Keith F. Young’s Overly Thankful Post About Things He’s Thankful For

So this Thursday is Thanksgiving b/k/a I forgot my pressure pills but I’m going to eat my back out day. Contrary to what the supermarket flyers (Seriously, I want to figure out a way to not get those things in my mailbox on Wednesday.) and television commercials say the holiday is about turkey day is supposed to be about it’s all about being grateful for the things you hold dear. (Sorry kids swag isn’t one of those.)

This won’t take long but I’ve had a rough year so I’m just going to shout out who and what I’m thankful for. I’m not going to cry.

I’m thankful for having been blessed with a loving and awesome mother for 34 years of my life. In my head I could’ve been a better son but she was at her apex of dope motherhoodness. [i] She was on it to the very end.

I’m thankful for the collections of nut jobs known as my family. Y’all ninjas came up big over the last few weeks and provided me with some much needed laughs in the meantime. From Fairfax (Please, please stand up) to Kuwait they held down the fort. Dale, I said this before but you’re a f***ing beast and what not.

I’m thankful for, Moneypenny. Motherf***ing Miss motherf***king Moneypenny. Thank you for being you, Sweets.

I’m thankful for the crew. Yep.

I’m thankful for another turkey day with the family (I’m especially thankful for a family that doesn’t blurt out new ninjaness like “Thanksgiving is a holiday of oppression.” during dinner. No one is here for that brother Malcolm so shut up and eat your turkey.) Yes, it will be different but it comes a time when you have to embrace the new normal.

What are y’all thankful for? Y’all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Vaya con Dios!


[i] Soooo not a word.


23 responses to “Keith F. Young’s Overly Thankful Post About Things He’s Thankful For

  1. Pure unadulterated effortless dopeness! Love u my dude.

  2. “I’m thankful for another turkey day with the family (I’m especially thankful for a family that doesn’t blurt out new ninjaness like “Thanksgiving is a holiday of oppression.” during dinner. No one is here for that brother Malcolm so shut up and eat your turkey.)”

    Lmboo! When people get so deep about some holidays I get so annoyed. Just enjoy it and get over it, it ain’t that deep.

    I’m thankful for a whole lot of things but primarily, for being with my family and friends again. Moving back home, although stressful, was one of the top three decisions I made this year.

    My condolences to you and your family 🙂

  3. thankful for a family that doesn’t blurt out new ninjaness like, “Thanksgiving is a holiday of oppression.” during dinner.

    ^^^ is my black nationalist, black panther, P Stone Ranger, pass me the bacon Muslim Uncle J. Every holiday, he get on that crown and gives a lecture about the evils of western civilization. Negro please you drive a 750!!!!! I’m still thankful for Uncle J though, he taught me a lot about being a man. Good post!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great post. I’m thankful for you Mr. Young. For the awesome letters you take the time to write just to let me know you love me. That makes me feel super awesome.

    You’ve had a very emotionally draining year, but you and your family made it through. Tears are good, because they help cleanse the soul. Your family and friends are truly Great people.

  5. Oh, I am so ready to go out and find cancer and kill him. 1 man, 1 gun…oh, ok, I m back now. #Justsaying

  6. Great post!!

    1. The day off tomorrow (Wednesday ..yep Five day weekend FAM!!)
    2. GOD..(Yeah Hod should’ve been first..bygones)
    3. My family being happy and healthy. I don’t get to spend it with them, but my heart is with them.
    4. All the opportunities I’ve had professionally.
    5. Time to reconnect with college buddies.
    6. ..did I mention 5 day weekend?? Yeah Sooo Greatful.. Lolol

  7. My condolences to you and your family. Your efam is here if you need us *hugs*
    I am thankful for not going back to the hospital, although I was close a few times. Depression is a mutha
    For my family and friends
    For having some peace and clarity, even in spurts
    Lots of other things, but mainly being able to wake up everyday. I just feel blessed

  8. i have simple thanks this year.

    i’m thankful for life and good health. its not promised.
    i’m thankful for my family and friends. i have a great support network.
    i’m thankful for habibti. she’s awesome.
    i’m thankful to be employed and have a roof over my head.

  9. The Only Real Outcast

    Great read Keith! “Thanksgiving is a day of oppression” is hilarious, just because ninjaness is sometimes quite funny. My condolences to you and the fam as well. If YOU say it’s been rough, then I know it had to be. Anyways, I’m thankful for all the basic/obvious stuff…I’m not a hard guy to please!

  10. i too offer my condolences to you and your family. but i know you will make it through as you have great support around you!! both in real and in e-life!

    i wrote my list last month lol ( – but i am thankful for life. every last exhausting, exhilarating, expensive, fun, funky, fantastic and frustrating moment of it.

    many people have less. i have so much.

  11. So sorry to hear about your Mom, Wu. Hang in there. Having been through it, I know it’s a difficult road.
    I hope you and your family found a way to enjoy the holidays as best as possible. Will keep ya’ll lifted up in prayer.
    As far as what I’m thankful for: this year has been a challenge. However, I know it was for my good. Definitely thankful for my family, friends, and my restored health– both physical and mental, and gainful employment! I look back on where I was last year, and can say many things have changed, for the better.

  12. ive been trying to respond to this post for the longest now. smh.

    i am thankful for:
    -breath and my health! (tons of ppl have been getting sick around me at work but i remain in tip top condition!)
    -my PhD! boy were those last few moments traumatic and painful smh
    -new job! boss and coworkers included
    -new city. though the move started out hectic, im settled and loving my place
    -new friends and old. i have been blessed to meet good ppl wherever i go. ppl who challenge me to be better, and keep me feeling the love of God at all times.
    -my fam. couldnt have made it this far without their undying support.
    -habibi. he’s. the. best. period.

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