America Got A Thing For Death Sh*t…

America got a thing for this gangsta death sh*t.

Troy Davis, a Georgia man who was convicted of killing a police officer in Savannah in 1991, is scheduled to be executed at 7:00 pm tonight after various advocates have exhausted most of the legal attempts of calling off his death by the state of Georgia. Many of the witnesses in his trial are now and have been recanting their statements for some time and every effort for a new trial has also been exhausted. The state of Georgia has made up its mind and barring something new happening Davis’s fate is sealed.

A few weeks ago the crowd reaction at a Republican presidential debate when Texas Governor Rick Perry proudly stated how he felt secure about his states usage of the death penalty was similar to that of a last second touchdown to win a championship game. The crowd, who was obviously pro-death penalty, cheered their gluts off at the thought of executing criminals. The same crowd would probably identify themselves Christians also.[i]

Hold on a second, I need to be honest for a moment. Although I have many issues with the death penalty I have to admit that I see a place for it in certain cases. I can’t resolve how I feel with the rest of my beliefs but that’s how I see things. Compartmentalization aside, America’s usage of the death penalty bothers me.

Back to the GOP debate and the crowd’s cheering of Rick Perry’s comments. When I saw that I got an image of a crowd in Dodge City standing outside of Marshall Dillon’s office wanting blood and vengeance at the end of a rope. After more thought it went beyond something from a TV western. To me it just appeared as cartoonish and blood thirsty.

Troy Davis and the crowd reaction at the GOP debates are just the latest examples of many of the American public’s feelings about the death penalty. I can’t give any statistics to support or refute anything I’ve said here but I know what I see and have heard throughout American history. Do Americans have an inherent thirst for vengeance on our terms? I admitted that I smirked when I found out about Osama Bin Laden’s death and was unrepentant about doing so. (Yes, that’s an indictment on my character.)[ii] We have many collective issues as a nation but this is a big one. First world mentalities with third world actions make for large-scale acts of hypocrisy. Underneath it all are we [Americans] just another blood thirsty mob? What do you think?

Vaya con Dios and pray for Troy Davis.

[i] Old Testament Christians but Christians none the less. They will gladly turn you into salt but they would probably not stop to help you out on that treacherous stretch of road between Jerusalem and Jericho.

[ii] No, I’m not comparing Mr. Davis, guilty or innocent to UBL. My comparison is that of the vengeance.


17 responses to “America Got A Thing For Death Sh*t…

  1. I do think overall, Americans are a blood thirsty mob. That’s what this country was built on. Blood shed and it’s supposed “justice”. Somebody dies, that means justice is served and all is “right in the world”. Blood is what keeps this country going. It’s what started it, the blood of the native americans. The blood of the slaves built this country. And though times have changed, there’s still a thirst for it that must be met by any means necessary.

    • Yeah our nation was built on a foundation that was held together by blood, greed, God, and gun powder. For all of our enlightenment as a nation we aren’t sh*t sometimes. Listening to reason is out of the window and the truth promoptly followed it. I won’t even bother with the freaks at the debate.

  2. For as much as hip-hop and video games are blasted for being violent, that’s what America loves. Violence and death are entertaining. Word to the Romans.

    And that moment at the debate was pure fuckery. Those who cheered should rot.

    • The mainstream won’t admit it but we do love our violence. Love the comparison to the Romans too.

      As for the folks at the debate and their “Christianity” my friend Kate said considering their savior was also a victim of capital punishment one would assume they would have a different view. Sadly, Kate is wrong.

    • “For as much as hip-hop and video games are blasted for being violent, that’s what America loves.”

      Agreed! The movie industry is a great example of this. It’s always intrigued me that films with tons of violence would get a less stricter rating that something sexual in nature. Violence ends life while sex creates it. Hmm.

  3. “Do Americans have an inherent thirst for vengeance on our terms?”

    America is definitely quite blood-thirsty. To quote Desmond Tutu, “To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.” And I agree with that. I can’t personally speak on what it’s like to want someone dead after they’ve murdered my loved one (because the death penalty is SUCH an emotionally-charged decision), but I do know that the “waiting” process has always struck me the wrong way. And yesterday’s INHUMANE display (having Troy lie on a gurney for 4 hours while they decide? Nawl, son…) really makes it difficult for me to support it at all. 😦

    • I can’t speak on the families feelings either but I would want the right person to do the time. I’ve never understood the waiting process. That’s another form of torture in itself.

      • Definitely… to be in the position of not really knowing IF the right person did the time is quite disturbing. I can’t imagine how that must feel. Such a conflict on emotions.

        And yeah, the waiting process is another level of torture that I don’t quite jive with at all…

  4. great post.
    i’d tell you how an outsider views y’all..but…i might be trying to cross the border again at some point. 😉

    • I always imaged that living next to the U.S. is like living next to the X-Men’s school. Some weird shit happens and you just pray that it doesn’t spill onto your property.

      Seriously, we lost our way a few years back and haven’t stopped for directions.

  5. Yes, Our image is that we are blood thirsty mobs…. We are so diverse as a group of people but the drama is what makes on to the TV, media and into the homes of the world. I can go on with the topic of image all day so I will stop here.

    I don’t get the killing….I didn’t get it with Sadam, the World Trade or with Osama. It just doesn’t make since to me. I think it is a black and white situation; killing is wrong or right.
    Your Christian comment is so on point. I don’t have to elaborate any further on that.
    Man, my mind is all over the place now…. I need a window seat..

    • Our international image is partially earned. Although we are a blood thirsty horde we still out class many nations. We get a lot of things wrong but we have a few glaring mistakes. Our European counterparts aren’t the saints they claim themselves to be. Until recently these were the people who slaughtered each other every few decades. I won’t get started with how the colonial policies of Europe screwed Africa over. We all have work to do.

      I understand the killing on some levels. Again, I can’t reconcile me being cool with some of it and not then being anti-death penalty. We didn’t kill Saddam contrary to what folks believe. Yes, he was apprehended by members of the 4th Div but he was tried and judged by his own people for his lengthy gangsterism and crimes against humanity. Dude should have been tried at the Hauge like Milosevic and Charles Taylor. Seriously, Saddam attempted genocide, used chemical weapons (even Hitler was against chemical weapons), robbed his people blind, and committed heinous acts against the environment. He should be in a cell rotting somewhere being made to listen to Nancy Grace.

      I don’t get acts of terrorism like the world trade. If I have a problem with someone I’m going after them and them only.

      … Bin Laden… In hindsight Bin Laden wasn’t going to go peacefully. Think about it. Was his arrest ever an option? Martyrdom was his goal and we partially gave it to him. Leave him alive for what? I still have no problem with how he died. Yes, we have to turn the other cheek but we also have use the rod and staff from time to time.

      “I think it is a black and white situation; killing is wrong or right.”

      There’s a lot of gray out their to hoss.

      Jesus Christ himself was execute via capital punishment. I wonder how the Christian right reconciles that? Again, I’m against the death penalty but I understand the killing of Bin Laden and others.

      Keith Francis Young, just like the rest of the American citizenry is a member of the blood thirsty horde.

  6. Well well well, I think I have set the record of drawing the longest response out of you….high five! Your positioning of the word “hoss” comes across as “sweety” to me. But you would never say that to me. I still don’t get it though. I know there is gray out there man, but I don’t see it here.

  7. ive recently been obsessed with the HBO series “The Tudors” (its no longer airing but im playing catch up on netflix) since ive always been intrigued by King Henry VIII, the Boleyn girls, and Queen Elizabeth I. ANYWAY… almost every episode in The Tudors involved a beheading, sometimes following a “trial” (where they find the evidence or proof they want to find, despite it being credible or believable) and other times not. i find it amazing how enthused the crowds were at these public killings. like, how do you just watch some one’s head get chopped off like its a sport? i wont even get started on the Romans and their gladiators…

    Americans are the same blood thirsty barbarians. and i cant help but think that its mostly “religious” ppl that crave the death penalty more than anyone. despite how religious ppl claim to be and how much they claim to value life (see: pro-lifers), deep down they want blood and vengeance. yes of course they can point out where in the Bible it says an “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” and where it shuns homosexuality and why its wrong to kill an innocent baby before its born. but they forget where it says murder period is wrong or where God claims vengeance to be His. *shrug and sigh* idk. my country scares me.

    i just hope i can help change it a little bit for the better before my children are adults.

    • The medieval types had no qualms about lopping off heads, limbs, or anything else to prove a point and provide a spectacle for the masses who were probably on the lower rungs of society themselves. The ancient types like the Romans were a whole other level of blood thirsty.

      Americans are blood thirsty! The religious types use so much double talk that I just get lost in the bullsh*t sometimes. They always forget about act of vengeance
      resting with God. My country doesn’t scare but I worry about it from time to time.

  8. Yo…I was your college roommate…I know what hoss is, hoss. haha.. I was talking about the positioning. Anyways, let me get to your next comment. I have a few of your posts to catch up on.

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