Frankly, It’s Comical Pt. 4

In the last few weeks the comic book world has been ripe with oncoming changes to the status quo of the industry’s big two (DC and Marvel). Each company is looking to shake things up. Shake ups in comic books aren’t new but some of these are monumental.

DC comics announced that they are rebooting the bulk of their “historical” canon by renumbering everything. In September all of DC’s books will restart at number 1. The reason I put the word “historical” in quotations is because DC’s continuity is shaky as hell and it always confused me. From time to time the folks at Detective Comics change the histories of the characters up in big ways. Every so often they have the events dubbed “Crisis” that made my empty little head hurt. I don’t read DC so I’m good but I did like the fact that each month there was Detective Comics and Action Comics #’s bazillion. Wave bye-bye to that.

Marvel has decided to continue beating my childhood like a hooker who came up short. First they abruptly decided to eliminate Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane (Which had been canon since I was in the third grade.) and now they’ve set their sights on one of Marvels classic books, the Uncanny X-Men.  Yesterday, Marvel announced that October issue of Uncanny X-Men # 544 would in fact be the last issue. Gone will be the book that gave us mutant on mutant softball, Wolverine smoking like a chimney, Storm’s Mohawk, or Charles Xavier’s tricked out wheelchair. C’est la vie and bonsoir I guess.

What I read!

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear # 519

At first I didn’t like the idea of T’Challa (Black Panther) taking over Daredevil’s book. The first arc began not long after T’Challa’s homeboy Daredevil went nuts and had to take some time off from being blind lawyer super hero. The Panther moves to Hell’s Kitchen to take over Matt Murdock’s beat after he had his own problems back home in Wakanda. I didn’t like the first arc simply because everything about it was out of character for the once King of Wakanda. Fighting a super powered Romanian while running a diner in disguise. He pushes away two close friends in the form of Luke Cage and Spider-Man and essentially tells his wife, Storm to keep her a** in San Francisco and not to bother him.[i]

The new arc starts with T’Challa chatting with Storm via Skype (Again telling her to stay away.) as he’s preparing to head out in search of an employee at his aforementioned diner, Brian who was lobotomized during the last arc and is now roaming the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. T’Challa has one problem: The folks who lobotomized his teenaged employee have hired Kraven, the Hunter to find the boy.[ii] After slapping around some informants and threatening the scientist who is responsible T’Challa gets into it with Kraven. The fight doesn’t go well due to the fact that Kraven drugs T’Challa and shows no respect for the lives of innocent bystanders. To end the fight and save the innocent, BP pretends to fall off of a building to make Kraven think that he’s achieved a victory. Once he’s over the edge, he’s saved by Storm, who I guess couldn’t stay away after all. (If any of the X-Men where Tammy Wynette fans I would have guessed it was Wolverine or Rogue.)

Wolverine # 10

After 10 issues of being stuck, literally in depths of hell with Puck and his father Wolverine has reclaimed his body and soul with the help of his girlfriend Melita (Wolverine went black half black and according to Marvel’s editors he’s never going back.) and the X-Men. Now it time for some good old fashioned revenge!

After finally killing two of his close friend’s mother, Mystique, Logan makes his way to Mexico to track down the folks, known as the Red Right Hand (RRH), who wanted to ruin Logan’s life again. The RRH are a group of people who want Logan to pay due to him wronging them or their families indirectly in the past. (He’s been alive for over 100 years. That’s a long time to have been pissing people off.)

After making his way to an abandoned house in Mexico Logan fights some dude named Cannon Foot while the RRH look on via video. The creepy old man in charge tells everyone that they have to look at the fight and then relays the story of how he came to know the man who would become Wolverine. The old guys tells the group about his upbringing as the son of a Kentucky coal mine owner and how Logan was hired by the miners for protection against anti-union goons.[iii] After Logan kills the man’s father he would spend the rest of his life tracking Logan down and trying to murder Logan time after time. Realizing the futility in trying to kill something that can’t die the old man begins to seek out others who died at Logan’s hands to plot a collective revenge. Logan defeats Cannon Foot but the Red Right Hand aren’t done with him by a long shot.

That’s it for the week. It was a light week on my pull list and these two books stuck out the most.

Have a good weekend and Vaya con Dios.

[i] Okay, that last part about pushing his wife away wasn’t so out of character. We black dudes do that ish from time to time. Don’t we? Don’t everyone raise your hands at once.

[ii] When your name is Kraven, the Hunter do you get the side-eye when you get your business cards printed? If you call yourself that, you cannot be up to anything good.

[iii] I would so read a Raylan Givens/Wolverine comic or novel.


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