Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of November 19th, 2010)


Weee, weee, weee...

I’m finally going to take some much needed days off. Nothing below can be described as profound but I hope your entertained.  ***I will refrain from commenting on the Cam Newton “pay for play” scandal because I’m an Alabama fan and he plays for Auburn. I won’t act like a petulant like The Mario Washington will when his boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. heads off to jail.

  1. Am I the only person who ever wondered why pigs on BBQ advertisements are always depicted as excited or happy? Like this or this.
  2. Okay so the Cholera epidemic in Haiti is spreading to the rest of Hispaniola. I wonder if it will be taken a little more seriously now. Here’s a photo spread of the horrible toll of the disease.
  3. We’ve been at war for about eight years and some change, so why is Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta the only living service member to get the Medal of Honor? Have I asked this question before? I’m getting a freaking déjà vu thing going on.
  4. Are people seriously making Dancing with the Stars racial?
  5. At first I was growing my beard because my sleep cell was activated a while back but since I found out about  growing beards for charity I may keep it to fight prostate cancer or until I start scratching my face off.
  6. Even my gangsta-a** thinks this is cute.
  7. Robble, robble. What happened to Mayor McCheese for real? I’m guessing foul-play was involved. Probably found out about Ronald and those little boys.
  8. This dude’s taste test of Four Loko is a lot different from mine. It doesn’t matter if the take the caffeine out of it or not it’s still nasty.
  9. I don’t mind paying taxes. I do get offended when I pay taxes to help fund a massive navy that is working in conjunction with other massive navies and they cannot catch pirates.
  10. Speaking of spending tax money: Has any of the G.O.P. types that were elected even mentioned a cutting any substantial wasted programs to “trim the budget”? If the have I would like them substantiate substantial. Not any piddly program like the National Endowment of the Arts or PBS.
  11. You rotten little hamsters read this while I do my laundry and go to the gym. Snookiism is a movement now.
  12. Is signing to Bad Boy a mistake? F**k yes it is.
  13. I’m not sure why the Congressional Black Caucus is acting all excited about Jim Clyburn’s (D-South Carolina) new position, Nancy Pelosi (D- California) essentially made him the Head Black Man in Congress. Shouldn’t he be minority leader at this point?

Vaya con Dios.


6 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of November 19th, 2010)

  1. i had similar thoughts about the medal of honor. its unfortunate.

    as for DWTS–idk if its a racial issue, but theres something definitely wrong with Bristol still being on the show. of all the people i know who watch the show (esp my parents who have watched it since it first aired years ago) theres no reason that chick can be getting the lowest judges scores EVERY week and still be in in, with the likes of Brandy and Rick Fox getting voted off. *smh* those damn Palin supporters know how to rally for a vote i tell ya.

    • I read some bogus explanation of the lack of living MOH winners. The Pentagon basically said that the overwhelming firepower and logistical support gives today’s fighting man more of a superior advantage than that of their predecessors. Sounds like a cop out to me.

      I’ll never watch DWTS but the level up angst caused by Brandy’s loss bored me to tears while listening to Tom Joyner which was perhaps my first mistake.

  2. -The Penguins…we are seeing the softer side of WU.
    -I heard a college student on NPR stating that he was upset about the crackdown on 4Loco and that adults always find a way to ruin the fun of the youth.
    -Bad Boy….**frown**’
    I only stumble across DWTS on occasion, but I can say that Brandy did a very good job. Don’t know about racist.

    • There are certain animals that I find cute or amusing. Penguins and monkeys are among them.

      That college student is a moron. Don’t know what is fun about Four.

      You know how I feel about Bad Boy.

      As for DWTS I hate most reality tv almost as much as I hate award shows. Bah!

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