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Do it for the kids man!

It’s been awhile . . . © Stain’d

Forgive me for the absence but I haven’t been exactly the chattiest cat for the last month or so. I just had some issues focusing but I decided to drop in and run my mouth for a paragraph or three.

Tuesday was the 6th anniversary of the second day that will go down in infamy. However this wasn’t mentioned to the kids. I found it to be very sad that on all of the media outlets that have a high 16-30 year old audience that 9/11 wasn’t that big of a factor. I know that kids don’t usually give a damn about what’s going on in the world around them but the little self-absorbed shits should be paying attention right about now.

Instead they were bombarded with talk of Kanyetudda and 50 squaring off on BET’s 106 & Park and via Lady Sounds can (With her stinkin’ ass.) Next up was Brittany’s horrible MTV Video Music Awards performance, two syphilitic rockers trading blows, and Kanye’s latest hissy fit. (I wonder if he cried in the store when his mom, Dr. Donda West wouldn’t by him a Hello Kitty doll when he was a kid? He probably did. I can see him now rolling around the floor in a Toys ‘R Us wearing some Brett Hart sunglasses crying over Hello Kitty.)

The kids probably don’t give two damns about Osama and George much in the same way that kids in the 30’s didn’t give a damn about Adolph, Tojo or FDR. That’s fine and in a perfect world that’s the way it should be. The thing is Osama and George care very much about the kids and the world is far from perfect.

The fact the kids have mp3s, flat screens, and respect their classmates who don’t pray to the same God that they do really lights a fire under Osama’s stinkin’ ass. (Seriously he must smell like an abandoned barn by now. He’s been living in a cave for the last 6 years so use your imaginations . . . eww.) The fact that the United States has places like Dearborn Michigan that have high concentrations of Arabs who have managed to carve out a piece of Americana and the Muslim kids there actually don’t hate their neighbors. This too pisses Uncle Osama off.

On the other side of the spectrum George and men of his ilk are very much concerned about the little white kid from a Montana who is about to turn 18 and will probably break a long standing family tradition and vote a little to the left. This is the same kid who thinks that his Sunday school teacher is an idiot for suggesting that Adam and Eve shared the Garden of Eden with velociraptors and T-Rexes. He is also the same kid that may think that the Jena 6 controversy is f*^$#!. (If it were ever on the news.)

My point is that someone should let the kids know that there are caves and rooms full of adults who they will never meet who are scripting their futures. Some of these adults are trying to get the kids to spend their allowance on Kanye or Curtis’ new CDs. Some of these adults are planning the kids’ deaths as martyrs or collateral damage. Some of these adults are adjusting interest rates or voting on county council resolutions that won’t matter in their lives until they are 30. You don’t have to bore the kids with the details of everything that’s going on because they’ll figure it out. Just let them know that there is more going on than what’s happening on Sweet 16.