most things involving Tyler Perry, Vince McMahon or fantasy football.) Continue reading

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Used to be a thug but now I’m…

In America perception and image are everything. The image of an individual, organization, or nation can change in a matter of years, weeks, days, or in extreme circumstances, seconds. Changes like these are both often positive and negative. Sometimes these transitions of image are forced by consultants and sometimes they are the products of a genuine process of maturation.

One image has been prevalent throughout our history: the thug. There are white thugs, black thugs, and thugs of all races. Another fact about America is that the nation as a whole has been fascinated by the “white thug image”.  The county has loved to love them and hate them. Some are actual criminals and some are legit but advanced through extra legal means. John Dillinger. Al Capone, Jessie James, Billy the Kid, Andrew Jackson (Yes, he was a thug.), and James Cagney (I have no proof that he was a thug, but I’m saying.) all at some point held America’s attention for one reason or another. For the most part these men did not change because they didn’t have to because “white privilege” whether real or imagined even extends to common thugs.

Black thugs generally don’t have that luxury. A black thug may be famous or infamous but there will come a time when they will have to go legit to truly realize the American Dream Nightmare. Some are dogged by their detractors and the eras they inhabit (Google Jack Johnson.) and some come to a point in their lives where they revamp their pasts and move forward. Black America is filled with men who have made this transition both quickly and quietly.  Below are some notables.

George Foreman

Before George Foreman was a cherubic grilling impresario, he was “Big George” Foreman from the 5th Ward of Houston Texas. Growing up Foreman was an admitted bully, mugger, and all-around troubled. As he began to box, he left his criminal ways but to the world Foreman was a big, black man who was becoming adept at using his hands. He would go on to win the Gold Medal in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. The image of Foreman waving the American flag after winning the gold is probably the second most famous image of the year’s summer games. After turning pro his punching power would soon find Foreman as one of the top heavyweight fighters of his time and eventually champion. During all of this he was still not viewed as “friendly”. (Check out the documentary “When We Were Kings”.) As he grew older and quit boxing for the first time, Foreman would become a Baptist minster, find a second, third, and fourth career by returning to boxing, selling the electric grill to everyone, and as an announcer for HBO Boxing. For the most part America doesn’t remember this guy, or this guy, but they’ve bought a grill from this guy.

Ice Cube

O’Shea Jackson went from a member of a rap group known as N****rs With Attitudes to a man who puts out family /feel good films. Whether or not he was an actual thug or not from about 1989- whenever he mouthed off to Lonnie Lynn Jr. Ice Cube’s public image was rather menacing to the uninformed members of the American public. He was a rhyming scowl with a curl, and a major label record deal. Now he’s pitching films like “Are We There Yet?”, “Are We Done Yet?”, both “Barbershop” films, and a documentary about the Los Angeles Raiders for ESPN. He even rhymed on BET’s Hip Hop Awards recently… with his two sons.

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis it the best NFL linebacker since Lawrence Taylor. Instead of Dean Winters, Allstate should have used him to personify “mayhem”. Simply put, he is hell on legs, wearing football pads. On January 31st, 2000 Ray Lewis and two companions were arrested for murder following Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta. Lewis would later testify against his two companions so that the pending murder charges would be dropped. Lewis would cop to a misdemeanor for obstruction of justice, pay a $250,000 fine levied by the NFL, and serve probation for his “involvement”. The very next year Ray Lewis’ scary-a** would be named the Super Bowl MVP, and become one of the faces of the NFL. Along with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and T.O. Lewis to this day remains one of the most recognizable players in the league and the fact that he was once charged with murder is never mentioned. Ray is living proof that wins solve everything.

Ice – T

“What is “Cop Killer” Alex?”

These would be the two words you would utter if playing Jeopardy and one of the categories was “Most famous songs by TV stars”. I don’t know if Tracy has ever committed a single felony but “Cop Killer” put him on the map of the establishment ranging from Bush 41 to a lowly LAPD rookie. Somewhere between W’s daddy and the rookie cop laid a few Senate hearings and a FBI probe. Now he’s just Odafin Tutuola and I’m willing to bet that many of the people who deemed Ice a threat tune in every Wednesday at 9 o’clock to watch.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has been many things throughout his life: Heavyweight Champion, stick-up kid, rapist, woman beater, and a mess of a man. Tyson’s troubles have been well publicized so there’s no need to rehash. When the Hangover came out in 2009 Mike Tyson added the words “comic foil” to his resume. Coupled with a recent documentary about his life Tyson isn’t as nearly as feared as much as he used to be, but he’s most certainly pitied.

If you can, name a few other thugs who have worked their way into America’s hearts and minds despite their pasts.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 22nd, 2010)

Oddly enough his vodka will kill you faster than his rifle.

It’s been a bad week for me and machines so here’s hoping this post goes well. Football’s a blood sport, my sinuses are being fickle, and I’m always sleepy. So take from that last sentence what you will and enjoy.

  1. There are millions of AK-47’s floating around the globe. I wonder if Mikhail Kalashnikov had any idea what he was starting? Could you imagine if he lived in a capitalist company how rich he would be?
  2. Shout out to my man Toro and Mrs. Toro on expecting their second child. The Simpson tribe is growing.
  3. The NFL and football in general had a really bad weekend. After a rash of brutal hits (Which last time I checked was the cost of doing business.) has left issues like fines and helmet safety on  the table for the game at every level. Has the lack of teaching proper technique when it comes to tackling and other fundamentals caught up with America’s true game? Or is this the case of violent men doing violent things. If I ever have kids I’m going to teach them how to throw a back door sliders (Back Door Sliders sounds like a porno don’t it?)  so they won’t to worry about this.
  4. I never got the chance to see The Expendables this summer but I still think that Clint Eastwood and Jim Brown should’ve had cameos in it.
  5. Jon Stewart went to CNN’s house recently and didn’t bother wiping his feet on the rug. I have to agree with him too. CNN should be the new network that sane people should watch in lieu of MSNBC and Fox News. There aren’t enough good shows and too much wasted opportunity after 8:00.  Stick to the news and don’t get into affirming the beliefs of  those who watch. Just give the facts but make it interesting.
  6. My vodka and tonic game is proper and yours isn’t.
  7. It’s almost Halloween and every year I keep thinking to myself that they just don’t make good horror movies anymore. Who are the scariest monsters/things you can think of? Besides Ray Lewis,  Friday the 13th Part II scared me sh**less, and I just couldn’t watch Aliens when I was little. I do find all of this odd now considering all of the foolishness I watch now and don’t blink.
  8. I reserve the right to add more to this blog after it’s published.
  9. Uncle Ron loves you.
  10. Stay off the ****ing flowers.

Have a good weekend and  Vaya con Dios

The Remake of The Bootleg.


***You will be needing audio for this.***

Songs are remade all the time. Some songs beg to be remade while others should never be touched in any form again. The latter is due to a song being damn good or flat out horrible. For example Stevie Wonder’s work will always be the subject of reimagining while Al. B. Sure’s catalogue should be destroyed.

I caught a preview of HBO’s In Treatment, which deals with a psychiatrist who sees various patients throughout the week but ends up going to see his own shrink when all of the madness stops. During the commercial a woman’s husky voice is singing “Crazy” which was made famous by Gnarls Barkley. I thought to myself, “Self that’s sounds like a very interesting take on “Crazy”.” So I checked the Internet to see who sang this version of the song and I was lead to a Brit named Alice Russell. Russell has also remade The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”.

Neither version is great but they are far from horrible. I will say that I do like this version of “Crazy” a lot. I’ve added them both so check them out.

Crazy–Alice Russell

Seven Nation Army–Alice Russell

If you tell me what are some of your favorite remakes and I’ll tell you mine. What songs would you like to get remade and by whom?

Vaya con Dios.

Things I would have said if I were brilliant. (My favorite quotes.)

Sorry y’all, WordPress and I aren’t getting along right now. I’ve lost the post but feel free to post or repost your favorite quotes. SkyNet won’t let me be great.

***First things first, I would like to offer my apologies to Ms. Moneypenny and Princes Jasmen (I am adding you quote from Toni Morrison to the bottom of the post.) for both reading and commenting on the original version of this post before Skynet seeped it’s cold metal fingers in and destroyed my work. With the help of my Mexican special ops squad, and Christian Bale I’ve put the machines back in their place for now.  They won’t be screwing with Francis anymore this week. This is the updated version. Enjoy. ***

I’ve always believed that there is a quote apropos to every situation you may find yourself in. A few well placed poignant words can easily sum up the right moment. You don’t always have to agree with the source of the quotes but sometimes you have to accept the truth behind the words. Some of my favorite quotes are silly, and some can actually apply to your life. Check out a few of my favs and let me know what you think.

“I can’t sit around nursing anger. It gets in the way of work.”– Ta-Nehisi Coates, Senior Editor, The Atlantic

I started reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ daily columns on The Atlantic late this spring. Dude can write about a vast variety of things pretty well. In a perfect world I would rather Coates be all over the place than Roland Martin. In a June 29th post Coates, a Civil War buff, posted a blog about the final days of Ulysses S. Grant. One commenter spoke of reconciliation between the North and the South as well as blacks and whites from the time of the Reconstruction to the present. Coates, who is very hands on (Hell, he answered an e-mail from me about this quote.) summed his feelings of that era and the countries history of race relations up with “I can’t sit around nursing anger. It gets in the way of work.” Sometimes in life you just have to let go of whatever baggage, whether racial, emotional, or physical and move forward.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Ben Parker (Spider-Man), father figure, uncle

For the bulk of the publication history of Spider-Man, Peter Parker has been portrayed as bit of a man-boy. Not a man-boy in the arrogant “Look what I just did.” Kanye West way, but more in a I was forced to become a man way too early, fight weirdoes and muggers after school way, and take care of Aunt May type of way. Before his death, Ben Parker, Peter Parker’s uncle and de facto father bestowed a key piece of knowledge upon his teenaged nephew “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Whether Peter was never bitten by that radioactive spider while standing next to Jessica Jones-Cage and Harry Osborn didn’t matter, he knew that he always had to do the right thing. This is the exact same message Da Mayor would convey to Mookie.

“Sweat saves blood.”Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel, general in the German Army, badass

Erwin Rommel was a badass plain and simple. There are no other words better to describe the most famous German military officer since The Red Baron and von Blucher. Rommel was viewed as a brilliant soldier, tactician, respected adversary, and supernatural boogey man by his enemies. To his men he was just the man. “Sweat saves blood.” was a told to his men numerous times during training because like every coach or teacher worth their pay, Rommel knew practice didn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

“You play in dirt, you get dirty.” –Officer Jimmy McNulty (The Wire)

For all of his faults Jimmy McNulty was a damn good policeman. If he fought his inner demons the way he fought crime McNulty may have been the best TV lawman ever. Underneath the arrogance, wanton sexual encounters, and drinking McNulty knew his stuff. When Officer Walker, a dirty cop in McNulty’s division began violating many of the time honored rules between the cops and robbers, and got other cops riled-up in the process McNulty laid it out plain for him in a dinner “You play in dirt, you get dirty.” For a drunken, whoremonger McNulty knew that the universe did in fact take names and kick a**.

“I’m just a man, no more enlightened than any other.” –Detective Gus Ramone (The Night Gardener by George Pelecanos)

A while back I did a post on my favorite writers and George Pelecanos was on it. Reading his work makes you feel like you’re caught in an episode of The Wire except it’s set in D.C. In The Night Gardener, Det. Gus Ramone has his plate full. He’s Italian-American and his wife Regina is black. He’s struggling to raise two black children in an ever dangerous city, while dealing with the stress of his job—homicide detective. After explaining to his teenage son Diego that his friend Asa, who was initially thought to been the victim of a serial killer known as the Palindrome Murderer, had in fact committed suicide because Asa could not deal with the fact that he was homosexual, teenaged, and black. After comforting Diego, Ramone converses with Regina about the situation and is asked if he is going to lighten up with the joke cracking about gays on his job and Ramone simply says “I’m just a man, no more enlightened than any other.” Sometimes as a man all you can do is try. Own up to what you are and make an effort to become better.

“It’s clobberin’ time!” – Benjamin J. Grimm/The Thing (Marvel Comics)

In general superheroes are pretty people. If you’re a superhero who looks like ugly had a one-nighter with a rock quarry, “tooted and booted” and nine months later the rock quarry gave birth to you, then you have to set yourself apart. So you pretty much have to be a tough guy type. Whether you’re holding the line against the Hulk or fighting Skrulls with your family you’re always the first line of defense until help arrives. So to keep your friends in family’s heads in the game you bellow your famous catchphrase “It’s clobberin’ time!” As rallying cries go, It’s not pretty but it works.

“He’s not fast, he’s sudden!” Gordon Solie, pro wrestling announcer and the narrator to endless hours of boyhood amusement on Saturday mornings.

When I was a kid I loved Saturday mornings. After I watched whatever the cartoon of the moment was and played outside, I would head over to my grandfather’s house next door around noon and his TV would be turned to channel five in Charleston. (To this day I have yet to figure out why his house was like the only house in the area that could pick up stations from Charleston.) NWA wrestling came on every Saturday at noon on that channel and my grandfather and I would enjoy our hour of fake entertainment. NWA wrestling was similar to the product that the WWF would show except it was less glitzy and had more of a regional feel to it. The main announcer of the time was a man named Gordon Solie who looked like he was old enough to remember when women couldn’t vote. Solie spoke in a flat monotone voice and described every last aspect of the in ring “action.” I only remember two of his phrases: He opened every show by saying “This is Gordon Solie.” and “He’s not fast, he’s sudden!” Yes, it was still fake but it was the best hour and elementary school kid could spend on a Saturday.

“A man can’t ride your back unless It’s bent.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Icon

MLK said a lot of things but this is my favorite quote of his. It doesn’t need to be explained through my half-assed prose, the nine word sentence speaks for itself. This message should be placed into the mind of every black male in this country at birth and perhaps the sagging pants and skinny jeans will go to the wayside.

 “This ain’t no tennis match!” – Lawrence Taylor, linebacker, psychopath

Somewhere between Dick Butkus and Ray Lewis is Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence Taylor excelled in a profession that required high levels of pain and violence. During the 80’s NFL Films recorded sideline conversations of the leagues big names. While on tape L.T. said a lot of things but once he yelled “This ain’t no tennis match!” and with those words described the urgency of the NFL.

So these are some of my favorites. Again I apologize for yesterday’s hiccup, but feel free to add your favorite quotes.

Vaya con Dios.

***Below is Princess Jasmen’s quote contribution from yesterday.***

“You wanna fly, you gotta give up the sh*t that weighs you down-“

            Toni Morrison

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 15th, 2010): Bald cats are just better than you!


I’m so effing glad it’s Friday. I would Dougie if I knew what that meant. Hopefully the Tide will rebound, the Gamecocks will endeavor to persevere, and the Raiders will continue to improve. I’m mired in trade show hell right now so if God’s willing I’ll make it until 5:00, but until then it’s business time.

  1. Bald guys rock… just face it. You don’t have to like it.
  2. This is some real ish right here. Imagine if you coworkers just kept getting injured or killed at work. Even the nosy receptionist.
  3. This is a little bigger than water guns but I think Lonnie Johnson may be an injection of fresh air into the eco-friendly debate.
  4. I won’t pretend to know what being trapped in a Chilean mine shaft for over two months is like but I would never go inside of a closet or turn my lights out again. I would also take a two hour long shower, followed by a three hour bath, and the constant free-basing of breath mints.
  5. I actually liked the last Superman movie (You know the one where Lois was bumping uglies with Supes, got knocked-up and didn’t bother to ask Kal-el his real name. That’s some ho shit Lois.) but I guess the rest of the world didn’t. The Atlantic and Esquire both have articles about how to revive the franchise and who should play whom in Metropolis.
  6. Last year the film, The Blind Side detailed Baltimore Raven’s offensive lineman Michael Oher’s rough teenage years and his adoption by the Leigh Anne Toughy and her family. This Slate article tells how Oher’s story as told by Michael Lewis isn’t all that uncommon in the NFL. San Francisco 49er Patrick Willis (Who may be the best linebacker in the league.), one time Tennessee Titan Todd Williams both share similar stories to that of Michael Oher.
  7. I haven’t watched the BET Awards yet but I heard that the ciphers were dope. I find it ironic that BET only pretends to care about that real rapidity rap ish once a year.
  8. Check out this series of stories about issues facing our women in uniform.
  9. If Josh Hamilton and Michael Vick were to ever meet, I would love to be a fly on the  wall.
  10. Beast from the East call me king of the jungle.

Toddles mu’fugahs.

Vaya con Dios.

Proof literacy isn’t always a good thing.

It kills me when people try to make inaccurate historical comparisons.

To answer this idiots question, I’m guessing the results of WWII would have been the same. The men and women who fought in that war grew up during a depression so the current state of affairs would probably seem like fun times to them. I’m just saying.

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The sum of all of my parts. (What is black manhood?)

This ain’t that/I’m not them/these ain’t those rhymes/I’m not him

“What it is” Pharaohe Monch

***Sorry about the misfires yesterday, WordPress for BlackBerry is down with that Skynet ish. ***

It’s October 13th 2010 and I’ve got a question for you; what defines black manhood?

The answer to this query, like any other query, depends on who you ask. I’ve been a brother for thirty-one years, four months, fourteen days, and to be honest the correct answer is still lost on me. What I have figured out is that black manhood falls under a pretty big umbrella, much like any kind of manhood in this country or the world for that matter.

Here’s what I do know:

Just like our brethren who aren’t members of the Legion of Those Who Are Darker-Hued we are fathers, criminals, policemen, preachers, doctors, soldiers, garbage men, straight, gay, enlightened, ignorant, productive, shiftless, and to the dismay of a small thick-headed segment of the population presidents. Like I said, we’re under a big umbrella. More often than not we find ourselves marginalized by how we are viewed by others and how we view ourselves.

Yesterday morning while I was having my coffee and preparing to embrace the suck, I read a post at Very Smart Brothas dealing with The Champ’s thoughts on a Vibe Magazine article entitled “The Mean Girls of Morehouse”. (Yes, you read that correctly. Not the “Mean Girls of Morehouse” part but the fact that people still read Vibe.) The Mean Girls that are referenced in the title of Vibe article aren’t girls at all—they are a group called the “Plastics” who attend Morehouse an all male, private HBCU in Atlanta. The “Plastics” dress in women’s clothing and I guess this would make them either transvestites or transgendered. (Honestly, the difference confuses me. I’m a country boy from Fairfax, SC who likes Ms. Moneypenny, football, comic books, good coffee, and explosions so give me a little slack.) Due to the fact that they attend Morehouse the “Plastics” have to follow Morehouse’s rules. A year or so ago Morehouse issued a set of rules and guidelines that basically said all students must dress in a respectable manner. This basically meant no sagging pants, women’s clothing, or any other attire that would besmirch Morehouse’s name and image. The folks who run Morehouse definitely think that the Plastics are an image problem that changes how “Morehouse Men” and \ black men of a the non- Morehouse variety are viewed.

I didn’t think about the last sentence until I heard Jeff Johnson speaking about the Morehouse situation on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Johnson made the point that the view of black masculinity always been tricky. Frankly, brothers don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to how we carry ourselves at work, in our communities, and in our own homes. This has in turn effect of this is that generations of little black boys have grown into grown black men who over and under compensate on some of the wrong aspects of manhood.

The point of this whole post isn’t about school boys and their Jimmy Choos but it’s about the image of black manhood point-blank, period. (If that does include school boys and their Jimmy Choos then so be it.) There will come a time that we [black men] will have to decide what the hell we are and what makes us, well us. We are so many things, whether we can come to a consensus to agree on all of them is a silly question but sooner or later we will have to acknowledge everything that we are.

As of today what makes a black man, a black man, has been tempered by multiple outside forces as well as ourselves, and frankly it’s made us a bit of a mess. (Not that our non-black brethren aren’t, but I will not and cannot speak for them.) A combination of static gender roles, hyper-sexualized/hyper-violent stereotypes, socialization, emotional deficiency, and lack of opportunity has put us into an interesting space. To be blunt we’re mad effed up between our ears and we don’t know what to do about it.

So if you can briefly define what it your idea of black manhood is or isn’t? Can you define it or do you just know it when you see it? Should we even have to define what makes us men?

Help a brother out.

Vaya con Dios

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of October 8th, 2010)

Speaking of powerful, I never understood why the female X-Men never ditched the dudes.

I’ll be brief today.  I haven’t been properly caffeinated and I’m hungry so pardon the incoherence.

  1. Forbes Magazine has a really odd list of powerful women. No disrespect to the FLOTUS but I’m guessing she doesn’t have more stroke than Angela Merkel. How is the CEO of Kraft Foods even in the top 85? Numbers 7 & 9 completely baffles me btw. Sadly Ororo Munroe didn’t make the list.
  2. I don’t play sports video games at all but can anybody confirm if Big Bad Barack is a hidden character on NBA 2k11?
  3. No matter how you may feel about the subject “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is controversial. For various reasons preachers, politicians, and servicemen and women themselves have argued for and against the law being taken off the books. I’ve always wondered if servicemen and women knew or suspected which members of their units or organization were homosexual. I’ve also wondered if many of the service members that suspected that their colleagues were in fact homosexual never reported it out of respect of the actual abilities of their service mate in question. Read this letter by former Army Sgt. Tracey Cooper-Harris who is gay. The letter describes what happens when she was “sexually blackmailed” as a young soldier.
  4. Someone lend me a couple million dollars so I can buy the Raiders?
  5. Instead of lifting the hold on close to $1 billion in delayed aid to Haiti, Senator Tom Coburn, (R) OK is spending his time on this foolishness. I hope Jacob Marley & co. pay you a visit this Christmas Eve . . . douche.
  6. Whatever happened to all of those loud-mouthed San Francisco 49er and Chicago Bulls “fans” from back in the day? Haven’t heard from you guys in a decade or so. Love them or hate them Cowboy fans always fly the flag.
  7. This is hands down the funniest commercial on TV right now! “Opulence, I has it!”
  8. Is Christine O’Connell an alternate reality version of Sarah Palin? Kind of like Fringe…maybe.
  9. As someone who gets a little okay, really, really salty when I see people buying scrimps and steaks with EBT cards at Wal-Mart I’m kind of torn on the whole no Coke with food stamps thing.

I’m going to try to stay awake until 4:30. Everyone have a good weekend and stay out of the street.