Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of 2/15/13) — If There’s a Cure For This…

Man, what a week!

There were a lot of happenings happening this week. Chris Dorner decided to play Frank Castle. (The rest of the country talks a ton of smack about the south but let’s be honest. When Folks up north or out west, specifically California, decide to show their a**es they TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP.) Soul Brother Number 1 (That’s what I’m going to be called when I’m the president.) a/k/a Honolulu Slim b/k/a Barack H. Obama gave a State of the Union speech. (That I fell asleep on.) Lastly, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, which I hope y’all enjoyed (In honor of that I’ve placed numerous songs throughout the post to help ease the Friday morning love hangover. Hopefully these cuts will help you fondly remember what was put on or in you last night.)

So let’s get this thing going.

1. The entire Chris Dorner thing is just a mess. One sad mess. The entire situation has so many layers to it that sadly will never get fleshed all the way out. America, our law enforcement agencies, people calling Chris Dorner a hero or villain, and the media (or what passes for it these days.) need to sit down and think some things over. We need to examine our savage selves for a moment. I’ll do a post for next week about why we pull for and root against certain people in fiction and real life. *Frank Ocean whistles*
2. Speaking of Frank Ocean—what the hell was that at the Grammies? Was that supposed to be dope? Does that song sound better on his album? Maybe I’m not deep enough for his music. Maybe I’m just simple. (I’m starting to think that last thing may be true.)
3. Nina Simone — In The Dark

4. In a sign that there is absolutely nothing to talk about in the world of sports, ESPN has been celebrating Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday all week. Along with that, the entire sports media establishment has been debating a completely made up news story that wondered whether or not South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney should sit out his junior year to prevent an injury that may or may not happen. How many more days to football season are there?

5. Raphael Saadiq—Still Ray

6. More on Mali. I wonder if France and the west is really going to do the right thing in this case. I also think the nations in Africa should establish their own version NATO that isn’t the African Union.

7. Today is one of those day when I could eat fried fish and French fries for lunch then do absolutely nothing else for the rest of the day.
8. L.T.D—Love Ballad

9. Since I’m a history nut I’ve often wondered what the world was like when my parents were my current age. Here are photos from The Atlantic documenting various sights of the year 1963. I’ll just say that I’m always thankful to have been born when I was. Life just looked hard back then.
10. Why is Rick on the Walking Dead the only member of his crew having major psychotic breaks? First, there was the thing with the telephone and now he’s seeing things. The world for all purposes has ended and everyone is a little crazy but Rick is acting like he’s on PCP.
11. Bootsy Collins–I’d Rather Be With You

12. I’ve been trying to compile a comprehensive family tree of both sides of my clan and I hit some road blocks. If you’re doing the same this article by Henry Louis Gates dealing with Decoding Slave Records may help. Man, our history is just shot to pieces. *smh*
13. The O’Jays –You Got Your Hooks In Me

Y’all have a good weekend.

Vaya con Dios!


8 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of 2/15/13) — If There’s a Cure For This…

  1. That Damn African

    1. “The entire situation has so many layers to it that sadly will never get fleshed all the way out.” And there it is. Certain narratives will made their way to the top of the national discussion while others are completely ignored. Also, the “it’s black & white” crowd will again be the loudest voices.

    2. I missed this. The entire awards show. I am happier because of it.

    9. 1963 was a hell of a year. It’s amazing how visceral photographs like those can be.

    10. You could argue that it’s because he’s had to deal with the pressures of being the leader this whole time, which include feeling responsible for every and anyone’s death in the group. That and the fact that he never forgave Lori before she died. But yeah, get it together Rick.

    • 1. I can be black and white from time to time but we have to step back. It’s a mess where a man has a completely unjustified reaction towards his situation that dealt with unjustified reactions toward the citizenry by his former employers. It’s the cheering of the “folk hero” that bothered me. In one of my few pollyanic moments I think we, the people should be better.
      2. I usually don’t do award shows either but I saw that madness.
      9. There was tons of strife during that time period. We were a mess, Europe was still rebuilding, southeast Asia was jacked, and Africa was beginning to take its somewhat modern state. Hard times.
      10. the lose of Lori is big but he’s just seems to be crumbling faster than the rest. Herschel’s dillusion about the walkers still being people was his break. Darryl had his break in the woods. Andrea probably had her break before everything thing even happend. I wonder how Carl and Glenn are going to break.

  2. Good lookin’ on the link about researching the family history. I’ve seemed to hit a road block on both my Mom and Dad’s sides. Very frustrating.
    Oh, and as I’ve said on twitter, I listented to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, I liked exactly 4 songs. #DassIt.

  3. interesting week indeed. i got caught up in some of it (Chris Dorner on twitter) and not caught up in most of it (Grammies, SOTU, etc).

    all i can say is – what is we gon do??

  4. The Only Real Outcast

    -State of the Union was pretty good. The President sounds like he’ll be more aggressive this time around…and why not?
    -…if you went to sleep on the speech that means you missed Marco Rubio doing the Republican response. 2 words: bottled water.
    -ESPN (for the most part) will try to put something football related on every week. Don’t worry: it will probably get worse. The Jordan thing was a bit much.
    -is the AU an alliance like the one in Europe?
    -Frank Ocean has a heckuva PR guy…That whole performance HAD to be on purpose…and now everyone knows who he is.

    • The African Union isn’t out to have one currency like the EU. They are mostly about trade and peace keeping. Their militaries do get involved in conflicts on the continent but it always ends badly. (But all peace keeping tends to be a joke no matter what continent you’re talking about.)

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