I’ve Got a Demon in Me… Yes, Hangover 2 Was Worth It!

Last Thursday The Hangover 2 debuted nationally in theaters just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. During the run up to its release H2 was showered with speculation about whether or not it would live to the comedic genius of its predecessor, The Hangover, which along with Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Black Dynamite, and a few other films are modern comedy classics.

The Hangover franchise isn’t smart at all. This isn’t a Woody Allen style comedy (Honestly, I think Woody Allen made the same movie over and over and Allen’s disheveled Jew act just isn’t funny too me.) and H2 isn’t a Mel Brooks film either. Many critics panned H2 for being predictable, crude, and being the same movie in a different place.

Guess what? H2 is predictable, crude, and is in fact the same movie in a different place… And it was funny as hell! I’m not going ruin the main plot points but this time the wolf pack find themselves headed to Thailand for Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding to the Asian chick from the Real World San Diego (Jamie Chung). (For reals, Jamie Chung and Jacquese need awards from the NAACP and the Asian Alliance (I’m not sure if there is such a thing as the “Asian Alliance” but I’m going to run with.) for not showing their a**es as people of color on reality TV. I’m not saying that they aren’t messed up but they were polite enough not to do it on camera.) Besides his future father-in-law being a hater, things start out well for Stu and the wolf pack… then Mr. Chow shows up.

Like I said I’m not going do a plot review but I’ve got some thoughts:

  1. Fat Jesus, Zach Galifianakis is hilarious. As far as comedic actors go his timing and mannerisms are spot on. (He along with Jim Parsons (Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory), and Kristen Wiig (SNL) are funny as hell to me.) His character, Alan is the Homer Simpson of the franchise. Just like Homer, he exists to be a walking, talking plot device that keeps the story moving. Like Chris Farley, except he’s 85% funnier.[i]
  2. Leslie Chow isn’t gay! During the first film I thought Mr. Chow, Mr. Leslie Chow’s sexuality was a part of an underlying joke. This is mostly due to his wearing of pinky rings and a pair of white, women’s slacks.
  3. The raunchiness and vulgarity got kicked up to eleven. If you look across the raunchiness and vulgarity board you’ll see eleven, eleven, and eleven.  Raunchiness and vulgarity in most movies only go up to ten so that’s one level more raunchy and vulgar. H2’s goes up to eleven and you can’t possibly get any more raunchy or vulgar than that. There’s no where to go from there.
  4. I need no clarity on the monkey. Unlike the chicken before it, the monkey who wore a sweet bedazzled Rolling Stones vest was actually explained. Where does one find a monkey-sized bedazzled Rolling Stones vest anyway? If Y: The Last Man is ever made in to a movie or a TV show that monkey needs to play Ampersand.
  5. That’s a man Stu. That’s a man. H2 has the second weirdest tranny scene since Miss. Mann in Scary movie. It’s okay to cry Stu. #thecryinggame
  6. The hell it isn’t! I spend a day making a list of when the n-word was funny.
  7. There doesn’t need to be a Hangover 3. I don’t care how funny the sequel was this well is dry.  Another movie with Galifianakis playing Alan would just come off as trite and annoying. Kind of like a Chris Tucker or Chris Farley character.
  8. Mike Tyson is still on my list of people who I’m afraid of.[ii]

Overall, I laughed my a** off. It was good way to spend a birthday afternoon with Moneypenny. Of course I’m going to watch it again to catch some things that I may have missed.

Vaya con Dios.

[i] No shots at Farley but outside of “Fat man in a little coat”, Matt Foley, the stripper skit with Patrick Swayze, and Patrick Swayze’s mullet, and the Hulk at Superman’s funeral dude was a little over the top to me. As fat comedians go he does make the top ten. Jackie Gleason is number one.

[ii] I should really make that into a post.


4 responses to “I’ve Got a Demon in Me… Yes, Hangover 2 Was Worth It!

  1. I don’t remember any scene that helps clarify on Mr. Chow’s sexuality, please remind me :).

    • They were on the elevator going to make the trade and Phil asked him why he was calm. He said he was an international criminal. Everything he does ends in a standoff. He then said he met his wife at a stand off. Stu was like you’re married.

  2. I guess I have to see it! Maybe in July.

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