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Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of July 30, 2010) or Things that I have to try to give a damn about and thusly don’t.

He never worked for Inside Edition


This week I’m adding another twist to my dangerous little game of Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts. All of this weeks Random Thoughts will be things that I have to put effort into giving a damn about so I just don’t/won’t/bother. The news will stay the same(Highlighted), but the foolishness will be slightly different.  

  1. Congressman Charles Rangel (D NY) ethics trial begins soon. Congressman Rangel is facing 13 violations of House Rules but is also excited because he joined “Old black men who sound like old Jewish New Yorkers who smoke too much” on Facebook.
  2. I have to try to give a damn about: The “black marriage gap ” 92 % of black people who are married, just happen to be married to another black person. Besides I can’t hear your whining anymore over the violins.
  3. Until last week I had no idea what a “Wikileak” was. I guess the Department of Defense and the Obama Administration should start a Stop Snitching Campaign too.
  4. I have to try to give a damn about: Unsolicited information other about people’s bullsh**a** relationships. There is only one relationship I do care about and it’s mine. ***waves at Moneypenny***
  5. I have to try to give a damn about: The National Basketball Association. Black Mamba deez!
  6. I have to try to give a damn about: The Tea Party. What’s worse than a libertarian? A closet racist who is a libertarian. Why you mad son?
  7. The former “Baddest Man on The Planet” Mike Tyson is still struggling for normalcy, or his approximation of  it. All jokes aside watching this guy’s life is kind of sad.
  8. It seems Arizona isn’t the only place with questionable illegal immigration laws. Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France seems like he’s going in on the Roma living in his country. Can you enforce an illegal immigration bill without being perceived as xenophobic?
  9. This article from Foreign Policy explores why Soul Brother Number 1 shouldn’t make too much of an effort in solving the problems in the Middle East.
  10. Speaking of Soul Brother Barack: I have to try to give a damn about people commenting on his family’s vacations. Let’em live.
  11. Anybody here like to pig out at baseball games, or other sporting events? Well ESPN’s Outside The Lines did a story covering the cleanliness levels of the food vendors at major sports venues. I don’t think I want nachos anymore. Thanks for telling us what’s in the hot dogs.
  12. Somalia: Still f**ked up.

That’s all I’ve got this week.  

Vaya con Dios.


Let’s try not to be the grass today pt. II or How your at work reputation can be a m*****f***er

Gloria My Gloria Things ain't been the same. Since you went away.


Near the end of May I posted the first part of this blog called “Let’s try not to be the grass today” which delved into office politics and how to pick your lanes when it comes to getting involved in office “incidents” as well as James Howlett’s child care prowess. Well today I’m going to take another look into office politics and how to carry you in and around the work place. Today we look at the importance of your reputation.   

Some of you may know that the dude in the picture is Delonte West. West is a NBA shooting guard, reputed m***********, and illegal gun aficionado. The National Basketball Association is on my long list of things that I have to attempt to give a damn about so I usually don’t. However, during this year’s Eastern Conference semi-finals, rumors that Delonte had been allegedly playing hide the salami with his teammate Lebron James’ mother, Gloria. Whether the West/James affair actually happened may remain a mystery to the masses or one of those things that will be talked about by generations to come. (Think Aaron Hall saying “dumb bitch” in “Piece of My Love” but with basketball players.)   

One fact that remains is that the incident will not be forgotten by the rest of the league and many fans. West crossed a line with Mrs. Stifler Ms.James which may have caused his team the Cleveland Cavaliers to fold like the French Army in the spring of 1940.   

Earlier in the week West was traded along with Sebastian “I should have taken my black-a** to college” Telfair from Cleveland to the Minnesota Timberwolves for something called a Ramon Sessions and a shiny new International Harvester. As soon as the trade occurred rumors that West will be cut before the season by the T-Wolves surfaced.   

Now ask yourself why?   

One train of thought would say that the T-Wolves are trying to cut salary. Others may say it’s because of West’s reputation. Yes, his reputation as a m***********! (Trey Songz, take my advice and never let your mom meet Delonte.)   

Now how does this apply to you?   

Well imagine you are a guy named Pete who worked in the aeronautics industry as an electrician for Bell Helicopters. Pete is good at his job, his reputation is sketchy. (We all know this person, the back biter, sad sack, or malcontent in the office.) Due to the market for whirly birds declining Pete is the first to let go. Pete is fortunate to find an opening a McDonnell Douglas, another aeronautics firm. During the interview process and resume review Pete wows the HR rep. He’s breezing through, but fails to realize that the HR rep at McDonnell Douglas served in the Air Force as an aviation tech with the HR rep at Bell Helicopter. After all of the hands are shook and the “I’ll let you know” something soon speeches are given, the two HR reps will talk. They will talk about Pete and you Pete’s piss poor reputation will come up at some point.   

You see your rep will follow you the way Delonte’s may or may not have followed him. We’ll never know but I do know the same applies to the teachers, mechanics, cops, and office workers out there so be mindful of how you carry yourself at work. It’s just too tough out here to be unemployed.   

Vaya con Dios.

Despicable M.E.

Everyone and I mean every one has done things in our lives that we aren’t exactly proud of. I mean “I feel sorry for your mother.” type things. Now I’m not the worst person walking around, but your stalwart scribe has made his mistakes when it comes to living life and I’m going to clean out my closet a little today. #nomathers To protect the innocent and the guilty I’m going to list several of my transgressions against my fellow man and good tasted. Y’all have to figure out which ones are true because I’m generally full of it.

  1. I threw Gwen Stacy from that bridge and frame Norman Osborn for it. (#goteammj) To this day I still smirk when I drive across bridges.
  2. I once wore a black polo shirt and a pair of corduroy pants to work… in July… in Charleston, SC. Thank god for Gold Bond powder.
  3. I ask Asian people for their fish heads and rice recipes.
  4. I once kicked my best friend down some bleachers in high school. That’ll learn you.
  5. At night on the odd numbered weeks of the even numbered months I train a group of 30 homeless Mexicans to be my personal black-ops team.
  6. Once in church I actually prayed for church to end.
  7. I move things off of the desks of co-workers after hours just to see if they notice.
  8. Alvin Greene’s senatorial run ***points right index finger at chest*** All M.E.
  9. Jersey Shore (see number eight).
  10. I’ve actually committed grand theft auto before.
  11. I conspired to steal an Elmo doll that one of my co-workers bought for his kid. He kept playing with it and that damn laugh just bothers me. I also conspired to do an video where I was going to behead said Elmo doll. After that I was going to periodically mail pieces of Muppet fur to my co-worker.
  12. I contemplated shoving a broom stick into the wheels of the fat guy in my apartment complex’s Rascal.
  13. I told Tyler Perry to start writing movies.

Have fun picking out whats real and what’s bull.

Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of July 23, 2010)



Last week I combined my “Ain’t it News” and “Random Thoughts” posts. I decided to just go ahead and combine both posts on a weekly basis and ***In Charlton Heston/Moses’ voice*** IT SHALL BE KNOWN AS RANDOM NEWS/AIN”T IT THOUGHTS! I’m doing this mostly because I’m lazy, I have other things I need to do, and because I can. That’s just how it is so deal with it.              

  1. Chicken wings taste great but free chicken wings are f***ing outstanding.
  2. If there’s a cure for this, then dammit I want it –In this underwhelming economy, does anyone know the cure for understimulatingjobitis? I’m dying over here.
  3. If it were Danny Glover as opposed to Mel Gibson on tape being an abusive, racial, d-bag wouldn’t the out cry be a little more different?
  4. On another Mel Gibson note – – Are there packs of n*****s going around raping people because that honestly kind of scares me too. Fleece Johnson could be out there.
  5. I read an article in today’s New York Times about the oil rig that sploded in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the article the hard hats who manned the rig had warned the suits about the dangers that were mounting on the rig. Companies never seem to listen to the workers do they?
  6. News about the two wars that we’re involved in is getting more and more sparse these days. I’m guessing that’s due to Lebron holding a press conference to decide what comb-thru to use on his beard, the NAACP and the Tea Party having b**** fits about each other, and whatever President Obama had for breakfast. With so little coverage outside of chatty generals it’s hard to forget that both wars are scheduled to end (I’m not even sure how that’s possible.) within the next few years. Here’s an article from the Times discussing how Uncle Sam’s choice to chunk a deuce in Afghanistan is a two-way street.
  7. Speaking of “two-way streets” who comes up with phrases like that and “double-edged sword”?
  8. I wonder what Ochocino is doing right now?
  9. I saw a blurb about this the “Anti-AIDS/Herpes gel” and I just wondered if it was on the up and up or skullduggery. Check out these two articles from : The first is about the drug itself and the second is an interview with two of the lab coats behind it.
  10. Twice in as many weeks two different groups of people from different churches have knocked on my door asking me to come to their churches. I know I shouldn’t be wigged out but I kind of am.
  11. 43 days to football.
  12. My new favorite word that will go on to the list with “gaggle”, “m*****f*****”, “skullduggery”, “doppleganger”, and “triskaidekaphobia” is “doubletap”.
  13. Hell, I wonder what Ghostface is doing right now too?
  14. Here’s that article  about Bill Clinton in Haiti that I promisedy’all last week.        
  15. She’s Always in My Hair.

    Vaya con Dios.      

The Problem With Pugilism

The Commish


Here’s a random fact about your stalwart scribe: I like to see two grown men beat on each other for sport.  Why?       

***In Clive Owen’s voice as Larry from Closer*** Because I’m a f***ing Caveman!       

I like both Mixed Martial Arts and boxing but lately boxing has only disappointed me. I can’t remember the last good boxing match I saw and I honestly I think I owe Miss Moneypenny some money for buying the Mayweather/Mosely fight a while back. On the other hand I can turn on Spike TV almost any night of the week and see some solid MMA action without all of the bull crap that boxing puts me through.       

Once upon a time boxing’s heavyweight champion was one of the most famous and revered men on the planet. Names like Ali, Tyson, Marciano, Louis,  and Johnson dominated both sports and mainstream news headlines, but as of July 21st, 2010 your boy Wu could be one of the heavyweight champions of the world and no one could pick me out of a crowd. The heavyweight division, along with the rest of boxing itself has lost a step when it comes to holding sway over the masses. Mixed Martial Arts is slowly surpassing boxing as America’s combat sport of choice because good fights are accessible and worth Joe Public’s hard-earned money       

Don’t get me wrong there are great fighters out there, but they just don’t give the people what they want to see. Last week, the latest edition of the “fight of the century” was almost on again. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have been trying to get into the ring with each other for almost a year and nothing more than talk has happened.  The fighters been postponed because of reasons varying from disagreements over drug testing which, to promoters not liking each other, to all around b**cha**ness. This isn’t uncommon in boxing and I find the Mayweather/Pacquiao situation to be a glaring illustration of what’s wrong with boxing.       

So because you demanded it, your boy Wu will list steps that should be taken to fix boxing and give the public the violent spectacle they deserve.       

  1. Create one unified boxing promotion. There is no need for 80 belts for one weight class. One class, one title. Get rid of all of the WBOs, NABCs, IBFs, WBAs, and WBCs all have to go away. The fact there are up to four belts per class has denied the public decent fights and diluted the talent pool. (See the heavyweight division.)
  2. Make Dana White, or an understudy ff his to  head of this boxing organization. With a streamlined organization fighters as well as the Bob Aryums, and Don Kings will all have to follow a set group of guidelines. (I stole this idea from Stephen A. Smith.)
  3. No ducking opponents. If you are a champion you either fight the next contender and not a member of the bum of the month club. (Seriously, Floyd is ill and all but how come he never got into the  ring with Winky Wright or Vernon Forrest?)
  4. If you insist on charging $49.99 plus a pound of flesh for a pay-per-view please insure that the fights on the undercard are actually worth watching and not some fighter of note’s little brother. ***Looking at you Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto***
  5. If HBO keeps the contract for most of the big fight please get rid of the following people: Larry Marchant and Harold Lederman. Would I watch two drunk old men sit in a cocktail lounge and talk about boxing? Yes. Do I want to see them actually call a fight or a discuss a score card? Nah dunny.
  6. Spilt the heavyweight division. In boxing the heavyweight class is the only unlimited division. Ranging from 200 lbs to 1 ton the big men of boxing can come in all shapes and sizes. (Hell if I show my a** at  Chinese buffet a few nights in a row and then I would be a heavyweight. Big and Wu Young Agent of M.E will never be used in the same sentence.) So just have a heavyweight and a super heavyweight divisions so 200 pound men don’t have to fight something called a Butterbean.

Those are my ideas to improve the Sweet Science. I know these will never happen so I’m just blowing smoke, I really want to see good fights again. If you watch boxing or give a crap let me know what you think would help correct boxing’s ills. Vaya con Dios.

Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of July 16th, 2010)


C'mon mess with me-- I dare you.


 ***Admin note*** To the “Faithful Four: I feel down on the job a bit this week so I didn’t get a chance to post a “Random Thoughts” joint on yesterday so I’m gonna try something new and make up for it. Some of the numbers will just contain random bull and the others will be a combo of both random and news articles that I liked this week. Just click on each highlighted sentence and read away. Now have some pancakes.  


  1. Are Brett Favre’s uniform pants made by Wrangler?
  2. I’d like y’all to keep your eyes peeled for to the follow-up to my gospel play “Mommy, Why is Daddy’s Wife Prettier Than You?”  with my new screen play “They Only Come on Sundays”. It’s a zombie film with a twist. All of the zombies are white women who lay seige to a black mega church in Alabama. The zombies only attack only the black women at the church while sparing the black men. Angela Bassett will star as the film’s heroine Dr. Viola Jackson-Jenkins,  Esq, a holder of three Ph. D’s (Theology, Military Science, and Sociology), current prophetess and author. Dr. Viola Jackson-Jenkins is also runs head start and is a former supermodel, and black-ops operative for the NAACP, C.I.A, and S.H.I.E.L.D.
  3. 48 Days until college football.
  4. I think Marvel Comic’s version of President Obama has a higher approval rating than the real one.
  5. Rush Limbaugh hates black people and dead white ones too! Somewhere Silky Johnson is smiling.
  6. A certified American badass/hero died yesterday. His name was Vernon Baker. Baker was an infantry platoon leader in the Army’s segregated 92nd Division in Italy during WWII. Lt. Baker when above and beyond the call of duty on a hilltop on day in April 1945 and didn’t get recognized for it until 1997 when President Clampett presented Baker with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Baker was the only survivor of several black men who were nominated for the nation’s highest military honor but didn’t receive them until 1997.
  7. If I were your girlfriend, would you let me dress you, I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we go out?
  8. Can black people actually act white? Does anyone actually know how to answer that question? Does it hurt our kids?
  9. Not that your helpless, but sometimes,sometimes those are the things that bein’ in loves about.
  10. This is an update from last weeks stories about the case of homicide by child abuse. Sorry, I just can’t let this ish go. Does everyone deserve a trial?
  11. Have you listened to The Good Ole Boys yet? Don’ t make me tell you again.
  12. BP has capped the well causing the gulf oil leak again. Will this one work? I wonder if this were an insurance case would they call the oil leak, seepage?
  13. Could we go to a movie and cry together, cuz to me baby  that would be so fine.
  14. I want a dog.
  15. President Clampett wants to save Haiti. This is from The Huffington Post because hasn’t posted the full-length article yet. I’ll edit the link when that happens.
  16. Marquevious Jabbar Bell should be shot.*** Late update.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Have a good weekend and stay out of the streets heat.  

Vaya con Dios.

Slavery! Really!?!? (An Open letter to Jesse Jackson)

Dear Reverend Jackson,

Slavery? Are you serious?

Last week Lebron James decided to pack his  bags, leave Cleveland, and go play for the Miami Heat. This lead to James’ former employer Dan Gilbert posting a nasty letter taking James to task about the way he carried himself during the free-agency process. For the first time, in what I’m guessing was a long time someone told Dan Gilbert “No!” and meant it.

The truth is Dan Gilberts’ massive ego was crushed. He became the proverbial undefeated heavy weight fighter that just got knocked out for the first time and he didn’t know how to handle it. Honestly, every man doesn’t know how to react to the taste of  his own blood and this is obviously a weak spot in Dan Gilbert’s character. Perhaps Mr. Gilbert will use this as a teaching moment for himself.

Reverend Jackson, you and Jim Brown to a lesser extent, then decided to describe the situation in the “runaway slave/slave master” dynamic.  “I almost expected to see a caricature of Dan Gilbert saying “I’m gonna get that boy if it’s the last thing I do!” Gilbert launched an all-out assault on Lebron James, his image, and his organization because Lebron literally took his ball and left. However to compare a multimillionaire who became a multimillionaire because he excels at a children’s game to chattel because he was on the business end of a harshly worded, poorly thought out letter is belittling. It wasn’t belittling to Lebron James as an individual, it was belittling to those of African descent in the Diaspora whose legacy is connected to actually slavery and you sir should know better. Our time on this side of the globe has not been easy but you’re getting upset about two rich men having what amounts to a tantrum is a waste of anger.

Is this the fight you need to be involved in? How are the schools in Newark? D.C? Detroit? New Orleans? Chicago? South Carolina? Now those are fights that need fighting. Gilbert versus James is just another case of two rich men with large egos having a falling out with one another. Nothing more nothing less. The NBA’s free agency hoopla was just a poorly executed exercise in free market economics, unabashed egomania, and grand standing but not slavery, so just get over it.

If you want to compare anything to slavery please take a look at the NCAA member schools profiting from the images and exploits of “scholar-athletes” in the tune of millions dollars annually.  Put pressure on those same schools to help increase graduation rates for those same “scholar-athletes” while you’re at it. 

Reverend Jackson, I don’t know what is actually behind your speaking out against Dan Gilbert’s letter but I just don’t understand why you did it. If you are the leader you claim you are, sir I suggest you pick a bigger fight that actually worth fighting.

Vaya con Dios,

Wu Young

If I Stop For a Minute (I think about the things I really don’t wanna know)/The King of The Hill

Sometimes I feel like it’s all been done
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one
Sometime I wanna change everything I’ve ever done
Too tired to fight and yet to scared to run

Keane ft K’Naan “Stop For A Minute”

As the four of you who actually read this blog may know I’ve been on somewhat of a quest that entails me getting a hold of my mental state and expressing my emotions more properly (or at all) . Trust, dealing with letting it all out and dealing with bouts of depression ain’t easy. Although they don’t occur very often the easiest way I found to deal with them comes down to me putting one flat foot in front of the other and moving forward.

Part of my little quest is deading the useless thoughts and I’m guessing everyone has these. Expunging the negatives that pop up between my ears is quite the task. Like any good enemy my depression changes tactics on me. So I find myself sitting atop of my hill of emotions and thoughts, besieged. I can always expect negativity and depression to try to get in. They’ll probe to see if I have any weak spots thusly exposing my defenses. They come every morning around five or six a.m. and I’m usually ready for them, I have no choice. Daily I just sit tight so that I don’t give myself away. I know these are just feints and I treat them as such. (Depression and negativity don’t mind sacrificing some of itself to get the upper hand.)

What’s worse than the probing (pause) are my enemies attempts at psychological warfare. They have a constant stream of useless verbage blaring out of loud speakers set up around me. The blaring diatribe is designed to cause me to question myself, my abilities, and the trust of those around me. Just like Axis SalleyTokyo Rose, and Lord Haw-Haw depressions jabs at me with psychological attacks that range from personal to utterly ridiculous. Whether it works or not it’s all annoying. (And by annoying I mean Like a telephone ringing annoying.)

That’s why I like the four bars up top from Keane’s “Stop For a Minute”

“Sometimes I feel like it’s all been done” — Depression sometimes makes one feel as if their life is one  f***ed continuous loop. We know that’s not the case but when you’re in the moment you have to fight to tell yourself this.

“Sometimes I feel like the only one” — When you’re up on that hill you often feel like it’s you against the rest of the world and it’s not. You haven’t been abandoned, if you have friends and love ones let them know what’s up. It’s important to have allies in whatever you happen to be facing.

“Sometimes I wanna change everything I’ve ever done” — Second guessing it the first step to defeat. Think about what’s ahead, keep a clear mind, and make the best decision possible. Hindsight only makes your head hurt.

“Too tired to fight and yet to scared to run”  — Giving up your position isn’t an option so you just keep going. Running never solved anything so you may as well just stick it out. If you run to somewhere else depression is just going to find you anyway so why not put your boot on his neck now and get it over.

The ideal that three English rockers and a Somali MC accurately nailed how I feel sitting on top of my hill waiting for depression to come back is kind of hilarious to me. Just like the other times I plan, pray, and wait because depression will make a mistake. Sooner or later I do know that depression will cut out the  little probing attacks and try to do his thing for real. I will kick him off my cloud for good and make sure he won’t bother coming back.

Vaya con Dios

Norrrmmmm!!! (The next rounds on me.)



A couple of presidential elections ago when George W. Bush was running tons of “average” Americans were often quoted as saying they would like to have a beer with W. Some of these “average” Americans even went as far as saying that is why they would vote for him. Being the cynical, yellow, little sh*t that I am, I thought that voting for someone because you would like to have an Icehouse with them is crazy. However (No Stephen A.) I like beer something fierce so I pontificate from time to time about whom I would like to down a few cold ones with. Turns out the list of people that I would like to knock a few back with includes people who are dead, alive, and fictional. With the help of  Franklin Richards I created a pocket universe in which all of these folks can interact with myself without the hindrances of time, space, and reality and shit.


The first group is an interesting one:  


My great grandparents 


I’ve never met any of my great grandparents. I’ve only heard stories about them from my grandparents and parents so I’d really like to get to know this generation of my family who were alive at the turn of last century. Over a few I’d like to hear what my grand parents, parents, aunts, and uncles were like as kids. (I’m thinking this may give me some insight into the adults they became.) I’d also love to hear about life in the teens, twenties, and thirties. It would be oral family history complete with burps and a buzz. I’d honestly just sit back and let them talk so they can just let it out without my interrupting the flow. 


Great Generals 


I fancy myself a bit of an amateur historian/military scientist so I’d like to see a round table with some of the great military leader of the last 100 hundred years. I’d invite Colin Powell, Chesty Puller, George S. Patton, Georgy Zhukov, Erwin Rommel, and Vo Nguyen Giap (The Black Thought of great generals. You may not know who he is, but you know what he did.) to sit down to discuss strategy, tactics, and talk sh*t to one another. My guess is we’ll all end up hammered because I just imagine these guys as the types who take shots (and I mean a lot of shot) with their beers. I can also imagine them trying to beat the hell out of one another by the time the night is through. The over/under on Patton referring to Zhukov, Giap, and Powell by a variety of racial epithets is at three minutes tops. (He’s that type of guy.) It would be just like the Hangover but with men who like blowing sh*t up.  


The Obamas


First I’d like to make sure they don’t bring Biden. I want to know what the Barry and Michelle are like on a personal level. I’d first have to convince Michelle to drink a beer in lieu of a Cosmo or something like that. (Come Michelle, you’re from the Southside of Chi-town, you’ve had a few beers before.) Since the start of his presidency I’ve refrained from saying that the Obamas are the model black family or new Huxtables like so many other black folks did back in November of 2008 and that’s why I want to have a few with Barry and Michelle. This won’t be a political conversation this will be about them and how they see themselves as two middle-aged parents who have to navigate life in America.  


The Movie and TV Bada**es


Much like the session with the generals this one could go sideways quick. (Just for the sake of the pocket universe that Franklin Richards created I will have heavily armed security on hand.) I want to have a sit down with John Shaft, Josey Wales, Frank Martin (The Transporter), Matt Dillon, Ellen Ripley, John Mclane, Beatrix Kiddo, Black Belt Jones, Bruce Lee (Duh), and Jim Brown (Jim Brown will be the actual Jim Brown because I have the sneaky suspicion that he just played himself most of the time.), The Predator, Sarah Connor, Coffy, and Omar Little. I’m just going to order the drinks for this one. My plan is to sit back and watch the cornucopia of badassery do what it does. What would Dillon, Wales, Ripley, and Little say to one another? Sadly I’ve thought about this before and this would be my chance to find out. I have two predictions on how the night will end. One scernario has it ending around six a.m. with multiple cabs being called. My second guess would have something to do with Mexican standoff and someone, probably Frank Martin, saying, “It looks like we have a Mexican standoff.” Good times in deed. 


So that’s the guest list for my beer summit what are yours? Who would like to shoot the sh*t with over a beer to find out what they’re really like on a personal level. What makes them tick and why? Let your friendly neighborhood Agent of M.E. know what’s up. 


Vaya con Dios.


Ain’t that news (Week of July 9th, 2010)

My first article comes from The Post and Courier, Charleston’s local newspaper. It involves a little boy who “went missing” on Tuesday. Rodricus Williams, the toddler was reported last seen at the Battery in downtown Charleston but this turned out false. Rodricus’ father, Roger was supposed to give the boy to his mother when the call reporting Rodricus missing was made. Continue reading

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