The Things I Think When I’m Shaving My Head

The Rolling Stones — Fingerprint File

During the course of a week I spend a goodly amount of time in front of a sink and mirror, shaving my head. This mostly due to the facts that I have a large head, I like my sh*t to look nice and tight, and I don’t have the accent to pull of the Jason Statham cut. One of the ancillary effects that come from me: A. Having a large head B. Favoring my sh*t looking nice and tight and finally C. Not having the accent to pull of the eroded hairline look is that I use my time in front of the sink and mirror to reflect on life and brainstorm.

I don’t know if it’s the fact it’s just me and my reflection that brings this on but in the wake of my mental restructuring I’ve found that it is a great time to get things done.

For instance, I’ve been toying around with writing for more than a few years but now that I’ve put my mind into it this has been the time when I work out major and minor kinks about titles, characters, and plots that have caused me to hit various snags. Afterwards, it’s off to Evernote so that I don’t lose the idea. Yes, it’s an odd process but it’s mine.

On the days when I’m not off in my head making up stories I find myself reflecting on the way life used to be. [i]

This morning I caught myself thinking back on being at a Circle K, pumping gas, and Miss Moneypenny’s sweet ass copping Sweet Tarts and Spree’s to eat on our way to the hospital in Fairfax (STAND. THE. F**K. UP!) to see my mom. It was a dope yet subtle move that calmed me down when I needed to be calmed down.

On days in the past I’ve thought about random things like my man Mario calling me in the middle of the day, while we’re both at work to ask me if I remembered the Clyde Frog Show and spending the next 10 minutes laughing our a**es off about it. (I was actually laughing so hard that I was crying.)

In all I’ve come to value my time shaving my head. I’ve come to the point where I make the most out of the process. When you need to get your head straight to brainstorm, laugh, cry, or calm down, where do you go? Who do you see? What’s your process? Let me know.

Vaya con Dios.

[i] China Beach was really a dope book end to Tour of Duty when examining the pathos and temperature of the Vietnam era. Dope writing and theme songs. The person who figures out why I mentioned China Beach gets nothing but a pat on the back.


10 responses to “The Things I Think When I’m Shaving My Head

  1. Tour of Duty was such an awesome show. It’s where I first discovered “Paint It Black”, I was in the 5th grade…lol
    My place? My car. I love to drive down a highway straightaway, or a gravel road and just think. It’s calming to me. 2nd place, my Pops back porch. He lives in an area that’s kinda remote, so it’s really chill. Sit out, listen to the birds, an occasional rabbit or deer that might scamper by. Relaxing as all get out.

    • That really was a good show. I rewatched the series a few times as an adult and it shot straight. It didn’t get political or anything like that. Just dudes doing their job in the worse situations. Miguel Nuez in his pre- Juwana Man days and Kyle Chandler prior to being Eric Taylor. I discovered “Paint it Black” there too. Dope song.

      I was guessing folks were going to say their cars. I can see that being the case too. In all I don’t like driving but I do like driving through my part of SC when everything is nice and green in the spring. The back porch move is dope too. In a townhouse I used rent I’d peep rabbits doing their thing. I did walk into the swamp behind my pop’s house on Saturday and it was nice back there. Not much wildlife out but dope.

  2. The Only Real Outcast

    Yeah…its usually the car for me, but sometimes wherever I can get a moment to myself such as–yep, shaving!
    You actually had a swamp behind your house?? I always figured it was cliche, kind of how you guys thought I lived on a farm.

  3. i tend to do my nails at the end of the day/just before bed. and while i always admonish myself for doing that, i realize it’s my way of forcing myself to concentrate on one task, and something that doesn’t require life or death decision making.

  4. I have 3 friends that i talk to every single day. It can be deep life changing convos or simple ones like, “do they sell Kaboom cereal where you live?” I adore those girls.
    When I need alone time to think,cry, rationalize I really just sit criss cross applesauce in my bed and my dog sits in my lap while I pet her. Most soothing in the world to me right now.

    • I’ll forever equate Kaboom’s with the kitchen scene in Kill Bill pt 1.

      I used to have a dog that I actually talked at in high school so I can see how that would work. Dogs are surprisingly on it when it comes to things like that.

  5. most of my reflection happens when i’m doing my hair – i too have a big head and i have a LOT of hair so its a lonnnnng process to do anything with it. and this is probably because i cant be on my phone (txt, talk, game) so all i can do is just think and process.

    also when im driving long distances (road trips). i think a lot and usually not intentionally. things just come to me. i think i might start dictating my thoughts so that i dont forget them by the time i actually get to a computer or pen/paper. ive had so many ideas ive wanted to write out while driving and forgot them or just decided to forget about them because i didnt write them down in time.

    • Ah, another hair one. Shouts to all of the big-headed Negroes out there!

      I’ve forgotten things that I thought were going to be dope when I was driving too. I usually try my best to remember them but I take an L in that battle sometimes. *Jesus be a strong memory until I can get to Evernote.

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