Mississippi Gotdamn!!!

I’ve been dragging ass this week. I simply mailed it in over the last few days. Kind of like the Braves in October or the Gamecocks during bowl season. Yes, I was there but I really wasn’t. I haven’t slept well and my focus has been similar to that of a 19 year-old stoner with a Starbuck’s gift card. This isn’t depression, it’s just blah. Blah can suck just as bad sometimes. I’m just burned out with the constant hurry up and wait nature of my job.

When I got up this morning I started main-lining coffee while I watched the news. Underneath all of the budget talk in D.C., debate over the legality of  OBL’s murking, and footage of Vladimir Putin trying to start a car in a promotion for the Russian auto industry (The car didn’t start by the way. Seriously, if you knew that Vlad Putin was coming to test a car wouldn’t you make sure the car would start? I’m guessing about a dozen Russian families won’t be seeing their dads for a while.) I get a reminder of how blessed I am: I see news stories covering the flooding of America’s fluvial Aorta, the Mississippi river.[i] From near the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico the flood waters have done what they have since God put the needle on the record way back when only this time it seems to be a lot worse because the sciencey folks think all of excessive snow from the winter melted all at once and headed South via the Mississippi.

As I watched the coverage from John boats and helicopter flyovers my jaw just dropped as I saw people in Vicksburg Mississippi fill sand bags and wait to see if their lives may or may not get washed away. I even saw a picture of a hog swimming for its life to get to dry ground, its version of filling sandbags, trying to survive.

All of this just made me realize that whether I’m burned out or not, I’m good. As I sit on my couch typing this, fingers a flying I just need to sit-up and get whatever that’s bugging me behind me. Deal with it but don’t dismiss it because after seeing the plight of the folks along the Mississippi and that hog I need to stand up straighter and be a little more thankful because my well being and what not are doing just fine by relative terms. So I’m going to hop off of my soap box and do what I have to do.

Vaya con Dios and pray or whatever you do for the folks along the Mississippi. (Pray for the people who were responsible for Putin’s car not turning over but it may be too late.)

[i] Vlad always struck me as the type of dude who would kill your granny if you pissed him off. I jump in it.


10 responses to “Mississippi Gotdamn!!!

  1. Princess_Jasmen

    Hey You.. I”ve been watching that river rise as I have co-workers all up and down those parts… and I cant even imagine going through that….I hope you work out what ails your spirit.

    • Nature can be a force when it wants to be. That just too much water in one place for me.

      Thanks for the words Princes_Jasmen. I just get fed up with the life at the factory sometime. A place of employment can beat you down if it doesn’t stimulate you.

  2. Am I wrong for this?? Every time you mentioned “hog” I had chuckled a little. There is something about hogs being in odd situations that get me a grinnin’.

    The title Mississippi Gotdamn is another one that makes me smile. Once again, the situation along the river is terrible, but my mind goes to Nina Simone banging on that piano and singing the words of her song. I am also thinking of Tina Turner’s ‘River Deep’ Mountain high, yeah yeah yeah…. I ain’t right….

    • I figured you would find “hog” funny. You know what else is a funny word “Sow”. I just don’t hear the words “Sow” and “Hog” a lot(Not anymore).

      I knew you would get “Mississippi Gotdamn” Nina went in on that song. “River Deep’ Mountain High” is one of those songs that I wish I could have seen being recorded.

  3. I really do feel of the people along the Mississippi and all Tornado victims across the South. It’s a mess.

    • Tornadoes always have creeped me out. They just look like someting that some movie special effects person made up in their minds. What surprised me about the whole thing was that the South got a bunch of tornadoes for three weeks straight.

  4. Poor, poor folks who work for Putin, that might not end well. :/
    Here’s to hoping you have a good weekend.

  5. The Insane Asylum (Mr. Chap)

    We’re keeping an eye on the Mississippi here in Alabama. Prayers for everyone affected.

    I can picture Putin screaming “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” a’la the Queen of Hearts.


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