Say hi to the bad guy. (The day Lebron embraced his villainy.)

He should hit up Roland Martin for a few ascots.

I still don’t give two sh**ts about the NBA but Lebron James’ situation is an interesting one. As y’all know he’s kind of not popular right now. So it looks like Lebron James has accepted his role as the unintentional villain of the NBA. For the bulk of his seven year career the media, fans, and dudes in every barbershop has been saying that to be better than both Jordan and Kobe, Gloria James’ baby boy is going to have to win a lot of championships. The problem is that he has only played in one finals and his team was bested by Toni Parker – Longoria and the Spurs. The Cavaliers were constant fixtures in the NBA playoffs but they could never get it done. Finally, they just fell apart in the Eastern Conference finals after winning a ton of regular season games.

For those of you living under a rock or some other large geological formation, Lebron’s contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers ended this summer making him a free agent. He decided to sign on as a member of the Miami Heat, taking his talents to South Beach, and teaming with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form the Big Two and a Half. He announced all of this on ESPN with an hour-long, primetime special, raising a couple of million dollars worth of scratch for kid’s charities, and he also managed become one of the most hated men in sports.

This week Lebron’s new Nike commercial began airing and LBJ seems to have taken the time to flip off his detractors. All dude and his receding hairline did was sign a contract that would allow him to go to Miami to get a better shot at winning and get the hell out of Ohio. (Seriously, why are the people of Cleveland mad? Half of the state moves to South Carolina and tears it up anyway. Just ask William Sherman. **Look it up it makes sense. **)

I like the turn Lebron has taken because he’s sticking to his guns. Here are few thoughts about Lebron’s commercial and his situation.

  1. I love the subtle and not so subtle shots at Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Every young man has the urge to tell old men to “Shut up.” sometimes and Lebron just did it in a nice nasty manner.
  2. I’m all for athletes saying what’s on their minds and not giving a Michael Jordan/Derek Jeter canned answer. Most sports figures just say a bunch of pretty words that mean nothing what so ever. Michael Jordan gave the same interview every night for over a decade. Charles Barkley on the other hand said what was on his mind to his credit, but Charles Barkley is an idiot 95% of the time so what he says can generally be considered moot.
  3. You can’t always make fans happy. We fans are fickle maniacs who have mood swings like a coked-up, middle-aged housewife on a Lifetime movie. You gave your old team the best you had with Antwan Jamison and something called a Delonte West (Who by the way shared sex faces with your mom.) and didn’t succeed, time to move on. You’re still in your mid-20’s get out when you can. Nationally your popularity ratings are lower than those of a two time alleged rapist, several drunks, and a man who did time for fighting dogs. Remember this is the same American public who voted for W twice and also keeps giving Sarah Palin and audience. The fans will be okay.
  4. Dan Gilbert, the Cavs owner was pissed at you for doing the same thing he would do to you if you fell off.
  5. He handled the decision making process like a drunk who found one of those live mortar rounds they still find in Flanders and Normandy.  If I had the talent I probably would have done the same thing at 25.
  6. Both Michael Jordan both played on teams stacked with superstars for a time. The second Bulls Three Peat teams had Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman and Barkley whored himself out to the Rockets with Hakeem and ‘em but was to fat and out of shape to contribute. So once again ignore them both. (Lebron’s better than Barkley already and he plays more like Magic anyway.)
  7. He probably should just stop talking about it okay after the commercial dies down. You’ve got Boston, Orlando, and Los Angeles to worry about.
  8. Anti-heroes kind of rock: Joe Willie Namath, Ray Lewis, Muhammad Ali, and Charles Barkley himself all successfully played the anti-hero role to a tee. Embrace it.
  9. It’s your life, live it.
  10. Keep your moms away from Delonte.
  11. Nike still makes dope-a** commercials. I like the “Boom” campaign sans Rick Rawse and the “Teachers” ads were dope too.

Those are my $.02 about Lebron and his commercial. You got any?

Vaya con Dios.


8 responses to “Say hi to the bad guy. (The day Lebron embraced his villainy.)

  1. The commercial was meh to me until The Miami Vice scene. LeBron has yet to fully make the heel turn. I doubt he has the intestinal fortitude or foresight to go all the way with it.

    • The Miami Vice scene was good. I wasn’t expecting the world’s most famous under cover red neck, Don Johnson to show up but it worked. Lebron can’t make a total heel turn. He doesn’t have enough credit hours to pull that off.

  2. Of course you don’t care about the NBA. Your Raiders are winning, in convincing fashion I might as well.

    • I didn’t care when the Raiders sucked either but that’s for another blog. I’m glad to see the Silver and Black winning but I can’t bring myself to get excited about it.

      • I would. They got a good game against KC coming up, who I predicted to be this good. McCluster is going to be a problem for awhile in this league and Thomas Jones was just the workhorse they need in the backfield with Jamaal Charles. The Raiders are making the AFC West interesting.

        • Dexter’s talent level makes me question Ole Miss too. If you had that guy on your team then why was he so used. He is a dynamic player but guys like that don’t tend to last long in the league now a days.

          The Raiders are making hte west interesting. The Broncos are just bad. The Bolts defense and special teams aren’t getting it done so KC and Oakland are it. Overall the AFC West is horrid.

  3. how come i didnt know you had a blog?? RUDE!
    you said it best at #7. stop talking. tweeting. making hater list and play ball. you have rings to win if you want to keep/getback/earn the King title.
    im also biased because i’ve never been a fan of his.

    couple of links:

    • Thanks for reading.

      I’m horrible at advertising. My self promotion gene malfunctions often. I will never work for Sterling, Cooper, Draper, & ‘Em.

      Lebron should just play. He’s already better than Barkley so he should just block out the background noise and he and the rest of the Big 2 1/2 will be aight. The fans will have someone else to hate sooner or later.

      Thanks again for reading.

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