Random and Dope Sports Happenings

The sporting world is a buzz right now. Various happenings in various sports have made things interesting for the first time since the NBA finals. [i] Sports in September and the first three days have excited me and helped me keep my head up while  fighting through some things. So being the master of all things random, here are a few of the happenings in the world of sport that I think are dope.

  1. Baseball is always better when the end of the regular season has good story lines. Someone may win the Major League Baseball Triple Crown for the first time in several generations. If Detroit Tigers’ third basemen Miguel Cabrera has a good night at the plate tonight or a better night than Angel’s outfielder Mike Trout he’ll be the first player since 1967 to win the triple crown. This would put him into some esteemed company. This is rarer than O.J. dating a black woman.
  2. The Oakland Athletics, who are my squad, are in the playoffs for the first time since twenty-ought six and could possibly win the American League West tonight if they beat Uncle Ron and the Texas Rangers. I’m impressed that they’ve won with dudes who are only recognizable to their own mothers, but I’m less impressed with the fans that live in Oakland who just don’t go the ball park, which sucks, to watch the team. Word to Carney Lansford and Dave Henderson, I’m having shades of the Bash Brothers again. [ii] #nosteroids I still don’t like the concept of Moneyball but I’ll take what I can get. [iii]
  3. The South Eastern Conference is still better than whatever conference your college team plays in. If you don’t like it, then do something about it.
  4. The Raiders are who I thought they were……………………………………………………. with even worse defensive backs. I honestly wasn’t happy to see them get nickel and dimed by a noodle-armed Peyton Manning.
  5. Jay Cutler should’ve yelled at his offensive lineman. If you are in the business of blocking then your fat-a** should do just that. Tao of Wu rule number three: Do your damn job.
  6. Speaking of Jay Cutler- Body language may be the most bullsh*t metric in sports today. Getting hit by Ray Lewis and Clay Mathews is a good reason to have bad body language. I’ll take a pissy quarterback over a cheerleader any day.
  7. Boxing stepped up big time in September too. Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson, Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr, were all big fights resulting in Ward and Martinez owning their opponents. (By the way I’m over the Mayweather/Pacquiao thing too.)
  8. I’m glad to see RGIII, his hair plaits, and Andrew Luck doing well but not excelling too fast. I want both to be good quarterbacks but I don’t want the media to heap too much praise upon them so early.

So those are the sports stories that got my attention. What got yours?

Vaya con Dios.

[i] Yes, I just gave the NBA props. I also realize that the Olympics happened this summer too but I didn’t find them remotely entertaining this time out.

[ii] Dave Henderson always struck me as a brother who would have the hook up on ribs. I’m really good ribs too.

[iii] I do realize that Moneyball does work on some levels but up until this year it has been painful to watch the A’s.


16 responses to “Random and Dope Sports Happenings

  1. 1. Now that the Nats are relevant, I’ve been doing my best to learn more about baseball. This Triple Crown news is pretty dope.
    4. I need you to speak with your boy Darren McFadden. He’s one of the only ones on my fantasy team not pulling his weight.
    5. I still think Jay Cutler is a douchebag, but his line is crappy. I’d be mad too. Tom Brady yells at his teammates when they suck and it gets turned into a positive.
    8. The RG3 hype train won’t be slowing down any time soon. This kid looks like a veteren out there. It’s only been 4 weeks, but he has total command of this offense. He exceeded even the largest of expectations that people had for him. But I still expect him to go through some rough patches. He’ll keep learning and getting even better and I’ll be here smiling the whole way.

    • 1. The Nats are a year or two ahead of schedule. I still don’t agree with sitting Strasburg but their future is bright as hell. Baseball is my second favorite sport but it isn’t for everyone.
      4. I need to speak with more than a few dudes who wear silver & black. Palmer is showing up but McFadden and that line isn’t.
      5. No doubt Cutler is a douchebag but I agree, he’s there to do a job and his line operates like the French Army in the Spring of 1940 and sh*t. Just go around them, they’re harmless.
      8. RGIII, his plaits, and Andrew Luck have shown a lot of poise but I’m all for letting them grow. The hype is coming back to hurt Cam Newton a bit. The rough patches for young qb’s are really rough and the media, being the savages they are will rip them to shreds.

  2. My Saints! *wall slides*

  3. *walks in doing the 4-0 dance for my Texans*

    No thoughts on Cam, and his sulking?
    LOL at RGIII’s plaits excelling. Hilarity.

    Can’t front on the SEC. My Horns are only doing well becuz of the cakewalk schedule they’ve had thus far. I think West Virginia is gone put the paws on ’em this week #doe.

    • The Texans may be the best squad in the league. A ton of weapons.

      I didn’t see Cam sulk but I’m not shocked. The only thing he does that bothers me are his solo celebrations.

      RGIII needs to ditch the plaits but his daddy has a gumby so take from that what you will.

      The Horns will be okay. I think Kansas State may hurt someone in the Big XII. Their qb has some game. W. Virginia is dangerous (Ask Clemson) but you need to play some defense. I can’t wait to see how the season ends. I oping for an Alabama/Carolina SEC final.

  4. This is rarer than O.J. dating a black woman????? DEAD

    i havent bene up on ANY news but the Triple Crown stuff sounds cool. cant wait to text my brother and his friend with this knowledge and wow them at the fact that i a) know what that is and b) that it may happen soon. thanks bud!!

    RG3 is looking good. i wouldnt know if he’s been hit with the media blast as i have no tv and READING about sports is soooo not fun when you cant watch SC smh. but i imagine hes not getting blown like Tebow. nor is Luck. which i think is good – as you mentioned, they have room to grow and mature at their post without being too sensationalized.

    • The Triple Crown is pretty rare. It happened in ’66 (Frank Robinson) and ’67 (Carl Yastremski (sp) ). After that pitching became so specialized that hitters simply were often overpowered.

      I would argue that Nacho Sanchez would have been a better QB if he didn’t play in New York, away from the lights. He would still suck but Timmy Rah-Rah would’ve been better if he didn’t have the spotlight and media coverage. (Not much better)

      • i think Nacho has a lot of potential. not sure why he goes into Romo Choke mode so easily though. he’ll have a few really good games (really showcasing what hes capable of) and then go back to mediocre to just terrible. smh

        • Nacho probably should’ve stayed in school another year. (Although I could argue that the last batch of offensive players from So Cal (Bush, Leinart, Nacho) got to used to the celebrity culture at So. Cal.) Playing for the #faketoughs in NY and the addition of Tebow hasn’t helped.

          As for Romo I just shrug. The guy just seems to melt away when the pressure is on. Dallas’ recent refusal to run the ball and playing for a circus hasn’t helped. Maybe that’s who Romo is. He could be this generations Jim Everett.

  5. I know i’m late but i got to jump on #5 and #6. as a fan of all things Chicago, i have to say that cutler is a brat. I don’t have a problem with yelling at a lineman but putting your hands on him is not a good way to have him want to protect your blindside.

    and speaking of body language, can someone PLEASE get Cam Newton a life coach!? If he has one more temper tantrum on the sidelines after a bad play or acts like he Dick Chaneyed his best friend on a hunting trip after a loss, i will personally mail him a lifetime supply of huggies.

    • Y’all are hard on Cam. I make it a point in life not to watch the Panthers but after seeing his highlights and watching rumble through the SEC I can actually say that I saw his brat behavior coming on.

      • The Only Real Outcast

        I’m not suprised at Cam’s pouting either. He’s having trouble coping when things not going his way…He could really use a veteran/leader/mentor guy to provide guidance.

  6. I hate Cutler’s face
    And why does Romo keep getting passes (pun intended) that Vick doesn’t??

    • Mexican privilege I guess. Whether it is justified or not Mike Vick’s past off the field is still following him. Public opinion and talking points drive bullshit narratives. On the field it is a tad different. I like Mike but I once said Mike Vick is the most overrated modern player in the NFL created by Nike and ESPN. This stemmed from his time in Atl where he didn’t take the time to learn to read defenses and constantly ignored his coaches. (See Iverson, Allen) Mike Vick 2.0 is a much better player than the guy who walked in to Levenworth a few years ago. Straddled with the past, a fan base that will never be happy (Trust me I’m a Bama and Raider fan), a terrible offense line, a coach that will not run the ball, and a lack basic qb play that he didn’t pick up in Atl Mike needs the perfect situation to do well. He never gets that on a constant basis in Philly. One of my friends says he plays like a man trying to atone for his past misdeeds. (I can see that.) Or we can blame racism.

      Or Romo and Vick may just be an unfocused f**k-ups capable of good not great things.

  7. The Only Real Outcast

    Hey I’m late too, but here’s my Dope Sports Happenings:
    1. Baseball had a good end of the season — it was actually compelling for a change. Too bad about the ATL though…who knew the grass was part of the infield?
    2. Speaking of baseball, a Beltway Series for the title would be nice. I’m pulling for Baltimore (starting with taking down the Evil Empire)
    3. The SEC is what other conferences want to be when they grow up.
    4. This is the time of year where all major sports are going on at once (except hockey is locked out–AGAIN!)

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