Book Review: The Cut

I know that this sentiment has been shared by myself and others on prior occasions but it must be done once more: Reading a George Pelecanos novel is akin to reading DC’s version of The Wire or Homicide: Life on the Street. The only difference is that you usually have to wait about a year for a new episode or in this case book to come out.

“The Cut” is no different from Pelecanos’ previous novels. Only this time the reader is introduced to a new protagonist, Spero Lucas, who like Derek Strange, Nick Stefanos, and others before him is a detective/investigator who must navigate DC’s often harsh landscapes to find something that resembles justice.

Lucas, who is a Marine combat veteran of the Iraq War, is struggling to find his way professionally and emotionally in the world while performing investigative work for a defense lawyer as well as an incarcerated marijuana dealer. With the help of his former vet friends and his family he begins to take steps to find him and do some good along the way.

Again, Pelecanos maintains his “universe” with the acknowledgement of the bar “The Spot, Derek Strange (“Right as Rain”, “Soul Circus”, “A Hard Revolution”, and “Hell to Pay” and Nick Stefanos (“Down By the River Where the Dead Men Go”, “A Firing Offense”, and “Nick’s Trip”.)  who along are mentioned along with Diego Ramone the son of Gus Ramone (“The Night Gardener”).

I read “The Cut” over a span of 16 total hours and I can’t wait for more!


4 responses to “Book Review: The Cut

  1. I will def be hitting you up for book recommendations. This sounds like something I may actually like. Is this a book serious?

    • I read an article in the NY Times the other day and Pelecanos said he did plan on making this into a series. He’s a DC native and it shows in his usage of street names and neighborhoods. For a 50 something white dude he knows his stuff. It’s nothing for him to mention someone like Wale or Anwan Glover who played Slim Charles on the Wire, which he was a primary writer for. His stuff is very entertaining in an HBO crime drama kind of way.

  2. Looks like I have another book to add to the reading list. I loved The Wire, so this sounds like a winner.

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