Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts Week of 2/8/2013

The Lumineers– Ho Hey

This has been a week of sinus headaches and agitation. Y’all read this while I daydream about taking a nap at my desk.

1. I miss football already. This NBA life isn’t going to cut it at all.
2. Why are people in the northeast acting like their weather isn’t always f**ked up in February?
3. Grown men who get all geeked about National Signing Day need to tone is down a little. They are the male version of pageant moms. I love football as much as the next hombre but that ish is kind of creepy. You gush over them as 17 year-old boys, and then you wonder why they act like entitled maniacs when they are professionals. Come on son.
4. Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated took some time out to rank the NFL’s announcing teams. I’ll be honest with y’all- my sound is usually turned down during games because the art of play by play is suffering.
5. I don’t follow soccer but what’s up with European football fans? All they all angry or is the vitriol centered in specific areas? I’ve seen a few stories documenting racism among fans of international soccer but how common are these occurrences?
6. Here’s some much need Ororo Munroe appreciation. (I wish somehow Marvel would regain the rights to the X-Men franchise so we can forget that Halle played Storm.) In all I think the comic medium has both a problem with ethnic characters and female leads—there’s simply not enough of either.
7. As someone who is something of an introvert this is an interesting read about introverted kids. I don’t agree with a lot of the article’s points but it makes you think.
8. Here’s an interesting view on Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.A.A.D City and how it relates to gun control and black youth. Again Mario (F**k with the Good Ole Boys Radio sometime. You’ll love it.), it’s a dope album but it still isn’t the best release since 2001.

Thanks all I’ve got. Vaya con Dios.


16 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts Week of 2/8/2013

  1. YAY!!!! The Lumineers! I really dig those guys. Really. Really! LOL
    I miss football too, mayne. Le sigh…
    Regards to your number 2. I feel bad for ’em. It was 85 here yesterday. *snickers* I love our “winter”.

    • As to the weather conditions of our northeastern brethren I’ll amend what I said. “The national media should stop acting like they don’t get f**k’ed up weather.” SC is in the midst of climate change madness. Winter at night and spring during the day. #sinushell

  2. That Damn African

    1. My team stinks and their are too many games. I’ll wait till the Finals like I always do.
    2. I can’t argue with this at all.
    4. Collinsworth being included in any top-10 list, let alone #1 on that list, is a travesty.
    7. Introversion is not the same as shyness to me, which is more of what the author is talking about it seems. I used to be both, but they are not attached at the hip. Children should be broken out of shyness, but introverts have great qualities for discussion and communication.

    This commenter makes some great points that I agree with (

    • 1. I’ll watch the finals for sure. Other than that I can’t the annual Kobe vs. Whomever slap fight.
      2. Geography is a b**** man.
      4. The entire list is odd. All of them just talk to much and if I had my way no one who works for Fox would make lists like these.
      7. Good point! They are often mistaken. Those who are shy aren’t afraid to speak where introverts practice the ancient and deadly art of knowing when to shut the f*** up. That commenter did make more than a few astute points.

  3. The Only Real Outcast

    1. I’ll watch All-Star weekend, then I’ll (loosely) pay attention to the League in June. Loosely.
    2. Are they naming blizzards now? Or did I imagine that…
    3. Signing Day hype: seriously? C’mon man. I blame the Mothership for that.
    4. Every time I see/hear Collinsworth, I think about him hating on Charlie Batch (circa Detroit Lions). He would go out of his way to do it: …”I think that with their defense, the Colts should have no problem against Miami. AND CHARLIE BATCH!, YOU SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM MAKING THE LIONS LOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT A QUARTERBACK!”…Kinda like that. And it was funny.
    5. Soccer in Europe…I have no idea.
    6. When wishing for ethnic characters, be careful, you might get goofy stereotypes…instead, wish for well-thought-out ethnic characters…lest we get something like what I used to see on Superfriends. Sorry, it was the first reference that came to mind.

    • 1. Loosely is a good way to describe it.
      2. Yeah, they are naming blizzards. This is Jim Cantore’s fault. The man is a monster.
      3. I blame ESPN for a lot of things but Rivals/Yahoo are in on this foolishness too.
      4. Chicken chest is always annoying but his hatred of Charlie Batch was good TV.
      5. I have no interest in the game but the fan behavior is interesting.
      6. Most ethnic characters are pretty well done now. Luke Cage (Power Man) had a revamp and he’s a great character. There are very little Apache Chief’s or Black anything. (Black Lightening is actually a good character.)

      • The Only Real Outcast

        2. Jim Cantore: “The Bad News Man”
        3. I forgot about Rivals/Yahoo…I retract my blame on ESPN.
        6. I’ve been out of the comic book loop, but I know who Luke Cage is. Didn’t know he was Powerman…I saw a parallel between Storm (ie, strong, minority woman who’s head of a “family”, other needs/gender issues, etc) and the (real or precieved) experiences of minority women in similar situations…am I off base on that?

        • 2. If you see Jim Cantore on your block…leave.
          3. ESPN isn’t alone but they cause a bulk of the hype.
          6. A writer named Brian Michael Bendis revamped Luke. He transformed him from a superhero who protected Harlem to the leader of the Avengers. For the six or seven years Luke, Spidey, and Wolverine were as much of the face of the Avengers as Captain America and Thor. What you said about Storm has merit. Much like the way minority women (black women especially) are portrayed in fictional medium and in real life, Storm is strong and independent. She is seldom the damsel (which I like). She is lead the X-Men without her powers in the 80’s and no one stepped to her about it. Many of the writers just don’t know what to do with her because female leads don’t sell well and I think many writers don’t know how to write a black woman.

  4. Mario Washington

    So you just gonna call me out like that about Kendrick hunh?! Lol. I can say this much, it’s better than Take Care by Drake even though the Grammy awards staff obviously doesn’t think so.

  5. ALLLLLLLLLLLL IN on #1. i tried to watch NBA on ABC on SUN and it watched me while i read blogs and napped. smh.

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