Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts: Week of November 11th, 2011…

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<p><strong>I know this is the first Random Whatever/ Ain’t It Whatever in a while but I had some thoughts that I needed to get out of head.</strong> Herman Cain’s sausage, Rick Perry’s stupidity, and Joe Paterno dominated the news. The time change is again screwing with me and I’m just wringing my hands until it’s time to clock out tonight so I can enjoy some premium malt liquor and a fried double down.</p>
<p>Btw, this is the worst blog you’ll ever read.</p>
<li>For many <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali</span></a></span> will always be attached at the hip. The coupling of the two great heavyweight champions will always remain because of the wars they fought against each other in the early 1970’s. Frazier, a Beaufort, SC native died earlier this week of liver cancer at the age of 67. Due to the foolishness happening in State College Pennsylvania, Frazier’s death did not get the front page coverage it deserved. (I am culpable for this too. Nothing I write is even close to being front page but I could have devoted an entire post to Joe Frazier as opposed to Penn State.)  Although he was only 205 lbs. he fought in an era with legitimate filled heavy weight fighters. Willing to take damage to dish it out in return, Frazier’s left hook gave opponents pause. <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>An all-time great is no longer with us</span></a></span>. Here’s a <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>bonus interview</span></a></span> with Frazier.</li>
<li>Speaking of boxers, <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>Mike Tyson as Herman Cain</span></a></span> is hilarious. He actually makes a more palatable Herman Cain than Herman Cain does. By the way, Herman Cain isn’t worth a pack of store brand lunch meat. Not cold cuts, lunch meat.</li>
<li>I’m still jacked about the seeing <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>Red Tails</span></a></span>, George Lucas’ movie about the Tuskegee Airman when it comes out.  <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>Roscoe Brown</span></a></span>, an Airman speaks about his experiences and appearances in a new documentary produced by George Lucas <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>Double Victory</span></a></span>.</li>
<li>Is there anybody named Roscoe under the age of 55?</li>
<li>Dear Rick Perry, Stop it got-dammit!</li>
<li>In light of Wednesday night’s riot in State College and the personality cult that is Joe Pa I remembered one of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone, “<span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=””><span style=”color:#008000;”>It’s a Good Life</span></a></span>”. It shows what happens when one person’s will is imposed on a culture and a small town. Don’t get wished into a cornfield.</li>
<li>To celebrate last night’s Raider’s victory over the San Diego Static Chargers I will be having a small get together at my apartment today from 7:30 to 8:15. There will be Four Loko, Double Downs, Red Bull, and black tar heroin for those who want it.</li>
<li>If you get the chance, thank a veteran today. One who actually served in uniform and not on Call of Duty.  *Side note* The <span style=”color:#008000;”><a href=”,0,4607148.story”><span style=”color:#008000;”>Montford Point Marines</span></a></span> are finally getting their due. The fact that the Marines were the last of the armed services to segregate seems weird because for some reason I imagine most of today’s Marines to be black or Hispanic. Not sure why but I do.</li>
<li>Sadly, I could live in a world without the National Basketball Association. Yes, the players have a ton of bad contracts but mob boss Stern needs to admit that there are some owners and cities that don’t need teams.</li>
<p>Enjoy your weekend and stay off of the pipe.</p>
<p>Vaya con Dios.</p>


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