Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Roy Ayers — Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Initially, I wasn’t going to post anything today. By the time I got to work I was in a foul mood. I woke up restless, I was tired, and I had a few things on my mind that weren’t there when my eyes closed last night. My hesitancy stemmed from the fact that I was afraid anything I posted today would come off as overly aggressive and angry. I was afraid that if my post could sing it would have Eddie Levert’s voice.[1] (Loud and booming.) I was afraid any post done by my hand today would be the Grinch, it would simply go around the Internet maliciously stealing ice cubes and roast beast from the other blogs in Blogville. (Google that if you need clarification.)

Fortunately, this morning around 9:30 a random thought about a not so random event brightened my day in a way that I never expected. I was sitting and my desk over thinking, pondering, and pontificating under my breath about some things that I couldn’t control and the thought of a special moment that happened almost nine years ago crossed my feeble little mind. I immediately smiled. I couldn’t help it. As a matter of fact I sat in my little hole and smiled and nodded for about five minutes. It isn’t odd that thoughts of Miss Moneypenny and spaghetti make me happy. Usually I think about the two separately but this time they both were combined and I’ll never forget.

I’m not going to expound any further about the specifics of the happy thought but it was all kinds of awesome. The way that the memory changed the course of my morning was even more awesome. This morning wasn’t the first time I’ve ever experienced this phenomena but I just appreciated it a lot more today. Has this ever happened to y’all? You got up with a dark cloud over you, ready to breathe fire and a simple thought or memory helped you get right? If it hasn’t I hope one day it does. If it has tell the tale if you want.

Don’t think I’m getting soft either. I’m still Godzilla like so don’t try me.

Vaya con Dios and enjoy the sunshine.

[1] Eddie Levert’s voice is nothing short of awesome but what the hell did he sound like when he was pissed?


2 responses to “Everybody Loves The Sunshine

  1. Well glad you’re in a better mood.
    Eddie Levert’s voice? Crazy! Even crazier were the duets that him and Gerald did together. Just 2 big voiced kats screaming on folks! ha
    It’s a good feeling when you remember a good time, or something nice that someone did for you. It will definitely lift your spirits in a moment’s notice, and that’s such a wonderful thing.

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