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Ain’t it News/Random Thoughts: Week of 4/19/2013

JrobinsonMan, this week has reeked of unawesomeness. We however are still here and we have to keep moving forward because that’s what we’re programmed to do. So in the words of newly inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Chuck D …Here comes the drums…

  1. After the madness and destruction occurring in Boston, West, Texas, and the halls of the legislative branch of the United States Government America (Y’all failed the people again.) needs a long weekend. We need a long weekend with no bombs, explosions, or spineless, self-serving politicians so we all can just eat too much and chill with the folks.
  2. Seriously, this week has been a bad Michael Bay movie Okay just a Michael Bay movie. (That “bad” in his work is inherent.)
  3. Moneypenny and I caught “42” last weekend and I’ll describe it as is imperfect biopic. In case some of y’all haven’t seen it I’ll avoid and spoilers but just keep in mind the film only covers a few months out of an extraordinary life so please don’t expect the film to encapsulate every aspect of blackness. Chad Boseman (Jackie Robinson), Nicole Beharie (Rachel Robinson), and Harrison Ford (Branch Rickey) (Harrison Ford is f***ing 70!) all did great jobs in their roles. In all, the cheese factor was kept to a minimum which I can respect because biopics often come heavy with the cheese. I honestly want to discuss some scenes with y’all but again I don’t want to spoil anything. (Let me know in the comment section if it’s cool.)
  4. Korea, specifically the North, actually existed before the crazy. (I’m a stan for history laden picture spreads and dogs.)

That’s all I have. Y’all have a good weekend.

Vaya con Dios!

Bootsy Collins — I’d Rather Be With You


Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts Week of 2/8/2013

The Lumineers– Ho Hey This has been a week of sinus headaches and agitation. Y’all read this while I daydream about taking a nap at my desk. 1. I miss football already. This NBA life isn’t going to cut it … Continue reading

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