Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts about football.

It’s Friday but not Friday at Five o’clock. Yes, this is a problem but in my head I’m an amateur sniper so I can wait. Until then let’s talk about football.


  1. I have some good news—there are 27 days until college football kicks off and 34 until Roger Goddell’s goons start playing for real. Good things are ahead.
  2. The Oakland Raiders have a glimmer of hope. A brief glimmer but it’s still a glimmer. I hope Khalil Mack blows up because the Silver and Black badly need a face of the franchise.
  3. I still wish I lived in a region where I didn’t have to hear about the Panthers every damn day. #thethrowaways
  4. I’m so tired or hearing about Johnny Manziel in the same manner that I’m tired of hearing about RGIII. I’m not comparing the two fellas but please stop talking and go play.
  5. I’m a Bama fan but I have to agree with Steve Spurrier’s assessment of Alabama underachieving. With that amount of talent at every position save for quarterback they really should have won a little more. Then again attitude and play calling have a big say in the final scores.
  6. Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury is up to something.
  7. If Michael Sam makes the Rams squad it won’t be a story after week four. That’s a good thing by the way.
  8. I’m going to miss the Shannon Sharpe on the NFL Today. You can’t find the rare combination of haberdashery and heavy-tongued sh*t talking everywhere. Plus his rant on the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation was dope.
  9. I hope Clowney proves his detractors wrong. Mostly to shut Warren Sapp up for once.
  10. I think Sammy Watkins is going to be big in Buffalo. Bigger than chicken appendages. Bigger than Rick James. Bigger than cigarettes.
  11. For his sake, Ray Rice better carry the rock like he’s never carried it before.
  12. Cornerbacks have now replaced wide receivers as the most tiresome group of players in the league. Sherman, Revis, and Peterson chirp like less talented versions Deon Sanders. Deon however was amusing in that Florida kind of way.
  13. Enjoy Beast Mode while you still can. He’s entering that age range where running backs start to decline. #boutthatactionboss
  14. A playoff in college football is a great idea but that four team deal seems like a set-up for more controversy. I can almost guarantee that after the playoff participants are announced the coach and fan base of the number five team will go ape sh*t.
  15. Lucy van Pelt ain’t sh*t… but neither is Charlie Brown.

So what are y’all’s thoughts on the upcoming football seasons? What are you looking forward to seeing? What are you tired of already? What group of fans tears are you waiting to lick when they cry?

Vaya con Dios.

Do I Wanna Know? — Artic Monkeys


8 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts about football.

  1. Oh they’re up to something with Kliff Kingsbury, but remember that article I had tweeted you some time back, it was calculated.
    I’m definitely gonna miss Shannon Sharpe also, between his technicolor wardrobe, his shtick with the gloves, and his commentary—he’s gonna leave a void on that pregame show.
    I’m so amped to have Clowney on my squad. Can’t wait!!!

    • 1. It’s over the top. It’s like he’s trying too hard to pull it off.
      2. I don’t understand why they dumped Shannon. He was good for TV.
      3. From what I’ve seen of Clowney in camp he’s beasting on folks.

  2. i never thought about adding music to my posts. i might steal this idea.

    i’m tired of hearing about manziel as well and i’m a fan of his. i just hope he lives up to the hype.

    i’m not a fan of nfl today. didn’t know that sharpe was leaving. did he leave or did he get fired?

    i’m a BIG sammy watkins fan. i hope he comes into the league randy moss style (play on the field).

    i hope ray rice’s YPC decline to levels worst than last year. fuck him, fuck his apology.

    lynch was right to hold out. he better get his money while he can. he probably won’t be playing for seattle next year. funny how teams have no loyalty but everyone expects players to be loyal.

    • I usually add a song just for something different.

      If Johnny sucks we’ll hear about him even more.

      The NFL Today is usually my go to pre game show since I pull for an AFC team. CBS replaced him and Marino at the end of the year. No word as to why.

      As much as I dislike all things Clemson, Watkins is a great player.

      Running backs are the only position I support during hold outs due to the short shelf life.

  3. The Only Real Outcast

    I’ll try to keep it brief:
    — I’m ready for football…but mostly I’m tired of the hyping up of dumb stuff.
    — I thought Sherman’s rant immediately following the NFC Championship was gold, and all he needed was Gene Oakerlund…but the constant Twitter beef between him and other CBs has gotten old.
    — I can’t wait to see how the 5th team reacts to being left out of college football’s playoffs. Especially when it’s a major conference champion (likely candidates: big 10, big 12)… Especially if two teams from a conference get in. If it was up to me: 8 teams (conference champions).

    • 1. The dumb hype annoys me. The pointless story lines and horrible preseason games are not what I’m here for.
      2. Sherman is an annoying cat.
      3. The team ranked number five, their fans, and their conference will go ape sh*t

  4. Shannon Sharpe-suit is gone?!?!? MAMA NOOOOO *wall slides*

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