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Don’t piss off Todd and Becky

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. I would apologize but I don’t owe y’all any damn explanations for my actions. Some things haven’t changed since my last foray on to the internets. © W. I still hate my job! Barry Lamar Bond’s still hasn’t broken any records. Charleston is still hot as hell in July and August. (Seriously, it’s Tarzan hot.) © Neil Simon. I still like Bud Light and sadly the young black male populous of Allendale County are still fond of shooting each other.

Some things have changed.

Pimp C is mad as hell and I love it. Please click the audio link at the end of the article.

BET has managed to out Coon everybody once again. The network’s new shows are just plain embarrassing. “Slightly Offensive Behavior” which is hosted by D. L. Hughley is like “Punk’d” without the fake police harassing black people. “We’ve Got to Do Better” f/k/a “Hot Ghetto Mess” with Charlie Murphy isn’t very embarrassing but it just makes the average black person look as if they haven’t even heard of or read a newspaper in the last five years. “Hell Date” is another version of “Punk’d” but the show revolves around blind dates who are actors. The most disturbing thing about this show is that it features a black midget in a devil costume who pops out of now where to surprise the unsuspecting contestants. O.G. Bobby Johnson and Reginald Hudlin’s (Stick to writing the Black Panther comic.) new fall line up is one colossal poop sandwich.

I usually don’t make sweeping generalizations about groups of people but I’m about to make one. The Iraqi National Soccer team managed not to murder each other for a few days and pulled together to win the Asia Cup (?) on Saturday. The people of Iraq took to the street to celebrate as a nation. Then I realize that the entire nation of Iraq is nuts. Footage of the nation wide celebration were all over the news and it became obvious to me that AK-47s are like I-Pods in Iraq. Due to this fact 7.62 x .39mm bullets provided the soundtrack for the “peaceful” celebration thusly causing two people to be killed. Even when Iraqis aren’t trying to kill each other they manage to kill each other. (Racism.)

*The Mike Vick Section*

I’m a firm believer in due process of the law. I don’t know if Mike Vick is guilty or innocent. I don’t care. I do know that dude is fucked! I would like to see Ron Mexico stand trial and let a jury of his peers and the courts decide his fate. I’m not a Mike Vick or a Falcons fan so I have nothing at stake. So why is Mike screwed?

Well we all know how white folks feel about dogs. (Yes, that was the aforementioned sweeping generalization of which I spoke of.) Don’t try to argue with me either. Just don’t come between our white friends and their pooches. It’s simply not a good move.

I like dogs too. I appreciate the loyalty that they show to their owners no matter what the situation even to the point of putting their own well-being ahead of their owners. I appreciate the fact that a faithful dog will actually get depressed when their person is out of pocket for an extended amount of time. I also like the fact that they aren’t very bright but they keep trying no matter what.

As much as I like dogs Todd and Becky like them even more. They sleep with them. Kiss them. Even dress them up for holidays. In the court of public opinion Todd and Becky have a lot of pull. They will convict you if you screw with their dog and you Mr. Vick have screwed with their precious dogs. Hence the term “Man’s best friend.” Remember the reaction when the Taliban put out the video gassing the yellow lab? I do. I also remember the reaction Mike. The next thing we knew were slapping around every Arab that bothered to get near an airport.

Having read the indictment which includes the charges I hope that Vick didn’t do any of this stuff simply because it was just plain wrong. I just hope Mike Vick realizes that Todd and Becky will remember what you did or allegedly did to the canines when it’s time to buy your shoes and jerseys.

Besides don’t give those idiots at PETA any more excuses to protest. So smarten up dum-dum.

That’s all for now.

“Giggdy Giggdy. Giggdy Goo . . . alright!”