Ain’t it News/Random Thoughts (Week of 9/28/2012)

The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

S’up fools. I need to clear my head a bit so here’s my attempt at doing that via subpar prose. Randomness is what got me into blogging so I’ll use it as my go to move. Y’all know how this goes. Do play along won’t you?

  1. Netanyahu is a damn clown. What is it with world leaders going to the UN and making complete fools of themselves in front of their peers? A cartoon bomb, Bibi? That barely works if you’re a cartoon coyote so why would you think it would work in front of the world.
  2. Speaking of the United Nations– I almost agree with this article wholeheartedly.
  3. Considering that I haven’t had a good night sleep in a about a fortnight, I actually remembered a dream. (I remember about two dreams a year. I know I have them but don’t ask me what they’re about.) While I tossed and turned last night I dreamt of being at my parents’ house using my granddaddy’s old tractor to pull stumps. I guess that’s my brain telling me that I need to pull the damn stumps, huh?
  4. Sports officials should never be a talking point when it comes to water cooler conversations.
  5. I miss blogging on the regular but I’ve been at a loss for words of late.
  6. Want to know what’s priceless? It was the shocked and appalled look on my coworkers’ face when she walked up to see me at my desk just brushing my beard for no damn reason. The look was very similar to the reaction to the contents of the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.
  7. I am not my hair though.
  8. I manage my fictional character’s lives as if they were real damn people whom I know. If I love, despise, or am apathetic about them like they were actual acquaintances it makes them have more dimensions.
  9. I want this freaking election to be over.
  10. China has its first aircraft carrier… but no carrier based planes. Hell, if the Chinese carrier went up against the HMCS Keisha Brown, I’m taking the Keisha Brown in a blowout. #keepthereciptfellas
  11. Although, I’m a caveman (Albeit, an enlightened caveman.) the fact that this study even happened is sexist. No?

That’s all I got folks. I’m probably going to be sore after this so feel free to contribute your own randomness to the discussion. I’m off to get some coffee.

Vaya con Dios.


14 responses to “Ain’t it News/Random Thoughts (Week of 9/28/2012)

  1. – great article on the UN. thanks for sharing! got a kick out of that 🙂
    -you said fortnight in all seriousness. i will forever ❤ you as a result. #yourewelcome
    -sports officiating got so real. what is this life about?
    -the image of you brushing your beard at your desk is AWESOME! + syaing you are not your hair?? thank you for that friday gem
    -i feel the same way about fictional characters. they are real to me. i am completely lucid, however.
    -i want the election to be over too. mostly so i can stop hating my conservative apologist family members.

    my randomness??
    im bringing a guy home for the first time ever. and im almost 30. even at my old age, i have to sleep in a separate room than him. this will be an interesting weekend.

  2. I saw that Netanyahu bomb nonsense on The Daily Show. The warmongering from him is getting so tired.

    “I miss blogging on the regular but I’ve been at a loss for words of late.”
    I’m right there with you.

    That study…….lol wut?

    Good to read some randomness from you, sir.

    • If I were the president I’d just tell Bibi to go ahead and do what’s on his heart. Let’s see if he makes the move on his own. I can guarantee his own generals in the IDF aren’t so anxious to bang on anyone in that region right now. Yitzak Rabin wasn’t a saint but he wasn’t an a**hat either.

      • lmao at “do what’s on his heart.” not the typical advice you get when discussing war. but him and that red line mess was foolishness. He will better hope America stays in his corner, because w/o support from the US, he is lookin mighty suspect.

        • Considering that he’s basically surrounded and that the Israeli Defense Force is smaller than the entire USMC (reserves included) his a** is in the breeze any how. He should really credit the patience of his Arab neighbors (Who probably fear and hate Iran more than Israel) for being chill about his nation.

  3. Okay, “I am not my hair” dayum near made me spit out my water.
    That bomb drawing??? Could’ve swore I was watching the Onion news or some sh*t.
    Black Keys–always a good choice!
    Glad to see you’re back.

    • Happy to be back.

      I try t-lee, I try.

      The rest of the world bags on Americans really but we’d never live down a bomb drawing in front of the UN. That ish was straight off the Onion. The only difference between Bibi and Clint Eastwood’s chair thingy is that Clint had a movie coming out. Bibi has pissy neighbors who don’t like him. Seriously, that sh*t was like when your drunk uncle starts an unsolicited monologue about Chinese bayonet attacks during his time in Korea at the Fourth of July cookout. Just like the cookout, I’m sure everyone at the UN wanted to get up and leave but didn’t want to make any sudden movements.

      You cannot go wrong with the Keys.

  4. I need to borrow that tractor because I got major stumps to pull.

  5. Lmfao. Always bet on Keisha Brown.
    Oh and you know your entire league has issues when the president comes out to speak on nfl refs vs NHL lockout. Womps.

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