Say what now? (Words and phrases that I hate.)


Guess what? I like words. I can’t spell to save my life but I like words. As a matter of fact here are some of my favorites:

M****er*f***er — That’s word to Samuel L. Jackson. There’s always a reason to say it.

Gaggle — I like gaggle. I like seeing a gaggle of certain things. Geese, are not among them.

Elvii — This is the plural form of Elvis if you didn’t know. I didn’t like Elvis but I love the word Elvii. (Is Vegas the only place you can see a gaggle of Elvii these days?)

Doppelganger — I have a doppelganger. I have to find him, destroy him, and absorb his essence. *Props to Sean Connery*

Smote — I just like the way it sounds. It’s very caustic and to the point. Turn your a** into a block of salt ninja.

Triskaidekaphobia — Why someone would have this much concern about the number 13 is beyond me but this is just a cool word to say.

These are just a few of the words that I love. Unfortunately there are more than a few that I loathe more than watching award shows. I’ve deemed them cringe-worthy, bile-inducing, and ire-raising. Think Four Loko but with verbiage in lieu alcohol, caffeine, and the terrible after taste. They make me sick like the sound of Nancy Grace’s voice does. *Side note* Nancy Grace looks like a grown-up version of Nelly Olson from Little House on The Prairie much in the same way Kirk Herbstreit looks like a grown-up bully from an 80’s teen movie. Sweep the leg!*

Any how here are some of the ones that just set me off and I want to be struck from the English language:

1. Boo — (noun) a Negro significant other, baby’s parent, parolee, or that dude who’s splitting your rent and using up your EBT card.

I really hate this word. I’ll be a boyfriend, significant other, a husband one day, but never anyone’s boo. The low point for this word came while I was watching Justice League and Vixen called John Stewart  “boo”. Even black super heroes are hood.

2. booed-up — (Verb) The state of being in a hood relationship.

What’s worse than a made-up noun for your boyfriend but you take that word and make into an action verb. Worse than that it’s in the past tense. (That’s what the ed is for at the end of booed.)

3. swagger — I used to like this word but that’s changed. Contrary to what people under the age of 25 may have heard, read, or found out at the barbershop, swagger is not a “black” word. It’s been around for a while but it found new life due to its overuse in modern “urban” culture. I wish it would stop.

4. urban — Somehow this word means “black”. It is a generally excepted term that I actually think is a pejorative. “Oh that’s so “urban”.” “Dave’s daughter dresses so “urban” doesn’t she?”

Trust me there are a lot more words on my cringe-inducing list and I could ramble on about this topic but I want to share. I was going to add choreopoem to my list but a few weeks ago I  promised myself not to use choreopoem again. What words or phrases cause your stomach to twist into knots? Everybody has a few that set them off so let me know. I willing to bet we share more than a few.

Vaya con Dios.


18 responses to “Say what now? (Words and phrases that I hate.)

  1. LMAO @ booed up!

    I can’t stand “wavy” or “riding that wave” ex. “I’m feeling real wavy right now after this fresh cut and shot of Patron” or “I’m riding that Giants wave”.

    I’m also not a fan of flow ex. On my MJ flow today.


  3. Agree that swag must die.
    Also, I’m not a fan of “urban” nor “unique” as they are just affluent ways of saying “hood” and “ghetto.”

  4. Well, I take issue with the two word label “grown and sexy”. Keith, I know you asked for one word, but this word combination was replaced by swagger on many “urban” parties around the way.

    • I still don’t know what “grown & sexy” means. Here’s the stock “urban adult contemporary” radio station (Any station that plays Steve Harvey, his mustache, or Tom Joyner) ad:

      “Come to First Fridays where the “urban” professionals meet and mingle at [Enter the name of your local black wing restaurant here] This is strictly for the “grown & sexy”!


  5. hmm..
    this is a good post!
    im sure i have plenty…
    but i love zesty!
    i too have issued a cease and desist order on swag.

  6. The phrase ‘booed up’ makes me laugh every time. The sad part is I will laugh in my agent’s face and just walk away leaving them with a puzzled look when they use it. And yes, they use it often. My response is usually, “Really!” Good post.

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  8. Pollypureheart

    If I never hear the word ‘guido’ again I will be one happy female.

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