Random Thoughts: My Favorite Sh*t of 2011

2011 AD was truly something else. It was neither a good nor bad year but a year none the less. Life kept on moving and I was thankful for every second of it. (It’s still real in the field though.) I would like to think that I’ve grown a little and made some all-around improvements. I know everyone is getting ready for 2012 but I just wanted to let everyone in some of the things I enjoyed in 2011. This won’t take too long and you’ll only feel a slight sting… Consider yourselves favorited b**ches.

  1. Favorite songs of the year: 1. Killer Mike – Ric Flair 2. Tabi Bonney – Frontin 3. The Stone Foxes – I’m a King Bee 4. Adele – Rolling in The Deep 5. Big K.R.I.T – Dreamin 5. The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines 6. Nas – Nasty 7. Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights 8. Raphael Saadiq – Good Man
  2. Favorite comic book moments of the year: 1. The implosion of the X-Men during the Schism storyline which leads to Wolverine reopening the school. 2. Wolverine renaming Xavier’s school the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning as a super-powered middle finger to Cyclops. 3. Spider Island: After all of Marvel’s terrible storylines, Spider-Man gets his cajones back while the entirety of Manhattan temporarily gain Spidey powers. (Oh yeah, Mary Jane is totally still into Peter after that whole deal with the devil thing.) 4. The introduction of two great characters with amazing potential: A pre-teen Nigerian mutant named Idie Okonkwo (Oya) (I have to admit that Wolverine having Kitty Pryde buy a little girl a doll was creepy as hell.) and a surprisingly well-spoken and bespectacled alien Broo. 5. Steve Rogers juggling working for Obama, running the Avengers in the public and extending an invitation to Ororo.
  3. Favorite political moment (Domestic): OBL’s ticket getting punched on May 1st (I still don’t feel bad. Word to Jimmy McNulty for saying “When you play in dirt, you get dirty.”) And Obama’s strut while walking away after announcing it.
  4. Favorite political moment (Foreign): The Arab Spring -Democracy sure is messy isn’t it? We Americans forget that sometimes.
  5. Favorite television moments: 1. The entire Palestinian Chicken episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm 2.  The third season finale of Southland: Two of the show’s central characters, grizzled veteran John Cooper and rookie Ben Sherman respond to a domestic call that involves a father giving his six-year old son a gang tattoo. After the officers settling the situation, the baby gangster fires an imaginary pistol at Cooper, who is coming down off a pain killer buzz. Cooper, who says nothing, only rubs the kid on his head and walks away. 3. Justified’s sinister, hillbilly matriarch, Mags Bennett giving a rousing speech to her community so that they would not signing away their land rights to a coal company… but to her instead. 4. Luther pouring petro on himself while being held at bay by a serial killer with a lighter. He follows the killer into the back of a cargo truck that said “LARN Medical Supplies” on the side supposedly out of sight of police snipers only to say the most dope line of the entire show and tell the coppers where to shoot. “The A between the L and the R. Aim low.”
  6. My Favorite blog posts that I wrote: 1. Why Is It Always the Girl’s Fault 2. “I’m Good…” Even I could overcome my inherent suckiness a few times.
  7. My Favorite blog posts that someone else wrote: 1. My man Tunde advocated literacy among black males. 2.  MsEvaHoney did a dope and candid guest post over at Gemmie’s spot about the importance of mental health. 3. The Most Interesting Man in the World did a great post speaking on how we need both Barack Obama and Cornel West to achieve for the sake of black America. 4. Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote about why blacks don’t study The Late Unpleasantness. (As someone who is into modern wars I have to admit that he’s right.)
  8. Favorite Sporting moment: 1. The Raiders righting the ship… well kind of. 2. Robert Griffin III winning the Heisman. Trent Richardson is my man but it was good to see a well-spoken kid not named Tebow get some shine.
  9. Favorite Sporting Moment that didn’t happen: Still no Mayweather/Pacquiao– A man can dream can’t he?
  10. Favorite moments of life: 1. Realizing that the cancer can be pushed back into the depths of hell from which it came. 2. The epiphany that my sister Dale is the strong one. I will hear no argument to the contrary. 3. I don’t remember the specific date but it was a Friday night that involved sitting on the couch and throwing back vodka and tonics with Moneypenny while watching Chopped Food Network. That sh*t was awesome!

Feel free to tell your favorite things about 2011 and I hope all of y’all have a safe and Happy New Year.

Vaya con Dios.


12 responses to “Random Thoughts: My Favorite Sh*t of 2011

  1. Lowlight of the year: people saying: “who would want to watch that game?” Fool, the NFL came back at the last minute, but you’re too good to watch certain games? Bye.

  2. I love how you broke down your fave moments!!!
    im glad it was a balanced year for you and look forward to visiting the cloud in 2012! (that sounded like im trying to get high or hit on you. my aim was neither).

    • Thanks KB! I view any year that I make it through as a good one. I look around and see things could be worse.I’m blessed so I may as well act like it.

      I hope you and the rest of the Thirteen keep coming back to the Cloud too.

  3. great post man. appreciate the shoutout.

    let me see.

    my favorite songs: picture perfect- eric roberson ft. phonte, God’s gift- j cole, make my- the roots ft k.r.i.t and dice raw

    favorite sports moment: green bay beating pittsburgh in the superbowl. i’m just not a steelers fan. the only football team i equally dislike is the cowboys.

    overall worst feeling for our nation: the execution of troy davis. i’m 100% against the death penalty.

    • You’re welcome!

      Make My and the entire Undun disc snuck up on me.

      The Super Bowl was good. I featured the two others teams that I don’t mind to see win unless they are playing Oakland.

      I okay as I was about Bin Laden I was strangrly upset about the Davis execution. (It’s a hard position to defend).

      Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. i am mad tardy to the party but i am humbled to have been thought of to be on your list.

    My fave thing of 2011 was making it out alive.

  6. Now that I have read your 2011 rankings, I feel that my year was a waste or there were a lot of wastful things that came out of this year….I am trying to figure that out. I cannot thing of one single thing to rank right now. Maybe this is because I am 10 days late also. I did like Adele’s, Someone Like You….actually that whole album. I will try to do more reading next year….oh….I fell into giving a new years resolution.

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