Ain’t it News/Random Thoughts: Gone Off That Mali

Pourquoi cet homme sourit-il ?

Pourquoi cet homme sourit-il ? (French Foreign Legionaries in Mali)

Man, f***k an intro paragraph!!!

  1. If you’ve paid any attention to international news of late you may be somewhat familiar with the crisis in the northwestern African nation of Mali. Mali, which has an extremely rich history has been in a state of flux due to a rebellion by Tuareg separatists and coup d’état lead by members of the Malian military who were less than pleased with their government’s handling of the Tuareg rebellion. Normally, the west is iffy about getting involved in Africa but once Islamists got involved in the rebellion in northern Mali bells started ringing in Washington D.C., Paris, London, and other western capitals. Throw in food shortages, the banning of the arts, and the installation of hardcore Islamic laws in the areas controlled by the rebels and the world’s attention once again turned to Africa. French soldiers and Legionaries with the aid of  the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command began landing troops onto Malian soil to “aid” the Malian government and retaking the rebel held territory and restoring order. (Yes, there is still a French Foreign Legion and they secretly kind of badass. Just like the Royal Canadian Mounties.) So my question is this: Is having western soldiers operating in African nations a good or a bad thing? From the perspective of African nations is this a bad thing precedent leading to neocolonialism? Anyone care to do anything about the Congo?
  2. I could blog about how awesome a show Justified is every week but I don’t want to be a Stan.
  3. I’m not that into the Super Bowl this year. I actually haven’t been into pro football at all but the game is filled with more than a few interesting players with even more interesting stories. We know about Michael Oher and Patrick Willis’ life but the story of Colin Kaepernick’s birth mom is worth reading too. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Rick Reilly’s premise but it is a good read.
  4. What’s the best book that y’all have read lately? I’m looking for suggestions.
  5. College basketball is so bad right now it’s almost unwatchable. What happened to the talent levels? Am I the only one who feels this way or does it just suck?
  6. John McCain’s credibility is circling the drain slowly. He went from somewhat upright United States Senator/war hero to your mean granddad in about a decade. Just retire bro.
  7. If you’re on Twitter, what things do you have muted? I’ve managed to eliminate every Zodiac sign, and Scandal
  8. God bless you, Colin Powell. I keep waiting on Powell to say something like “I done told you one time!”  in an interview. Grumpy old man is so becoming of you.
  9. This may just be the worst post I’ve ever done. Trust me that’s a feat in itself.

Vaya con Dios!


15 responses to “Ain’t it News/Random Thoughts: Gone Off That Mali

  1. 1. hadnt heard about the drama in Mali. hell, i havent been up on much of any news. im in a bubble. and i kinda feel ashamed for being so indifferent to whats going on here and abroad at the moment.
    2. havent see nit yet but Justified is on my list of to catch up on shows. if you endorse it, im sure i’ll dig it.
    3. i know this makes me sound like such a “girl” but the only thing im looking forward to about the SB is Bey. ive been very uninterested in football this entire season (partly because im on a diff coast and its just weird adjusting) and also because… idk. its been fun rooting for the underdogs (Seahawks, Skins,) and theyre red hot rookie QBs. i mean, i used to be a 9ers fan, and im happy that they went from shit to sugar and are actually near the promised land. but other than that mild interest, im just eh.
    4. not any that you havent already read. im currently reading Sherlock Holmes. easy and fun reads. but i havent really delved into anything heavy lately so i got nothin.
    5. i dont watch college basketball. or basketball period, really. so i wouldnt know anything about it.
    6. basically.
    7. i havent spent much time on twitter and only peruse through my TL occasionally. no need to mute when i dont even know whats really going on anyway.
    8. CP is that dude.
    9. a post is a post.

    • Mali has been described as an African version of Afghanistan prior to our invasion. The “rebels” pretty much took over the northern portion of the nation and outlawed art, music, and basically fun. Dash compared them to some VSB commenters.

      I think the NFL didn’t do it for me b/c this fall I had so much going on that by Sunday I had no damns to allocate towards it.

      Basketball just isn’t what it used to be.

      CP is that dude.

      You’re right though. A sh*t post is still a post.

  2. The Only Real Outcast

    1. Thanks for the primer on Mali. When you think about it, Africa is home to a lot of rebellion, unrest, war, etc.
    3. I tried to keep up with the NFL this year but it wasn’t a priority…being outvoted by the Minis doesn’t help. If they put football on Disney I’ll be straight.
    4. I’m about to read Bill Cosby’s book “I Didn’t Ask to Be Born, but I’m Glad I Was”. I also read “The Action Bible”–Basically, if the Bible was a um, graphic novel this is what it would be…it was done by a guy who worked for Marvel (or was it DC?). If you ever want to read (or re-read) the Good Book, it’s a good place to start.
    5. I’ll try to catch CofC if they’re on, but I don’t even think about college basketball until late Feb/March. From what I’ve seen it’s increasingly watered down and uninteresting. Could this be because of talent going to the League? Lack of fundamentals? Parity? Saturation on TV? A combination?…
    6. I read the McCain article. That was messed up.
    7. Not on Twitter, but on Facebook I’ve tried to clean my News Feed. I already cut out stuff like “so-and-so needs hay!”, and pictures of ugly shoes. Pared down my friends list too.
    8. CP is right.
    9. I like the post. Holla!

    • 1. That’s what makes getting involved in Africa so dangerous. The west has never done well in any area where tribal alliances are in play. In most cases they shouldn’t have been involved in the first place.
      3. The games and the action just seemed to have been meh to me this year.
      4. I saw “The Action Bible” in Books a Mil the other day. I may check it out.
      5. CofC is fun to watch but they’ll piss you off at the same time. They should make the tourney, though. I think fundamentals is a factor as well as saturation of TV. Just because a game is played doesn’t mean we should broadcast it. I actually saw an Elizabeth City St game on TV the other day.
      6. John McCain… come on gramps.
      7. Yeah, I had to trim my facebook friends down too… not done yet.
      9. thanks!

  3. i don’t watch news. i probably should. i do prefer to read it though.
    the RCMP is badass thank you.
    i was obviously distracted this nfl season, but the superbowl proved to be entertaining. blow out becomes comeback. halftime. blackout. twitter.
    if i could mute rhoa/basketball wives and the like…i would be happy. if i see ignorance – i just unfollow. #aintnobodygottimefodat
    im not reading as much as i should…but hope to remedy that.
    im gonna read the links you dropped. but wonder how it feels to watch your adopted son become a superbowl darling.

    • Yeah, watching it can get frustrating due to that 24hr news cycle. I listen to the BBC when I get the chance.

      Don’t eff with the Mounties.

      The game was better than I expected but overall it was a let down. Hopefully I’ll be back to full fanatic stage next year. I didn’t see halftime or check twitter during the game b/c I didn’t want to mute Beyonce which leads me too…

      I have most reality TV shows muted. I don’t need to see Joe Budden’s junkie tears or his collection of large butted runaways on my TL.

      That link about Kap makes you think for sure.

      • i agree with you – it’s not rick’s place to bully colin into wanting a relationship/meet with his birth mom.

        and girls tend to be more curious about their moms and boys tend to be more curious about their fathers. (i made this up..but i think im not too far off).

        • Rich has to realize that Kap is going to have to want that relationship. He may never want it and then again he may come around. I was blessed with both parents so most of my curiousity was answered down the hall but I can see your point. I will say that a guy’s relationship to his parents is key to how he will then treat women in the future. (There are of course outliers but I think I’m not to far off.)

  4. thatdamnafrican

    I gotta stop forgetting to check my Google Reader. Days later and I’m just now seeing this post.

    1. Not that I’ve been following this story, but it’s probably a good and bad thing. There’s a thin line between nation-stabilizing and nation-building.
    2. Still haven’t seen an episode. My shame grows.
    4. I’ve been reading The Death and Life of The Great American School System. It’s a decent read. Dense and long-winded at times, but I’m interested in education reform so it keeps my attention for the most part.

    • “I gotta stop forgetting to check my Google Reader. Days later and I’m just now seeing this post”…. do better TDA. Just stay out of the streets man.

      1. There is a fine line between the two and most of the western nations suck at nation building. We’re always shackled with most of the blame but France and England never take responsibility for mucking up the mid-east and Africa.
      2. It’s a dope-a** show.
      4. I’ve heard of that book. I would assume a work covering that topic would be dense. Oddly enough we may be better at nation building than education.

      • That Damn African

        You can take TDA out the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of TDA.

        American has such a bad reputation at this point that everyone else just gets ignored when they muck it up. It’s like when parents have one f***-up child and just automatically assume that he must have had something to do with the 50 bucks missing from their wallet and not the other kid.

        “Oddly enough we may be better at nation building than education.” 😦 #ItsSadBecauseItsTrue

  5. 1. Having a western presence in Africa is a necessary evil. the problem is figuring out how to get the western presence out of Africa once the need is no longer there. Folks only get involved if there is a way for them to profit and that’s when ish gets ugly.

    2. Haven’t watched that show yet, is that a western?
    3. for the first time in my life, i missed the entire SB, by choice. I was surprised there was no spontaneous combustion, so I might miss a few more games and get out the house more.

    4. Just finished reading the Shadow that scares me by Dick Gregory and the first game of thrones book. both were pretty dope.

    5. College basketball will suck as long as the best players can be one and done. I’m not even going to pay attention until March Madness and then because i don’t know any of the teams, i won’t pay attention too long after my bracket is shot.

    Any post that starts off with “Man, F a intro paragraph” is in the running for best post ever!!

    • 1. Westerners just forget to leave when they set up shop.
      2. It’s sort of a western. It’s set in Kentucky and the main character Raylan dresses and acts like he’s in 1877. It mostly involves meth heads, neo-Nazis, and other types of backwooks hustlers.
      3. No shame in missing that.
      4. Dick Gregory is still hilarious.

      “Any post that starts off with “Man, F a intro paragraph” is in the running for best post ever!!”
      Thank you sir!

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