Wet Blankets, Liberals, Debbie Downers, and Shut Up While I Eat My Thanksgiving Dinner

So yesterday afternoon I got a text message from my D. Omoro (You have no idea how hard it was not to refer to your given name on here.) asking for my e-mail address. So I send two of about six e-mail addresses I have to him and in turn he e-mails a link to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog at the Atlantic. Coates blog contained a post written by Kai Wright from the website Colorlines titled “The Ability to Kill Osama bin Laden Does Not Make America Great”. In the blog Wright makes some good points about many things like poverty, health issues, and that little deficit problem that we have that I agree with whole heartedly. 

After reading the article I series of texts back to D. Omoro saying:

 “I agree with the bulk of the article but what happened yesterday isn’t about what we’re good at. It was about killing OBL.”

I continued:

 “Valid Points all around but dude could let folks just enjoy the moment. We liberals run out sometimes. Whoever wrote that piece needs to lighten-up. Some folks don’t want to be happy. He’s probably the dude at Thanksgiving dinner saying. “You know they killed the Indians right…”

Yeah they did but right now I’m killing this macaroni, turkey, so pass the gravy boat, and stuffing so shut the f**k up.

My point is that we liberals just don’t know how to not be Buzz Killington sometimes. What happened in Pakistan Sunday afternoon wasn’t about any of the many ills that I will gladly acknowledge that plague our nation. It was about finding a cowardly, murdering, back shooting son-of-a-b***h who was a scourge to the lives of many around the planet. Hell, I smirked when I found out he was no longer among the living. The thought of a 5.56 X45mm round piercing his eye socket just sat well with me.[i]

Anyhow, sometimes talking to us liberals can be taxing. I’ve been that guy.[ii] You’ve been that guy. You’ve dated that girl. Your sister is that girl. You are that girl. We all know each other, have drinks, talk to each other on Twitter, and eat sushi together.

Sometimes you just have to live in the moment and think about what’s happening. Let’s call it “situational hubris”.[iii] Yes, we’re overlooking what’s next just for the moment. Sure, in the grand scheme of things whatever it is that everyone around you may be happy about may not matter but sometimes you just have to go with it.

And that’s what happened on Sunday and Monday- People went with it. They were well aware of what could come next but it didn’t dominate their thoughts. They knew the next “bad thing” was around the corner but it didn’t matter at the moment because we all just wanted to “go with it.”

So the next time everyone is happy please use all of your strength to put your wet blanket away for awhile because I’ll be using my strength to do the same.

Vaya con Dios.

[i] I’ve heard many say that they cannot take joy in the death of OBL no matter what he did. Well, I don’t have that problem. Judge me!

[ii] I am well aware of my dark sense of humor, my fondness for uber-realistic subject matter, not ignoring many ills that persist in society, and looking at things though cold objective eyes. Blame the history department at the College of Charleston for that last thing.

[iii] I need to copy right “Situational Hubris”. I know over fifty attorneys but not a single one does patent or copy right law. I need more people.


15 responses to “Wet Blankets, Liberals, Debbie Downers, and Shut Up While I Eat My Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Love the title!

    I think everybody should let everyone else handle the news in their own way. If you’re glad OBL is dead and wanna dance in Times Square…knock yourself out. If you feel as though we shouldn’t be celebrating death, pray to your god for peace. There’s not right or wrong reaction, IMO

  2. This definitely had me a bit annoyed. I understand that some people were trying to make sure that we didn’t lose sight of the big picture and that problems still exist, but damn can people be happy for a little while before we get back to being depressed about everything?

  3. Okay….I enjoyed watching Barack turn the corner and make his way to the lecturn, but I was a little numb shortly after the speach began. I am that thanksgiving table sour-puss that will tell you that your mama’s potatoe salad needs a little salt while everything else on the table is slammin’. I will also point out that peach cobler is great but does not go with the rest of the spread. You know why??? Because I mutha *** can!
    Nah, on the real I do feel that I have a right to feel this way. And I have a right to select a few friends to express my feeling with.. i.e. Wu. And your response is exactly what I expected because you have never really held your tongue when in conversation. And you know I don’t (to a certain degree) However, this whole issue depends on how you view things, and I know you all know that but not everyone disagrees with this just for the sake of killing joy. If you are strongly against something, it is hard not to comment on the situation otherwise. My initial thoughts didn’t even go as fars as to think about what the future holds in regards to Sunday night, but they did touch on my feelings on killing. I know, i know… eye for an eye, as some of you may feel, but I don’t feel that way. Celebration is a form of expression, and my words are my form of expression. That said…. some folks (liberals as you may call them) have taken this a little too far. I am back and forth…I agree with you Mr. Young on just “going with it” sometimes….lawd knowz I do… but I had to hit my ejector seat on this one brother.

    • First of all, if you say one more thing about my granny’s cooking my kill team will come for you. Straight up and down son!

      Barack’s strut away from the podium was epic. He must have had lessons at the Two-Time Academy Award Winner, Denzel Washington’s School of Walking With Supreme Confidence with its world class instructor Two-Time Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington. It was impressive.

      You absolutely have a right to feel the way you feel! So do Kai Wright, Lupe Fiasco, and every other dissenter. For the all of my own Huey Freemanisms I got why folks here, in Kenya, and Tanzania felt like shouting. (Hell, in high school when the OJ verdict was announced I didn’t scream at all. I still don’t see a reason to celebrate that.)

      I always expect you to say your piece Omoro and I wouldn’t fux with you if you didn’t. As for dudes article I thought it was a downer. It was like someone getting on a loud speaker in Times Square on May 8th, 1945 (V-E Day) and saying “What about the Japanese? Seriously guys what about them?”

      Sometimes after a long period of suck, you have to enjoy what you can. On the real though schools, health care, and the deficit need to be fixed.

  4. BLASPHEMY! HERETIC! Evil serpent of lies!

    Peach cobbler goes with ANYTHING!!!

  5. He’s probably the dude at Thanksgiving dinner saying. “You know they killed the Indians right…

    i AM that person. although, i only Linus on when im in the company of others who i know share my fondness for blue, soggy blankies.

    that said–i do realize i need to lighten up. and i do realize that its ok to be happy and celebratory in a moment that is critical and important to our livelihood. but in the next morning, get back to focusing on the other issues at hand.

    im a work in progress. it hasnt been easy, but i do see that i have room to improve.

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