Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of May 13th, 2011)

***Editor’s note*** the first five items on this list were penned last Thursday. I told y’all that I was dragging a** last post didn’t I?


Back again. Here’s my semi-usual Friday, stink bomb of a blog post for your digestion. I hope everyone has a good weekend and for those of you down South please enjoy the weather before the oven get’s turned all the way up out side for the summer.

  1. Throngs of “I wish I was in Dixie” types keep digging for information to prove that a substantial number of blacks took up arms for the Confederacy. I’m going to need someone to substantiate what they mean by substantial numbers.
  2. Apparently kill teams murk people all of the time. I actually forgot about Leon Trotsky taking that axe to the dome was vicious.
  3. They aren’t going to let you see the damn pictures so shut up about it. I wonder if certain people just want to see OBL’s body or that they just need proof that a military lead by a Commander in Chief who encompasses so many “undesirable demographics” could actually pull this off.
  4. Check out this article about Donald Gray Triplett, the first child ever diagnosed with autism. He’s now 77 with what I’m guessing are a lot of stories to tell.
  5. I wonder if the government’s talk with Pakistan will resemble the interrogation scene from Menace II Society. You know you done f***ed up right? You know that right? Just cooperate.
  6. How have I not heard this story before?
  7. Al Qaeda is going after POTUS’s granny now. While I kinda admire their tenacity sooner of later you have to let sh*t go. I really wish I had a digital copy of Common’s “Payback is A Grandmother” right about now. Al Qaeda, considering that he was raised by his other grandmother you may not want to screw with his other granny. Just saying. This is just dumb as when they bombed London because the English always cave in when they get bombed.
  8. Maybe I’m an old man but I still don’t the big deal about Odd Future and Tyler the Creator. Some of the beats are tight but I’m sorry Rolling Stone, they aren’t the next Wu-Tang.
  9. Has anyone seen “Jumping The Broom” yet? Thoughts? Is it worth it?
  10. So I see some of the Old John McCain is still in there. He shows flashes of his old self from time to time.
  11. Again folks think it is okay to question the blackness of others. Just stick to boxing and whatever else you do Bernard.  If growing up in the suburbs makes Donavan McNabb not black enough then your stint in prison should make you the king of all things blackness. Boxing needs another Ali fast.
  12. When did Common become a dangerous rapper?
  13. Feel better Moneypenny!


Again have a good weekend. Vaya con Dios


10 responses to “Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of May 13th, 2011)

  1. 3. i saw some legislator on CNN the other day (i was on the treadmill and trying NOT to fall off and injure myself so i dont recall who it was exactly) and he described the pictures in gory detail. i, for one, dont want to see any pictures. how could you lie about killing OBL anyway?? i mean, you know if that ninja was alive he’d be making videos like “nah, n*gga, i aint dead!!”

    9. i saw it–i thought it was a very cute and fun black romantic comedy. then again, i also like TP films so maybe im not the best person to ask.

    23. i keep hearing ppl talk about Common. whats the deal?? i have no real background so idk why his name is being discussed so much on twitter. *shrug* fill me in homes…

    this is for your viewing pleasure 🙂

    • 3. I saw a lot of gore in history class so I’ve got a good idea what happened. I’ll pass. If he were alive he would have had a Jihadi Grills vol 6000 mixtape out right now.

      23. Common was invited to a poetry event at the White House by the FLOTUS and the Don’t Tread On Me Types over at Fox called Com a dangerous rapper or something like that.

      That video was funny. “This La Di Daddi n*****, put Obama on the phone.”

      • 3. lmao @ Jihadi Grills vol 6000 mixtape. well played, sir.

        23 (clearly i meant 12 *smh*). wowwwwwww. i did see a clip about that on The Daily Show but i aint know who they was talmbout. clearly i didnt put 2 and 2 together. aint that some sh*t??

        i love that video. Kain is a mess for that!!

  2. So this Jalen Rose/Grant Hill is really gonna be the norm from here on out? Questioning folks on there “blackness”, I hope this doesn’t become the norm.
    Bernard Hopkins needs to have a stadium full of seats. #boybye

    • I gave Jalen a pass because his thoughts were those of a 19 year old (or the seemed that way). B-Hop on the other hand is 45, then again he’s has been beaten about the head for several years. The blackness police needs to go away. For good.

  3. 1. I’m gonna need them to substantiate what they mean by “information.”
    8. I keep forgetting to listen to Odd Future so I can see what all the hubbub is about. Maybe I’ll get to it eventually.
    10. It certainly was nice to hear the old John McCain again.
    11. I read about that. Immediately said “Bernard who?” Then went about my life.
    12. I have such low expectations for Fox News that I was surprised at how surprised I was that Fox News would do this. It’s amazing at how matter-of-fact their agenda is. I almost respect them for just not giving a f*ck. Almost.

    • 1. They can save the pics Obama doesn’t need more people at this point.

      8. The songs I heard left me frowning.

      10. What he’s become is kind of pitiful. He should retire.

      11. McNabb has yet to respond. Good for him.

      12. Fox New’s level of not giving a f*ck is almost impressive. Not a bit of shame in their game.

  4. NubianEmpress

    JUMPING THE BROOM WAS GREAT! A little light on character development for Paula Patton and Laz Alonso, but it was a decent feel good movie, and more fun than ‘The Best Man’.

    Also, there was no Madea. I actually don’t mind Tyler Perry movies, but it was good to see someone else get to make a movie besides him.

  5. The Insane Asylum (Mr. Chap)

    1. I can’t see my ass I got anal glaucoma believing that blacks fought to preserve slavery. I can believe that some blacks may have had Stockholm Syndrome, but taking up arms…I don’t know.

    5. Pakistan reminds me of the Arab League. Remember they called for Libyan intervention then sat there like “dang, I didn’t know it was gonna be like this.”

    6. Yeah, that story’s been circulating around here for a while now. The apology is too late and too little.

    9. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll make sure I let you know what I think..

    11. We just did an article on that at the Asylum:

    I think rich blacks attacking other rich blacks is gonna be the new thing.


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