The Saga of The Weeping Ass

Why Barack? Why?

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m a liberal.  A moderate liberal, but not a “big D” democrat because I refuse to join any political party but I’m just not much of a joiner. The party of most liberals however is and has remained the Democratic Party for some time now.  My political outlook has been shaped by years of being an Oakland Raider fan and being a black liberal in South Carolina. Victory is often fleeting so I take them as they come and then keep on moving and working until I get another. As many of you may remember there was a little election on Tuesday to DECIDE THE FATE OF THE WORLD.The lefties didn’t fare so well when the shooting stopped on Tuesday night. The House of Representatives is now controlled by the G.O.P. and their Tea bagging symbiotic overlords but the Senate is still in the hands of Dems. Needless to say things are going to get a little more difficult for the man from Krypton. Kal-el Obama is going to have to roll up his sleeves to get things done, if that’s even possible at this point.

As a liberal one of the things that irk is after the “left” doesn’t do well in an election I get to hear the “I’m moving to Canada (As if they’d have you.) let’s make the south a separate country, or the sweeping liberal conspiracy theories that seem to bubble up every so often. (Those *****ers let Obama win in 2008 just to make him look bad in 2010.) *Weep* Each time “we” take a loss I come to the same conclusion:

Liberals are some p****ies.

The sky is falling rhetoric cuts across most types of liberals that I know. The hard-core NPR types are probably lathering themselves down with Petrulli Oil, rolling a fatty, grading some poor freshman’s English 101 paper, and then complaining about “The Man” in the faculty house.  The ultra-bitchy coffee shop liberals usually come up this some good ole fashion doom and gloom scenario that usually ends with someone moving to France so that they can riot and join the sweaty French masses by rioting about what ever topic that upset Pierre du jour. (Where was that anger and rage when the German flanked y’all’s a**es in the Spring of 1940? I’m just saying.) The “meh” liberal the group to which I belong just says “Quit bitching; we’ll get ‘em next time.” The last two groups are generally between the ages of 21-35 and are the ones who helped the most in 2008. I don’t know what happened to them yesterday but they obviously didn’t make it to the polls.

We are truly a pathetic group of people. No focus, no heart, and no resolve what so ever. Bill Clinton lost the congress in 1994 to Newt and company but somehow managed to get re-elected two years later. The right is always chided for forgetting history but we are no better when it comes to minor details like history. Just like when the religious right became the Venom to the right’s Eddie Brock the same thing will happen with the Tea Party. The G.O.P. will not push the nut job agenda that they promised and soon there will be a new group of ill-informed, political outliers that will feel wronged and rally around this archaic flag or this one (If you don’t know this is the actually flag of the Confederate States of America. The one on the General Lee and on that guy’s bumper ahead of you in traffic is not it. Please don’t read while driving.) This too shall pass and in two years me and my fellow b****a*** liberals will go vote again and if “Our side” actually takes a side for once in their lives like they did in 2008, they may actually pull a Dusty Rhoades and get to the pay window.

So in summation, this isn’t the last fight you’re going to lose so just deal with it.

Vaya con Dios and quit y’er bitchin’.


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