Random Wednesday Thoughts: Trolls, The Black Swan, and Copious Amounts of Sweat.

This is me. This is me blogging to break writer’s block. Any questions? I’m long overdue for a comic review which should be done by tomorrow so at least I’m trying. So now, right now I’m just going to let my fingers walk me out of the darkness of writer’s block.

  1. It’s no secret that I read a lot of people’s blogs. I enjoy it. It informs sometimes, at times it bores me, and sometimes it makes me laugh. Recently I’ve noticed that the proliferation of trolls around the Interwebs and how much of a turn off it is. It’s cool to be contrary but overt and conspicuous doucheyness for the sake of doucheyness makes the commenting and reading experience less enjoyable. Kind of like watching a movie in theater full of black people. A lot of folks run their pages and sites like democracies, which is great but sometimes you have to just tell a heaux to sit down and shut up.[i]
  2. It was 96 degrees yesterday in Charleston with high humidity. It’s not even June yet. Someone tell why in the name of Patrice Lumumba does the South feel like the Congo already?[ii] Climate change or not, it’s hard to hoe cotton when it’s 96 outside.
  3. Did Oprah die or something?
  4. If you just happen to be a simpleton like me please don’t watch the Black Swan. Just don’t. By the 40 minute mark the Black Swan had me more confused than the ending of No Country For Old Men. Lip stick lesbianism, mommy issues, and supposedly straight French ballet choreographer.  Transformers made more sense.
  5. Isn’t it time for the people at the American Institute of Haberdashery (AIH) to censure the folks at Stacy Adams and Steve Harvey?
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Bosh. Who do I petition to make #ChrisBoshface a meme?
  7. I wonder how many people actually apologized during their prayers on Saturday night for even entertaining the notion of Saturday’s “rapture”? Not the people who made jokes about it but the ones who were all in.


Thanks for participating in my little exorcism of blogging frustrations.

Vaya con Dios.

[i] I use the term “heaux” in the most respectful way possible.

[ii] Mister Lumumba’s death is also a prime example of Uncle Sam backing the United States backing the wrong horse in the third world race. The actions against Lumumba doomed the people of the Congo for decades of misery at the hands of Joseph Mobutu (an evil man, with a dark heart and a funny hat.) and any others that continue to this day.


8 responses to “Random Wednesday Thoughts: Trolls, The Black Swan, and Copious Amounts of Sweat.

  1. Good post !

    Ah, the Black Swan ! I kind of understand how Natalie Portman got the Oscars award, and yeah, I understand the story too… but it’s too twisted for me to really enjoy it. I watched it with my hands covering my eyes through half of the movie.

  2. Black Swan kinda made you feel like you were the one losing your mind, while watching. Portman did a dayum good job.
    I feel your pain, homie it’s supposed to be 95 here today with 90% humidity. By August, I’ll be wishing for winter.

  3. Princes_jasmen

    LOl I feel your heat… Because I sit in an air conditioned tundra during the day when I step outside my thighs bead up like Budwisers on a front porch… Texas heat gotta love it.

  4. I’m glad I quit Blockbuster before Black Swan came out. I don’t know what I would have said to my customers about it. I personally hated it, but I know many have loved it. Usually, I could tailor the movie to the customer’s taste, but I don’t think I would have been able to do that for even the most regular of customers when it comes to that movie.

    You already know I’m cosigning you being overdue on a comic review :).

  5. Go head Wu! I support ur effort to break out of writer’s block…it can be tough. Great list 😀


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