Random Happenings With Me and Your Mama

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To say that the last seven or so months of my life have been somewhat interesting would be an understatement. Within that time I’ve lost both parents, gotten engaged, and toppled two third world governments. Yeah, I’ve been a little occupied with things and my thoughts are as random as ever.

  1. A couple of weeks ago I was driving home (by home I mean Allendale County. Allendale is home, I live in Charleston.) I was taken back by how South Carolina’s countryside looks. I love seeing everything wet, lush, and green. Of late I’ve come to appreciate growing up in the woods more so that’s where I’m heading when the zombies start zombying.
  2. I could care less if the United States Government is listening to my phone calls. I really couldn’t. As a matter of fact I always assumed they were doing so.
  3. Greatness is the moment when Gza’s “Shadow Boxin” pours out of your ear buds during your workout.
  4. Greatness IS NOT the moment when you get an abdominal cramp so painful that it facilitates seeing dead ancestors during a workout. It was a “Cry freedom! Cry, the beloved country” level of pain.
  5. It’s Gold Bond season, fellas. Govern yourselves accordingly.
  6. After surveying the Internet, I’m often tempted to turn Cloud 9 into and anti-f**k boy blog. The behavior of some of those laden with Y chromosomes makes me said. On the other hand that would be an incredibly tiring undertaking… I’ll just turn down the volume and let these fools suffer.
  7. I’m really ready to become Mr. Young. Marriage life will be awesome. It’s a step that I’m anxious to take. Nothing like a woman to love you and help you keep you crazy pills sorted properly.
  8. Fun Fact: Within the Star Trek universe there is a ship named the USS Biko (After Steve of course.) There is no ship n the Star Trek universe named the Keisha Brown though.
  9. My beard smells like a day spa… in Heaven.
  10. Hypocrisy in action: For the better part of a fortnight I’ve been saying the phrase “Look at you. Now look at us.” but is openly judge and mock people who say things like “turn up” and “get your life.”
  11. NBA ref Joey Crawford looks like George “the Animal” Steele after lap band surgery.

Vaya con Dios.


13 responses to “Random Happenings With Me and Your Mama

  1. Good to see ya.

  2. LOL!!! Glad to see the randoms are back Wu. Speaking of #6. You’d be shoulder deep in material, some of these kats out here?! Folks have failed them.

    Oh and the perfect Wu-Tang at the right time?! Total greatness!
    That Liquid Swords album still gets heavy play. Especially B.I.B.L.E & Killah Hills 10304

    • I could write for years on end about these dudes but it would only serve to either depress me or facilitate more damning f**k boy logic via the comment section… nah. I’ll just let them punch themselves out.

      That Gza track hit at the perfect time yesterday. That was a solid CD too. I copped that at a record store (Remember those?) on the Univ of Florida’s campus while I was in high school. After the Purple Tape that’s my favorite Wu-Tang effort.

  3. The Only Real Outcast

    2. What if the terrorists use Sprint?
    7. Marriage is great!…how did you know about the pills?
    8. The Heat’s coach still reminds me of Ricky Steamboat.

    Good stuff!

    • Maybe more nefarious types chose Verizon. “We’re not terrorists but we’re number one with terrorists.

      Of course it’s dope. As for the happy pillars that’s between me and my selected medical provider.

      Coach So I looks like Rickey Steamboats’ kid.

  4. #s 4 and 9 made me cackle!
    Congrats on the engagement!! *hugs*

  5. awwww i just love you and Money Penny (even though i dont know her or much about your relationship lol) – in my head you guys are a cute couple. i just love you talking about her/your pending marriage. yay black love!

  6. Who do I gotta write to to get that fixed tho?
    People betta recognize!

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