Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of June 10th, 2011)

I'd fux with cartoon.

Aloe Blacc – If I

I’m kind of too lazy to write a three-sentence intro. It’s been a long day and my attention span is shot. I’m going to bed.

  1. Just shut up Lupe, Obama is not a terrorist. The moment you admitted that you don’t vote you forfeited your right get to say shit. Just keep putting out quasi-revolutionary, passive aggressive rap music… and learn the words to “Scenario” while you’re at it.
  2. Buddy Guy is only number seven on the Grio’s Top 10 Black Guitarist List? I don’t have a problem with who is on the list just the ordering.
  3. X-Men: First Class came out last week and I still haven’t seen it. (Hell, I haven’t seen Thor yet either.) My comic book nerd senses were shocked to know that folks didn’t know that the entire X-Men comic franchise was an allegory to the Civil Rights movement. (The timing of this piece is funny because I read a long thread on a message board awhile back debating if Ororo Munroe (Storm) was black or a mutant.)Ta-Nehisi Coates of the Atlantic did a great op-ed piece in yesterday’s New York Time’s about he and his oldest son, each representing two generations of X-fans, watching First Class. He explains how he thinks the original intent of the franchise was left out of the latest movie and how he conveyed that to his son.
  4. Whatever Creflo. Eddie Eddie Bang Bang’s mess is his and his alone. Let his parishioners do what’s best for them and their souls. Nia Long > Eddie Long. Howie Long > Eddie Long. Long John Silver’s > Eddie Long.
  5. Terrelle Pryor is a “project” huh? I haven’t figured this kid out. He has to know that he doesn’t have NFL quarterback talent so one would think he’d be smarter about his life choices.
  6. Here’s some truth from Miss Sophia Winfrey.
  7. Captain Morgan goes surprisingly well with Hawaiian Punch… so I heard.
  8. I’m keeping my sh*tty Friday blog post a little short this week. I’m trying to tweak a few things on the page to make your crappy blog reading experience slightly less crappy.

Vaya con Dios and don’t tweet your junk.


6 responses to “Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of June 10th, 2011)

  1. 1. all i have to say to Lupe is SYAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! \_

    4. REVEREND Dollar, please SYAD next to Lupe…. \_

    i cant even go in on these 2 anymore. they both make me SMH and just want to slap a hamster. and no that is not a euphemism.

    • 1. Lupe is the classic example of a smart dumb ninja. (Which isn’t exactly the same as a dumb smart ninja.) First he screws up the lyrics to the quest song a few years ago and says I didn’t listen to them. (I did like it when Phonte called him out on it.…1414187&page=1 ) Then he makes the douchey comment about his last cd “Lasers” being so-so after his fans begged and pleaded for him to release it. I can’t figure this kid out. I like most of his music but think and go look up the meaning of the word “terrorist”. Sadly, I know a lot of non-voting, large opinion having folks…
      4. I’ve been on the phone with CSX and various train companies trying to get an estimate for the cost of shipping a train load of chairs for Creflo and Eddie Eddie Bang Bang.

  2. The Captain goes well with just about everything.

    Creflo is a fool. Eddie is a fool. And anyone else in their loony circle is, in fact, a fool.Though, it saddened me to see so many people in his congregation applaud that nonsense. Lost souls…
    Lupe… smh.

    I think this might be my first time commenting here. Yay me!!!

    • Your damn right, yay you! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      The Captain *posing* does seem to play well with other drinks.

      Creflo and Eddie are not only fools but fools with followings. I think that’s the tragic part in everything.

      As for Lupe, Krs -One said it best “Dumb rappers need teaching.”

  3. Lupe?! Ugh…boystop. Just.stop.talking.
    Creflo? I have no words, sh*t is just sickening. Did you really just condone what ol’ boy did? And, you compare it to a “wreck’? #FOH
    I think Buddy was ranked a bit too low on the list, but as long as they got #1 correct. That’s my ninja right thurr!!! Love me some Jimi, forever and ever, amen.

    • I’m going to need folks to stop comparing things to “wrecks” especially “train wrecks”. I’ve seen a train wreck and a dirty preacher buggering two boys does not compare.

      Buddy has to be top five.

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