Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of April 29th, 2011)

Oh sh*t! I’ve got a blog. I guess I have to write something cause that’s what it’s made for. I have no excuses, reasons, or clever remarks about why I haven’t done anything in a week or so.

  1. Ain’t it funny that a lot of Republican types questioned President Obama’s nationality but were all for making it possible for Uncle Bob or some other foreign-born Republican to run for president? What’s up with that? You don’t think it’s because he’s white and what not do you? If I were the President I would send some pipe swinging cats to the houses of my detractors.
  2. Birtherism existed before Donald Trump came into play (see Dobbs, Louis) but I blame the media for making an issue. Idiots say idiot things all of the time but no one is forcing networks to put a microphone in their faces.
  3. Antibiotics suck. If your doctor ever prescribes you a dosage of Cefuroxime Axetil, prepare yourself for the longest ten days of your life. Just nasty.
  4. Blessed and Curse” is one of the worst movies that I’ve had the displeasure of watching since January 1st. I don’t care that Deitrick Haddon cat is a gospel singer, he needs to get punched in his mouth for this movie. (Not only for making a sh*t sammich of a movie but he also dressed like a hipster the whole time.)
  5. Speaking of sh*t sammiches of movies, I actually agree with Tyler Perry when he says Spike Lee to “go to hell.” I don’t like Perry’s work very much but Spike’s joints have been hit or miss from time to time also. He also answers questions that no asks by going at Spike TV, Clint Eastwood, and others with bullsh*t propositions that are usually based on self promotion.
  6. By the way, someone found my blog this week using the term “Madea Get’s a Pap Smear”. Sadly, I’m proud of this.
  7. An Oklahoma state rep actually thinks all of you black folks are lazy.
  8. I still don’t know what to make of Cam Newton’s NFL prospects. I have no idea if this kid will suck or exceed at the professional level. There’s a lot of space between Jamarcus Russell and Peyton Manning. The NFL Draft is a prime example of rich dudes blowing money on useless crap.
  9. Stephon Marbury is a different cat. He’s been blackballed from the NBA and now is doing what he does in China and seemingly loving it. He should keep his a** out of South Carolina too. We’ve got enough crazy without yours adding to the pile.
  10. I want pork chops dinner.
  11. Pray for the folks in Alabama, Mississippi, and the rest of the southern states that were hit with tornadoes. I’ve never seen a tornado in real life and I hope that I never do. Hell, the tornado in the Wizard of Oz scared the ish out of me when I was little.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. (And don’t ask about the picture either. Just don’t.)

Vaya con Dios.


8 responses to “Random News/Ain’t It Thoughts (Week of April 29th, 2011)

  1. Now you know I had to ask about the picture! Why Virgil, why? It amazes me that folks actually entertained Donald Trump… He is so ridiculous for his recent rants and also for booking Nene on the Celebrity Apprentice. She takes us back at least 20 years, and she thinks she is classy with it. Anyways. I could stand a porkchop right now also! Haven’t had one in years….I think.

    • I have no good reason for using a picture of Virgil Tibbs.

      I didn’t like Trump well before his “movement” simply because he’s a cartoon. I’ve never watched his show but I guess folks like watching a**holes in their natural habitat. Nene’s classy a** hasn’t figured out that she’s a punchline yet… For some reason that’s hilarious to me.

  2. Princess_Jasmen

    Glad to see you’re back! Let me add that since my country self made porkchops last night….I went hard in the paint and ate porkchops and biscuits this morning…. me and the gym willl fight it out…

    • I’m glad to be back Princess_Jasmen. I really should do some reflecting as to why my ain’t sh*t-a** keeps taking breaks.

      I love the hell out of some porkchops but I’ve only had them about once in the past two years. I simply never by them. This gym you speak of… what is it?

  3. Princess_Jasmen

    Wu Gym= 1st level of Hell

  4. 0. Oh sh*t! I’ve got a blog. I guess I have to write something cause that’s what it’s made for. I have no excuses, reasons, or clever remarks about why I haven’t done anything in a week or so. i think this damn near every day. and still i have like 5 posts in all of 2011. i did one today so i guess thats an accomplishment *shrug*

    1. & 2. i have no words… ok i do: its disgusting…
    4. never heard of this. is it a “bad black movie”. is it in theaters or straight to dvd? it doesnt matter if its a terrible movie. ill be seeing it eventually. i support blacks, even in their darkest hours. ok thats not entirely true since i REFUSE to see the likes of Soul Plane…
    5. im disappointed in Spike. i dont think ALL black directors have to try and make conscious and “deep” movies. his vitriol is a bit over the top and i dont respect his pov at all.
    6. im both proud and jealous.
    8. i think he’ll be extremely overrated and underachieving. but he’ll be a millionaire so it wont matter either way.
    11. definitely sending prayers out there. so tragic.

    have a great weekend!

    • 1 & 2 Without being vulgar I’ll just say that these people are just foolish. A confederacy of dunces.
      4. We watched on GMC and it was best described as heavy-handed and disjointed. This is skrai8t to DVD. I just can’t support everything we do. Some folks need the chair.
      5. Spike, as Miss Moneypenny likes to say “Just says stuff.” I don’t like Tyler’s movies but I don’t watch most of them either. It’s rather easy to do.
      6. I’m damn proud of this accomplishment. I may go to the mall and get an air brushed t-shirt made.
      8. Cam hasn’t given himself much wiggle room in the achievement department. I’m just glad he’s not at Auburn anymore… Roll Damn Tide

      Hang in there!

      • 4. Some folks need the chair.
        i’d probably hand them a \_ and then sit in it myself so i can watch the foolishness unfold. its just how i roll. me and the Peej Man….

        5.I don’t like Tyler’s movies but I don’t watch most of them either. It’s rather easy to do.
        im surprised how many ppl DONT get this. i mean, 1 + 1 and sh*t…

        6. an air brushed tee is a MUST! and twitpics or it didnt happen…

        8. idk about rolling or tiding but… go maroon tigers!!!!!!! *crickets* (o_O)

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