Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 24th, 2010) Merry Christmas Baby, you sure did treat me nice…


Merry Christmas. Enjoy your families and be safe while you’re celebrating the holidays.

  1. David Bowie (Who is one of the most creepy people ever.) and Bing Crosby singing “The Little Drummer Boy” is actually more creepy than Bowie could ever be by himself. Check out Cal Naughton Jr. and Ricky Bobby’s remake of the remake.
  2. According to the 2010 Census people are moving to the bottom of the map at a higher rate. South Carolina’s population is now 4,625,364 with a growth percentage of 15.3% since 2000. We also gain another seat in the House of Reps bringing us a total of 7. (Texas will gain 4 new seats.) Either no one wants to live in the cold or Big Ten football has finally driven people leave their homes.
  3. While I was out at the outlets in Charleston shopping I saw a woman who looked like the Bumble but her hair was twenty different colors and white wasn’t one of them. (I’m not at all proud of what I do.)
  4. I’ve got to be honest when I saw the cast listing for Marvel Comic’s Thor I was taken back that Stringer Bell a/k/a Idris Elba was playing Heimdall, a god in Norse Mythology. This is mostly because I like my comic characters in movies to at least resemble their comic counterparts. I’m still up in the air about Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury but I’m good with it because an alternate version of Fury is modeled after Jackson, and after all Samuel L. Jackson is a bada**. My raised eye brows went away because the trailers for Thor all look freaking awesome but there are a few folks out there who think Stringer Bell’s role is anti-white.  Sure Idris is obviously not of Norse stock but the movie is about a large man who can manipulate the weather, fly around with a hammer that only Clark Kent, Ben Grim, and a few others can pick up, and hands out with a 89-year-old man who punched Hitler. Paranoid white folks, please get over it. It’s only a comic book movie. Six foot tall dime pieces didn’t flip when Halle Berry played Storm so y’all will be okay. Disney doesn’t need your money any way.
  5. If the Black-Eyed Peas didn’t have Pro-Tools and turntables they would be Blonde.
  6. After watching it in re-runs I have to say that I miss the The Unit. You had the Allstate Man, David Mamet’s snappy writing, and gun fire. It was like Glengarry Glen Ross meets The A-Team.
  7. With the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell how long will it take our society to look back on DADT and think about how silly it was in the first place. (See Executive Order 9981.) ***the first person to tell me Race and sexuality aren’t the same thing get’s blocked then they will be paid a visit by my Mexican special ops team. I know they aren’t the same thing.***
  8. Remember awhile when I was talking about the spectrum of African leaders? Well this guy, Laurent Gbagbo of Le Cote D’Ivoire is trying to be one of the bad ones.
  9. Are people seriously going to spend money on a Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley?
  10. It took someone getting hurt to stop U2 and Marvel Comic’s bad idea. Peter Parker is emo enough without the singing and dancing.
  11. Since this week marks the 150th anniversary of South Carolina deciding to take its ball and go home. Check out Ta-Nehisi Coates’ look at Secession and Robert Smalls. I really wish the 5% of South Carolina’s population (both black and white) would get over the Civil War, that wretched flag, themselves, whatever the hell their great-great-great whomever did during the war and move the f**k forward. There’s too much keeping score involved.
  12. The current Lame Duck Session of congress wasn’t very lame at all. I wish my government worked with this kind of urgency all of the time.
  13. Ewww Rex Ryan, ewww.

2010 has been a long and trying year everywhere in the world. Here are some visuals from the NY Times. Here’s hoping 2011 is better. All we can do is endure right? I hope everybody enjoys Christmas, New Years, the Holidays, or whatever you choose to call this time of year. I may post next week I’m not sure yet but I hope to see everybody in 2011!

Vaya con Dios!


8 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of December 24th, 2010) Merry Christmas Baby, you sure did treat me nice…

  1. I have made up my mind. If I ever go on a game show like Money Drop (which is kind of demeaning) I will beg you to be my partner. Or if I am on Millionaire, you will be my lifeline. I am not sure what in today’s blog brought on this thought, but it doesn’t matter. Just know that you are on spead dial.

  2. Oh, Ta-nehisi article was good and to the point. I didn’t know what the Bumble was until today, but I can imagine what this woman looked like…only in Charleston. And David Bowie looks like a vampire to me.

    • Yeah Coates is a great writer. He talks about the Civil War (which as I’ve said before, I’m so tired of) the way I do WWII.

      There are a lot of Bumbles getting their hair, baby phat jackets, and boots with the fur ready for holiday f***kery as we speak. I would say only in Charleston but I’m assuming you’ve never been to Augusta.

      Iman’s old man is mad vampiric. He would fit in on True Blood really well.

  3. The Only Real Outcast

    Yeah Rex Ryan lost a few cool points with me too. That’s just a tad creepy.

  4. Pollypureheart

    To those snotbags whining about Idiris I say EAT IT HARD BITCHES!! Please these are the very SAME folks who trot out that ‘art’ argument any time people of color go in and rightfully so when it’s a white person playing a person of color. Noone had a problem with Angelina and her goofy bronze face for the obviously BROWN Marianne Pearl so get over it. I miss The Unit too CBS once had a hell of a Sunday night lineup though I could have done without that one couple’s constant marital problems

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