Football Is Back But Tupac Ain’t

Although it much of the country feels like downtown Saigon in July, it’s time for football. Professional football players and their bosses have removed their thumbs from their butts and decided to get ready for the highest level of America’s game. College players of all levels have by now reported to campus to begin to get ready for Saturday afternoon activities and NCAA violations. Lastly, high school students are doing the same on a much smaller scale, many with dreams of playing on Saturday and Sunday in the near future.

The NBA probably won’t be around this year, which is fine by me, baseball won’t grab the nation’s attention for another month and a half (And it won’t happen then unless the Red Sox or Yankees make the World Series), and boxing just can’t get out of its own way. With all of these factors in place football will remain king, not only for the next six months but year round. I’m in no way a prognosticator or any other kind of expert but here are a few thoughts, questions, and statements that I have about the upcoming football season.

  1. Much to my chagrin the Southeastern Conference’s hold on the BCS title may be over. The SEC West has both my squad, Alabama, and LSU. Both teams are poised to dominate the West but there are a few hiccups that may occur. They both have a potential trap games against the Arkansas Razorbacks and they both have to play each other. Something has to give. South Carolina should win the SEC East and play for the conference championship making them a dark horse in the national championship race but it’s to paraphrase the line from Chinatown, “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown South Carolina.”
  2. Are the New England Patriots, for all of their greatness over the last ten years living off of their name? They haven’t won the Super Bowl since 2003 and haven’t played in one since 2007. Maybe with all of Dr. Doom’s coaching prowess and front office moves the Pats ship may just be getting ready to sail.
  3. With some luck and a solid left tackle the Detroit Lions will ruin someone’s season.
  4. I think that some of the good NFL teams from last season is going to stink up the place this year. Unless a lot of people get hurt I don’t think it will be the Packers. Stats show that each season five teams that made the playoffs the prior year doesn’t achieve the same goals the next year. Who will it be? My picks are the Seahawks (Who weren’t good last year but miraculously made the playoffs last year.), the Bears (Still no viable wide receivers and their offensive line is slightly less useful than the Maginot Line.), the Chargers, the Jets (Less talky, more playing.), and the Chiefs. Those are my picks right now but the games haven’t started yet. The Chargers should be a much better team than they are but you never can tell when Norval Eugene Turner is driving the bus.
  5. The Raiders, my Raiders will overachieve again but will not make the playoffs. The offense is on the uptake but Nnamdi Asomugha isn’t there doing his Willie Brown impersonation on the other side of the ball, taking away half of the field for the Silver and Black D. C’est la vie. *Side note* If a movie is ever made about the Raiders I want Christopher Walken to play Al Davis.
  6. More major NCAA football programs will find themselves at the mercy of the NCAA and fines and probation will be levied. I’m still curious as to why Urban Meyer left the University of Florida and I just don’t trust my teams coach Nick Satan Saban.
  7. After watching Deon Sanders’ Hall of Fame Induction speech I realized that he is still a drama queen. However he came off as a sincere, drama queen. Love him or hate him, dude could play. Shannon Sharpe admitting that his brother Sterling was better than he was one of the more touching moments of the entire event.
  8. Merril Hoge’s comments about Tim Tebow have been blown completely out of proportion. More people (His teammates, mainly.) besides Hoge thinks that the greatest living American male, Tim Tebow can’t play dead in a cowboy movie. Sure Tebow is an upstanding young man who excelled in college but he’s not there anymore. I maintain that the “I deserve.” Attitude brought on by the participation trophy era is the primary cause of incidents like this. It’s funny that no one got upset when he said the same thing about Vince Young.
  9. The Nebraska Cornhuskers are my other dark horse to win the BCS Championship. Ohio State is down and outside of Wisconsin the other Big Ten teams just don’t have the fire power to play with the Huskers.
  10. Is this the year that the Allendale-Fairfax Tigers achieve football greatness?
  11. James Harrison’s secret life as a mob enforcer will be revealed due to Harrison’s inability to shut the hell up.
  12. I’m still not buying in on the Philadelphia Eagles hype. Football doesn’t work with teams being “good on paper”. They’ve got a ton of talent but every football team needs some grinders on both lines and special teams to win the Super Bowl. If they can’t protect Michael Vick they will not win anything that matters.
  13. The Noon Big Ten games on ESPN will still bore me to tears.
  14. I still don’t think Jay Cutler is neither soft nor a punk. He plays with diabetus (shout out to Wilford Brimley!) which does let’s say interesting things to your energy levels at times. He also plays behind an aforementioned offensive line that blocks like a drunken matador on a field that is often frozen and looks like someone took a very large disco-harrow to it. So just because he wasn’t hobbling around on crutches that doesn’t mean that his knee wasn’t screwed up.

I’m not going to pretend that I know enough about football to pick who will be playing in the Super Bowl due to the unpredictability of pro football. So this is me just running off with my mouth about the upcoming football season. What are y’all’s thoughts or predictions about the upcoming seasons?

Vaya con Dios.


8 responses to “Football Is Back But Tupac Ain’t

  1. The Patriots are living off their name. They just happen to perceived as a pristine organization for a lot of reasons. Obviously a good bulk has to do with winning, but they also don’t have any outspoken players and there is nothing White America loves more than quiet Negroes who ‘know their place’.

    Jets are easily going to make the playoffs though.

    • Winning aside, I just chalked the Pats up to the media hype that keeps the Cowboys and other teams on TV. I never injected white America feeling any kind of way about the Pats’ black players into it mostly because they jettison anyone who isn’t earning their keep. Moss is the only loud mouth who comes to mind on the Pats who was a malcontent. Being pissy is one thing but being pissy and unproductive will get you fired. Sports teams are just like any other company. Each has its own corporate personality and loud and brash isn’t that of the Pats. They purposely come off as robotic and mechanical and the moments when Brady and others start talking they haven’t performed well.

      In comparison to the Steelers who keep a crazy Negro on the roster. White folks love the sh*t out of the Steelers (nation wide). Greg Lloyd, Joey Porter, James Harrison, and Lee Flowers all talked very loudly but the maintained employment in the black and yellow until they couldn’t get it done anymore. The same with the Ravens.

      It’s not that I don’t think the Jets are good but Nacho Sanchez needs to step up at QB. They struggled to score points at times when they need to.

  2. Well I’m excited about the season getting started, however with football you never know how it’ll go. Hopefully my Longhorns will get their heads out of their azzes this year, they still haven’t made a decision at QB.
    My Steelers they made some interesting signings, and my Texans scare me every year.
    LOL @ James Harrison being a mob enforcer. I saw your earlier comment about the Steelers and their love of crazy kneegros. You’re right, that’s why I loved Greg Lloyd back in the day…dude was insane. Sadly, reading about his life after football, I think he still is.

    • The Horns are going to be okay. Mack Brown can coach his a** off and I think they just need to reload. Wil Muschamp will regret having left for Florida too. The fan base there can be unreasonable. I don’t know what will happen to the Big 12. I hope it stays together. The SEC is eyeballing Texas A&M hard but hopefully they’ll work things out.

      The Steelers are next on my list of maybe not returning to the playoffs. They seem to have a down year after every Super Bowl but maybe they’ll break the trend. The Texans have a corner now. Jonathan Joseph played at South Carolina and Gamecock defensive backs have been doing their thing around the league. Just give the ball to Andre.

      Harrison is an idiot! As soon as he starts to suck he’ll be wearing another uniform. Lloyd was a beast back in the day. He would just do and say some wild sh*t. His boy Kevin Greene was “Special” too. Lloyd will never be mistaken for Cliff Huxtable either. He pulled guns on his kids and other odd things.

      • Yeah, the Big 12 is gonna be interesting. If the SEC lures away Texas A& M I think it will go the way of the SWC. Muschamp was in line to succeed Mack Brown, but I guess he figured it could be 10 more years before Mack retired so he went, and made his own way. We’ll see how that works out for ’em.
        I forgot about Joseph, I just got crunk!! Of course with Andre, and Arian–I figured we got a least some type of chance.
        Steelers–you did make some good points about how they seems to fall off after a playoff, or SB years—seems to happen.
        Kevin Greene–forgot about him for a sec, he was absolutely batsh*t…LOL

        • It’s sad that the SWC went away. That totally devalued the Cotton Bowl, which should be a BCS game. SMU wetting itself back in the 80’s had a large part in the SWC keeling over. Muschamp may be in trouble. I still think Meyer left Florida out of fear. I wonder if the Gators paid Cam too.

          The Steelers may be okay since they only have to worry about the Ravens in that div. The Bengals are the Bengals so that’s that.

          Kevin Green was really batsh*t!

  3. As an Eagles fan, we’re giddy and excited that the organization decided to make it rain on a whole bunch of players, but knowing our history – we’re also cautious. it’s not us that is calling them the Dream Team – it’s everyone else.
    Philly went out and did what they had to do. I’ll wait to see if it translate to the coveted prize at the end of the season.
    With the lockout, and everyone scrambling to get (back) into shape, cohesive as a team…there are no faves.
    I’m just so happy that NFL is back.… is it officially the end of football at The U? Will they ever actually overhaul the entire system as its clearly not working?

    • The talent they acquired is undeniable but I curious to see if both lines have what it takes to get down to business. Jackson needs to get his 170lbs a** into camp too. That QB/WR timing is crucial.

      Ditto on football being back.

      The NCAA will never hand out the death penalty again. The last time they did it destroyed the Southwestern Conference and the financial and television considerations weren’t nearly as large then. A ban at the U would end the ACC. The school lives by their out law rep and it will be hamstrung by it also. Dude paid all of those players and doesn’t have a single championship to show for it. They don’t want the system to change. If they did it would have years ago.

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