Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of Whatever…)

Earth Wind & Fire – Serpentine Fire

I was honestly going to let today go by and not post anything. A few of my fellow bloggers like TDA, Nick, and Gem Jones felt it necessary to be prolific on a week when my ain’t sh*tness level was turned up to eleven. Needless to say they forced my hand.

  1. Random childhood thought: The smoke from a forest fire in one of SC’s neighboring states is hovering over Charleston in a grayish plume. The smell of forest fires reminds me of how my pops used to smell when he would get home from work when I was little.
  2. I really wish I knew that The Other Guys was that funny from start. Gator wouldn’t have been my first choice for a pimp name but it worked for Will Ferrell. I didn’t stop laughing for the bulk of the movie. I’m also contemplating starting a tumblr called “Biracial Angels”.
  3. Publix Gummy Bears > Brach’s Gummy bears > Haribo Gummy bears. I will not entertain any notions to the contrary.
  4. Dear Cancer, I still want you dead. I hope that train from last Denzel Washington movie hits your car while it’s stuck at a crossing.
  5. It’s really sad that the same countries are on the list of failed states after year. Nothing ever changes I guess. It’s still a damn shame that so many of the nations on the list are on the African continent. Kleptomania and enforcement via violence still seem to be the thing to do… and Robert Mugabe still has a job. (I don’t even know where the hell Tajikistan is located.) Btw. . . feel free to thank God that you live in a stable place tonight too.
  6. I had no idea that The Departed was based on a real person.
  7. There are 69 days until the start of the college football season.
  8. Here’s a summer drinking guide for you 12- Steppers out there.
  9. It’s very sad when I knew more names in the beyond boring Major League Baseball Draft than its NBA counterpart.

That’s pretty much all I’m capable of today. Enjoy the song up top and feel free to talk about me behind my back.

Vaya con Dios


4 responses to “Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of Whatever…)

  1. You’re right Cancer does still suck. F**k off Cancer!

    I just saw “The Other Guys” about a month ago, I borrowed it from my sister, and it was hilarious. Walberg/Ferrell had a good chemistry, so did Samuel L. /Dwayne…lol
    Publix gummi bears better than Haribo?!?! What? Well, I won’t argue, we don’t have Publix down this way, so I’ma stick with my Haribos.

    Happy weekend.

    • I want to drop large farm equipment on a Port-a-john while cancer is inside.

      From the previews I thought the Other Guys would suck but both pairs of actors made it worth it. Sam and Dwayne “I get blacker as I get older” Johnson’s deaths were hilarious. Michael Keaton was funny too.

      Publix Gummies are getting it done. (I think Publix only has stores in Fl, GA, and SC.) Haribos aren’t bad but I fux with Publix.

      Stay out of the street!

  2. Dude, embedding an EWF track into your post automatically makes it the sh*t.

    2. The funny thing about The Other Guys is that I didn’t think it was that funny until the second time I saw it. I don’t know why, but the humor didn’t hit me as hard until I saw it again. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

    5. Too much corruption, greed, and poverty to overcome. Change, especially the kind of change that needs to happen in these places to see significant progress, is going to take a long time to happen.

    • I love that song! DJs, I mean On Air Personalities constantly play “Reasons” but I think “Serpentine Fire” is a much better song.

      2. The ideal of The Other Guys just seemed off to me but the more I watched the more I laughed. Pimps don’t cry…

      5 The thing about the Failed States list is that is seems to always get longer. It also proves that the US and the former CCCP always meddled in the affairs of others, opening a lot of people up to a ton of strife.

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