Random News/ Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of June 3rd, 2011)

The Clipse- Cot

Two posts in one week. I feel like a machine or something. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and managed not to get locked up. Not much happened this week so I’m going to be really, really random. Enjoy!

  1. Germans + Confederate Civil War reenactments = creepy as f**k!
  2. This guy… Say what you will about Stephen Garcia but he did graduate and he probably hasn’t had 8 cars in the last three years.
  3. Odd Google search terms used to find my blog: “Things I can call black people”, “Jim Jones vampire life”, “chest hair daddy”, “Who is the Latin girl in the music video with the Daisy Dukes and the cowboy hat” (That’s just an odd question. I would’ve thought that search term would at least send them to that cesspool over at World Star.), “all the boy superheroes together picture to print and color”, and my favorite “no, you didn’t say that because if you said that I remember what you say I am not a bitch you donkeys ass what?”
  4. Anyone have an explanation for the excessive heat this year? I love warm weather but the temperature is starting become as annoying as a vegan at a cookout. Seriously, don’t treat us like freaks because of something you don’t do.
  5. Would it be weird if R. Kelly had “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” as a ringtone?
  6. Nigerian baby farm” sounds like a random Google search term or an Eli Roth movie but it unfortunately isn’t. It’s just as bad as it sounds think puppy mills but with teenaged girls.
  7. After the success of “Ray” and “Walk The Line” I would have assumed that there would have been a slew of biographical films about famous folks but there really haven’t been that many. Robert Redford is playing Branch Rickey in a new Jackie Robinson biopic but no actor has been cast as legendary Dodgers’ second baseman. Robinson played himself in a movie which was abysmal and Blair Underwood portrayed Robinson in “Soul of The Game” back in 1990’s but who could/should play Robinson this time around? (Don’t say Will Smith or Denzel Washington either.) This could be a shot for a lot of younger black actors. *Side note* When is George Lucas’s movie about the Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails” going to be released?
  8. I haven’t been watching the NBA Finals but I’ve been listening to people talk about why they hate or don’t hate Lebron James. I kind of want dude to win a ring just as a middle finger to his detractors. I hated the “Decision” and I hated the mini dance party that he, Dwayne Wade, and Jar Jar Binks had in Miami after they signed but he really doesn’t seem to be that much of a douche. (Or the modern athletic superstar’s approximation of not being much of a douche anyway.) There are no rape charges, no evidence of being complete a petty, vindictive, fraud of a person, he’s not a lazy loudmouth, and he’s not a complete weirdo/bot/test-tube project that probably sits down to whiz, so what gives?
  9. It’s amazing that Gil Scott –Heron, Geronimo Pratt, and Grandma Huxtable (Clarice Taylor) all passed away in the same week.

Y’all stay cool and have a good weekend.

Vaya con Dios.


6 responses to “Random News/ Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of June 3rd, 2011)

  1. Red Tails?! *gaps* I hadn’t heard about that coming out. I liked the HBO movie about the Tuskeegee Airmen, so this sounds promising.
    You linked one of my favorite songs by the Clipse. Kudos, sir.
    “chest hair daddy”? *snickers while walking away slowly*
    Jackie Robinson? Hmm my picks? Anthony Mackie, or Chiwetel Ejiofor.

    • My WWII loving a** is waiting for Red Tails. Cuba Gooding Jr, Terrance Howard and half of the Wire have rolls in it too. Hopefully since George Lucas is doing his thing we’ll get some good CGI.

      Cot Damn is so underrated. Those search terms kill me. I was actually proud of one a while back that said “Madea gets a pap smear” because that exact phrase was actually in one of my post. I was thinking Mackie too. Chiwete Ejiofor could work also. Derek Luke popped into my head too.

  2. How about Lee Thompson Young as Robinson? He looks like the wears mascara, but that is just how he looks. But feel that he has done a good job for himself as a young actor… Chiwete and Mackie are both very good. Let me check out this Lucus kat..

    As for Lebron, he is going to get his. I just don’t want it to happen now. I agree with all of what you said about him…while I hate to hear him interview and use words that are not in his everyday vocabulary (just practice with family and friends first). That Decision messed him up in the eyes of folks because it came off wrong….he will earn his respect back, if that kind of respect matters to him.

    • I Lee Thompson Young is the dude who played Jet Jackson right? I’ve seen him on a few shows in the background and honestly wasn’t terrible.

      I wish the NBA was actually watchable so that I could care but I can’t support a sport where the best publicized stuff happens off of the court. “The Decision” epitomizes that. People forget that “The Decision” which was very off-putting put $2 mil into the pocket of a worthy charity also. His interviews are questionable b/c of his vocab but at least dude doesn’t have a made up personality or other character flaws.

      Overall the talent pool is way too shallow in the NBA for various reasons.

  3. I forgot about the charity! Yeah. Oh well, I will get over it. I guess it is like the folks that ignore at work because I think that they are arrogant. I know I am wrong…it just takes me meeting them, and having proof to my suspicion correct! hahaha

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