Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of November 5th, 2010)

I'm gonna need these two to hug it out.

Is it me or do the weeks just keep getting longer and longer? This week was especially harrowing but that was due to my idiocy. (That bed has been made and laid in.) The elections are over, fall is seriously in the air, and the weekends here.

  1. The liberals and conservatives amongst us bumped heads during our day of democracy and guess what? The republic is still in tact. Sure the gutters need to be cleaned and it could use a good paint job but after 234 years  I still think we’ll be ok.
  2. This is a blog by Tom Ricks about America’s Obscure Wars from Foreign Policy. With as much history as I’ve read I’ve only heard of three of these wars. (Mormon, Black Hawk, and the Invasion of Hawaii) I would have thought SC’s own Yemassee War or One of the Seminole Wars would have made it.
  3. Good bye Alvin Greene. Go back to Manning and stay there. take Jim Demintt with you.
  4. Am I a bad liberal for not being shaken by Tuesday’s elections? Or  are other liberals just p****ies?
  5. It would seem that Kanye hurt W’s feelings. So this is what happens when an a**hat with mommy issues insults an a**hat with daddy issues.
  6. Mmmm… yeah sure.
  7. No shit.
  8. Does every black morning show on radio use the same formula? Prank calls. Quasi-homosexual character doing horoscopes. Church jokes. etc, etc, yeah right.
  9. When talking about The Wire is it still necessary to say spoiler alert? The show has been off the air for a few years now. That’s like giving spoiler alerts on the Bible for people who haven’t read it. (God wins by-the-way.)
  10. Randy Moss remember this: Powerful men are often judged by people who can’t do anything for them.
  11. Who won the World Series?
  12. When did Jessie Jackson Jr. get into trouble? Did I miss something? Why did his pops tell Soledad O’Brien she wasn’t black? Or black enough anyway.
  13. My style is mad p.l.o

Vaya con Dios.


3 responses to “Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of November 5th, 2010)

  1. When did Jesse say that to Soledad?
    I have turned to NPR on the morning ride to work. I can only take but so much dude.

    • She said it was during an interview for CNN. The camera was off and he was saying that CNN needed more black folks. (Obviously he doesn’t watch CNN.) He reached out and touched her and said basically “You aren’t black.” or something to that effect.

  2. Pollypureheart

    Oh please SoleherselfOUT needs to shut the f**k up and stop whining! She obviously doesn’t live her life as a black woman so why all the ‘why don’t black folks loves me’ crap now she can marry and have kids with who ever she wants. But she KNOWS her skin color makes her race amibigous and her kids more so so they will live a life of much privilege yet she STILL wants to bitch?! Bitch shut up already.

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