The Thing About The Tuck Rule and Why Raiders Fans Should Get Over It.

FBN-AFC-PLAYOFF-RAIDERS-PAT_rA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots got together in an AFC Divisional Playoff Game. It was snowy night in Foxboro, Massachusetts which made for a really interesting football game in many, many ways.

Late in the game with while Oakland was leading 13-10 Raiders’ cornerback Charles Woodson hit Patriots quarterback Tom Brady while in the pocket forcing what looked to be at the time a fumble on which Raiders’ linebacker Greg Biekert recovered. Naturally this caused some levels of elation among the citizenry of Raider Nation (Yours truly was among this group.)

This elation would prove to be fleeting because referee Walt Coleman reversed that call after reviewing the play. Coleman invoked NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2 which was installed into to the league rule book two years prior. This little-known rule would then go down in history as “The Tuck Rule.”

The Tuck Rule reads as follows:

When [an offensive] player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body. Also, if the player has tucked the ball into his body and then loses possession, it is a fumble.

The Patriots would be rewarded the football and would go on to win the game and start one of the more annoying dynasties in sports history. This blog ain’t about them, though.

At the time, as an Oakland fan I was pissed and would remain that way for a few years. Yes, the Pats started a dynasty but the Raiders remained a good team and would make the Super Bowl the next year while evacuating themselves all over the clean linens in the bed while doing so. Among the Raider faithful the Tuck Rule game would go down in lore as the moment the once proud Oakland Raiders franchise turned into a joke of a team.

We kept telling ourselves that game started it all, while in truth the last 12 years is a mess made by the organization and not the league, Jon Gruden, or anyone else. Look in the mirror.

That game floated back into our minds last week when the NFL decided that the NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2 is hereby rescinded. When the news hit I glanced at my twitter Time Line and saw the following from the Raiders: “Adios, Tuck Rule.”

I then thought to myself, “Get the ***k over it!”

That in itself is my message to my fellow Raider fans: Just Get the ***k over it!

That game in Foxboro did not cause the last 12 years of terrible football and horrible front office moves. Walt Coleman’s reversing of the fumble did not cause JaMarcus Russell and Darius Heyward-Bey (I assume that all dudes who aren’t French, from Louisiana or some other former French possession, with hyphenated names  drink Zima, dress like Russell Westbrook, and listen to Drake in their free time.) be drafted in the first round. Nor did it cause the Davis family (Is Davii the plural of Davis?) to trade for Randy Gene Moss or Carson Palmer. Nothing that happened in that game caused the Raiders to become the Bengals.





So again, I implore my fellow Raider fans to shut the hell up and get over it. Our squad sucks because it is poorly ran shell of its former self that looks in the mirror and thinks its reflection still looks great. The only problem is the mirror has been covered with a picture from 1978, when things were good. Sadly, this is the current culture of my team and its fan base.

Big damn deal but I still don’t care that the Tuck Rule is gone it changes nothing about the reality of the Oakland Raiders being terrible.

Question: Is there anything about your favorite sports teams that you hate? (For instance I pull for Alabama’s football team but don’t like Nick Saban.) Do they continually make baseless excuses about poor on an off the field performances? Sports if filled with false narratives that get the Liberty Valance treatment so which ones are attached to your teams?

Vaya con Dios.

The Geto Boys– Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Explicit)


6 responses to “The Thing About The Tuck Rule and Why Raiders Fans Should Get Over It.

  1. I am a huge Bears fan. In fact I am a fan of anything Chicago (excepts that pesky crime and murder thing). I hat that the Bears waited so long to fire Lovie and then replaced him with a nobody!! Lovie wasn’t bad, but they knew he wasn’t their man two years ago. I hate the Bulls really think D-Rose is the answer to the Heat!!!! stop it – we wasted too much money on Rip and Boozer to compete for ring. I won’t even mention the cubs, it makes me too emotional. I’m doing my best to take your advice and GTF Over It!!

    • My boy is a Bears fans so I’m familiar with the frustrations of the Bears massive. I like Lovie but he was saddled with bad players in the wrong areas for the last couple of seasons there but I think he’ll catch on somewhere else. Yeah, I’ve only seen D-Rose play a few times but I never got on board with his greatness. He’s good in many areas but I don’t know if he’s the guy to take them over. Playing some defense would help D-Rose too. The Cubs needs to do the same thing that the Raiders need to do. Let go of the curses, fluke plays, and move forward. Lee Smith, Hawk and Rhino ain’t walking through that door. It’s a hard thing to do. In many ways being a fan is literally based on being unrealistic but you can only take that so far.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. The Only Real Outcast

    I don’t think the Steelers make a lot of excuses about things…but I do think that they are in denial (they’re old and injury prone)

  3. That Damn African

    “The tuck rule was a travesty, but you gotta get over it sometime. Like slavery.” -The White Man

    The Skins used to piss me off mainly because of how Dan Snyder managed it. He treated it like his own Madden team. The high-priced free agents who the coaches couldn’t fit into their scheme, the lack of accountability from personel, and a general sense that no one knew what they were doing or cared. A lot of that has changed, or seems to have changed, since Shanahan came on board and told Snyder to shut the fuck up when grown folks is talkin. So, I’m cool with how the team is now. Not that I agree with everything they do, but I don’t hate how the team is managed anymore. The only players or coaches I hated recently were our special teams coach and Brandon Banks and they’re both gone. Praise be to RG3.

    • As a Raider fan I take a lot of sh*t but I specifically tell Redskin and Cowboy fans that with a few wrong turns they will know my pain. Snyder was handing out the cash to anyone who showed up for a minute. I’ll say one thing about management– Reggie McKenzie and the new Raider managment seem to be modeling themselves after the Packers. That I can live with!

      “Praise be to RG3” <—— I'm glad y'all still show Rex Grossman love

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