Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (For today, Ninja!)


Do better.

Do better.


Soooo, I’m black to blogging for the day. (On some use it or lose it, sh*t.)[i] I’ve got some boo boo on my brain that I need to get out for the sake of my sanity and my people. The world seems to be a little more sixes and sevens than normal and I have statements… I have questions. I have full cup of dark roast. I’ll be brief because it’s Friday.


  1. So this Ray Rice thing. I’ve asked Sway and everyone else that I know (I even asked Hammer during my daily pleas for him not to hurt ‘em.) to explain to me how Baltimore Ravens’ running back, Ray Rice can knock his fiancé now wife unconscious in a public elevator and only get a two game suspension. Then NFL needs to get its priorities straight when it comes to crime and social movements. In my head buddy should have been suspended for a year.
  2. For the first time since her first appearance in Giant-Sized X-Men # 1 making her one of the first black female superheroes, Storm now has an ongoing solo series featuring her doing everything from running the Jean Grey School to making it rain. I picked up the first issue and it was dope. Mohawk and all. Here’s hoping that Roro has a long run.
  3. Has anybody else ever have to explain the ills of the black community to an uninformed person of another race? It’s comical, infuriating, necessary, and puzzling at the same time.
  4. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict makes my head hurt. Things have escalated to the point that I change the channel when it’s brought up on the news. It’s a sad illustration of how ideology and lack of empathy mixed with politics and gun powder only serves to crush everyday people. Hurt folks hurt folks doe.
  5. Thanks to @themariow I became aware of something called a Bobby Shurmda. Thanks.
  6. So how are y’all doing?
  7. Think pieces on Police Brutality and Eric Garner > think pieces on Miley Cyrus or some f**k sh*t.
  8. …that’s if I deal with think pieces at all…

Like I said, nothing extra heavy. (Except for four and seven) but I just needed to type something for the sake muscle memory. I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Vaya con Dios.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me This Way (Album Version)


[i] I Googled the term “Use it or lose it” and a WebMD page about erections popped up. ßSee what I did there seriously, why was that the first search result?




8 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (For today, Ninja!)

  1. Mario Washington

    This Rice thing…just hard to believe that the same league that just suspended a player for the season for the recreational use of a drug that’s well on it’s way to being legal in all 50 states and is legal already in a few, only saw 2 games as enough for domestic violence. I think if they didn’t wield the iron fist with everything else, this wouldn’t look so bad. But man it looks bad.

  2. Let me say

    1. the whole ray rice thing (along with stephen a smith’s buffoonery) makes me mad. when i first saw the video it really upset me.
    2.what’s going on in gaza now is sad. its funny that the united states it tiptoeing around this subject but is gunho about ukraine. actual innocent lives are being lost daily. our need for a friend in the middle east sickens me. all goes back to our dependence on foreign oil.
    3. i love bobby shurmda and rowdy rebbel. my brother put me on about a month ago. also, gem and i are planning to do a IG video of a choreographed shmoney dance.
    4. Eric Garner… i’m completely out of words.

    • 1. Stephen A. is a joke. For guy who brags about being raised by a house full of women he’s awfully tone deaf.
      2. The thing about our relationship with the folks in the mid east is that we play all the sides against each other. I’m tired of the violence.
      3. I’m puzzled by this Bobby kid. #I’mold
      4. I’m lost for words too.

  3. The Only Real Outcast

    1. The NFL is going to be cleaning up this mess for a long time… It’s going to be hard to explain future discipline…I expect a change to how the League hands out punishment to come soon.
    2. Israel and Palenstine….soooo tired of the violence. So what are they fighting about again?…do they even know?
    3. Recently I read Avengers vs X-Men…how far behind am I? Not sure if I want you to answer that!

    • 1. A very long time, Toro. They went from heavy-handed to eh… It’s not a good look.
      2. I’m honestly never sure what they are fighting for. I used to know but the ideologies of the conflict has left the people behind.
      3. Avengers vs. X-Men was just okay. There were a few good issues but many of the characters seemed to be well out of character. I can’t see Spidey, the Thing, or Luke Cage attacking the X-Men. Cap should have listened to Wolverine when he told him not to go to the island.

  4. 1. i love football but f*ck the NFL, yo. they stay on that b*llsh*t.
    3. i grow tired of trying to do the explaining, but i also feel very compelled to do so. its a tiresome, thankless, and sometimes amusing job lol.
    4. years ago i used to have convos about this with a friend of mine who was a Jewish convert (from Catholicism). she was convinced that a place that was completely dependent on Israel for survival had little room to complain. i wonder if she still feels the same way today given all thats going/continuing on…
    5. i dont condone the glorification of gun violence, esp on other black males but…. i fux with that schmurda/schmoney ish lol
    6. im great! ive got habibs here with me so life is superb!!
    7. the Eric Garner thing (and all NYPD f*cksh*t) just makes me terribly sad.

    thanks for the post homes. and again, im diggin the bearded avi 🙂

    • 1. Yep.
      3. When I explain I usually shift back and forth between amusement and indignation.
      4. I flat out don’t like Netenyahu and on the other side I feel the same way about Hamas. To me it seems that Netenyahu and Hamas act the way they act because peace is bad for business. The idea of two states existing with Jerusalem being an open city to all isn’t that idealistic is it?
      5. I listen to some ignorant ish but Mr. Schmurda isn’t my thing.
      6. Nice!
      7. It’s hard out here.


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