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Random Thoughts

  1. The god awful concoction above is a Four Loco. I had no idea what a Four Loco was until about three weeks ago when my little big sister, Dale asked me about it. Apparently Four Lokos  Loki contain 11% alcohol per volume, have various fruity flavors, and caffeine to make a night out with your peeps, homies, dunnies, or whatever you people call yourselves these days more action packed. From what I can tell Four Loko is basically a Steel Reserve (8.1% alcohol per volume) 211 on steroids which a much pleasant personality. I have yet to tasted one yet but I’m sure it’s the malt liquor version of KFC’s Double Down sandwich. (You just swap out the hypertension you get with the Double Down with five minutes in a truck stop bathroom with Ben Roethlisberger.) If alcoholic drinks had theme songs I’m pretty sure Four Loko’s would be “Gimme That” by Lil Boosie and Lil Webbie.
  2. “Have you seen Why Did I Get Married?” My older, white coworker asked me the other day. She then went on to HIGHLY recommended it to me and tell me how great the acting and story is. I honestly died a little inside and would have shed a Denzel tear, if I could cry that is.
  3. Sunday morning I decided I want my country back. From whom I will be taking it back from I don’t know but I would like it back.
  4. According to the new book “The History of White People” by Nell Irvin Painter all homo sapiens share 99.99 % of the same genetic code-no matter their race.
  5. This is probably old news to some, but according to the last census (2000) 92 % of black people who are married, are married to another black person. Yep.


I’m having a Double Down, a side of large potato wedges and a Four Loko of dinner tonight so this might be the end of your friendly neighborhood Agent of M.E.

*Tune in next time for “What ever happened to Wu Young?”*