Random Questions– I Don’t Even Know, Man

During the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial I find myself dumbfounded and laden with questions. As a black man, an American, and somewhat responsible citizen I find myself with nothing but questions about my existence and other things that many just either take for granted or are not aware of in the first place. As my friend O, says “It’s still very real in the field.”

Are folks going to remember Jordan Davis? It’s necessary.

What’s up with Florida? It’s like Mad Max with beaches and high-level college football.

Was anyone else in a really foul mood at work on Monday? I was a first rate son-of-a-bitch yesterday.

I’ve noticed tons of criticism being lobbed at Barack Obama since Saturday and criticism is amazing but do the Cornell Wests of the world actually think they are any more in touch with the black community at-large than the Barack Obamas of the world? Seriously?

Anyone want to buy some of my paranoia? I can give it to you for cheap… It’s slightly used.

Ever ask a black law enforcement officer how they fell about their day-to-day jobs? How do they feel about laws like Stand your ground? Would more of their insight help or hurt?

When will folks realized that you can compartmentalize things that you’re angry about? Sometimes you need to yell about things and leave the “yeah buts” at the house.

Why hasn’t the NRA started a campaign urging young black men to arm and protect themselves? Oh wait…

Why did Lance Gross and Jurnee Smollett-Bell age so aggressively at the end of Temptation? I mean come on, son!

If Zimmerman had the right to defend himself but used poor judgment does his “poor judgment” not important? I guess not. #B37

When will America get off of its own jock? The potential for greatness is still there (There but not inherent.) But overall we seemed to be turned on by our collective reflection in the mirror…yeah we’re Kanye West.

Those are just a few questions that have been bouncing around my head since Saturday night. Do y’all have any? I can’t promise you answers but this is your chance to get your queries into the universe. (Or my small universe anyway.) This is your chance…

Vaya con Dios.


10 responses to “Random Questions– I Don’t Even Know, Man

  1. They did age super crazy in Temptation!
    My questions are:
    Do you find it necessary to “code switch” to get/stay in corporate America?
    Did you watch Rachel’s interview? Thoughts?
    Does anyone else NOT like jelly? bleh!
    What do you do to find peace within yourself?
    Who is going to the Superbowl?

    • Yes, I usually do code switch. I still curse a lot at work though.

      I don’t have cable but I heard Rachel was bringing heat. She’s interesting in the manner of how both black and white people pre-judged her.

      I don’t eat jelly. Something about it odd to me.

      My peace comes in many ways. I’m not overly religious but I pray often. I also find myself embracing silence when I’m alone. I just go off by myself and focus.

      I have no clue who will go to the Super Bowl. In a perfect world I’d say Oakland but comic book day Isn’t until tomorrow.

  2. Oh yea, let me answer some yours
    -We will not forget Jordan Davis.
    -I’ve been to Fl one time to get on a cruise. I have no desire to go for any other reason
    – I was in a foul mood Saturday when I went to a bridal shower and I was the only woman of color
    -I have my own paranoia, thanks
    I have never asked any law enforcer about their day but will make it a point to do so

  3. *sigh* im too angry and sad to have questions. but i feel every one that you asked. wish i knew the answer. most of them have none. because our society is so damn blind.

    f*ck racists who deny their racism and act like we live in a post-racial society, btw.

    and f*ck people whose response to the verdict is “i mean, are you surprised?! why are you surprised?!” dont tell me how to feel or react to something. am i surprised no? but i have the right and the gall to expect and hope and want some justice for Black victims!!

    • *nods* That verdict sucked the air out of Moneypenny’ s apartment. A bomb may as well have gone of then his smug brother started talking.

      I wasn’t shocked but a kick to the balls is a kick to the balls whether you see it coming or not.

      Post-racialism looks good on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and student union flyers.

  4. why does your website hate me?

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