Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of November 12, 2010)


 Sorry nothing pithy to say this week. If you read and comment I may send you a prize.

  1. Stop snitching! No by all means snitch. Props to this little girl for getting herself about of a bad situation. I only hope that she doesn’t get lost South Carolina’s foster care system.
  2. I hope I live another 20 years before I hear or read the word “choreopoem”. As a matter of fact I would pay at least $5 if I could guarantee to never see or hear the words choreopoem again.
  3. David Meggett, a former running back for the New York Giants and any other team that Bill Parcell coached was  convicted of rape and burglary on Wednesay completing his quest to make Lawrence Taylor look perfectly normal. Considering he has an arrest record dating from 1990 and the fact that all of his crimes involved sex and the abuse of women, I’m wondering why he’s just now getting real-time?
  4. Here is Entertainment Weekly’s Top 25 Opening Sequences for TV shows. Where’s the Jefferson’s and Sanford and Son.
  5. Who did Derek Jeter pay to get another Gold Glove?
  6. Little black boys seem to be doing worse in just about everything, especially school.
  7. Any nation with the word “Congo” in its name may be officially the worst places on Earth. The Democratic Republic of the Congo been the setting for one of the world’s most destructive wars in terms of human life since the 1940’s and horrific rape crisis perpetuated by the  “good guys” and in the Republic of Congo there’s a Polio emergency. Things may be rough all over, but some folks have it a lot harder than others.
  8. Okay there’s still Somalia.
  9. Have the Tea Baggers realized that they basically were used by the Right to get control of the house. There will be no major government cut backs  and the black guy is still the president.
  10. The Raiders are doing well so far this year, but I still won’t let my self get excited. Wait, did dude just compare trading for Jason Campbell to the Marshall Plan?
  11. After seeing the success of DJ Beverly Bond’s “Black Girl’s Rock” campaign the Republican party is sponsoring a new initiative called “Black boys suck”. Eddie Long will not be invited to participate.
  12. Bush v. Kanye has gone on for about eight days too many.
  13. I like cookies. Don’t tell nobody.
  14. If you were ever abducted and you captors gave you the choice of watching a Tyler Perry play or drinking an entire case of Zima what would be your choice? I’m going with the Zima.
  15. Monkeys are God’s comedians. That is all.

Vaya con Dios.


9 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of November 12, 2010)

  1. Princess Jasmen

    Zima for the win!

    • @Princess Jasmen @Dash

      It really wouldn’t be a choice with the Zima. The moment I see that Madea Gets a Pap Smear get popped into that beta max I will begin to beg an plead for as much Zima as possible.

      That’s effed up with that word Dash.

  2. I would go with Zima as well.


  3. Since you enjoy embedding articles within your blog, it takes me much longer, than expected, to read. Thanks! That is an honest thanks because I catch up on a lot of sh** in one reading.

  4. Keith you are right about Sanford and Son and The Jeffersons missing. I would add that 227 should be there, but that’s just me.

    • 227 was “There’s no place like home” right? I never got into that show, MEERRRY. I find it funny that Brenda Jenkins never gets credit for A) Having a very long career for a black actress. B) Being a really normal former child star.

  5. And, I will go with Zima…

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