Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of March 17th, 2011)

There's a kid at Cleveland St with the same haircut.

I know I’ve written way too much about basketball (But not really) this week so I’ll try to keep the basketball talk to a minimum. Besides the Fab 5, we have a major crisis in Japan, and every time I go outside I come back yellow more yellow than I originally was. I’ve only got nine things this week so this shouldn’t take much of your time.

  1. Graduation rates and majors are always big topics when big time college sports are involved. Some coaches seem to care and some like Bob Huggins could give a damn if his players graduate. Here’s a list of the most popular majors and course studies for college basketball players.
  2. Why is the world waiting for the U.S. to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya? I’m pretty sure countries in the Arab League have air forces capable of doing so. Hell we probably paid for their air forces.
  3. I’m going to be honest with everyone: I actually enjoyed the MacGruber movie a little too much. (And the guy who plays the Russian Billionaire from the Direct TV commercials was in it too.) It could actually join Black Dynamite, Pootie Tang, and Joe Dirt on my list of brilliantly stupid movies that I love.
  4. Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson compared the NFL’s current labor strife to slavery. Pittsburgh Steelers Rashard Mendenhall agreed with AP. This proves a few things: 1. They stupid 2. These two are proof that the NFL does in fact have a head injury problem 3. Somewhere, there are a few high school history teachers that need to have their performance evaluations retroactively changed. These two may be the two richest slaves in the history of slave.
  5. On a side note I have to admit that I am also a slave—to the rhythm but a slave none the less.
  6. I think all of my March Madness Tournament brackets are screwed already. For once in my life Clemson actually took an “L” when I needed them to.
  7. After watching the events in Japan over the last week I can now say that all things nuclear, excluding my microwave, scares me. And I mean All things!
  8. This month is Women’s History month. Some of you may know that many of my favorite fictional protagonists are women. Here are a few real life black female heroes. Mary Fields (Number two) looks gangster as hell.
  9. I promise. This is the last thing about Grant Hill and Jalen Rose. Michael Wilbon of ESPN puts a lot of things about the two into perspective.


Anyway I hope everyone has a good weekend. Stay out of the street and avoid the pollen.

Vaya con Dios.


11 responses to “Random News/Ain’t it Thoughts (Week of March 17th, 2011)

  1. Not that I don’t enjoy these posts, but I was looking forward to a weekly “Frankly, it’s comical” post. Are those going to be a weekly feature or will you just put one out sporadically as you read new comics?

    • I’m planning to do a Frankly, It’s Comical post every week. Last week the books on my pull list were kind of underwhelming so they weren’t worth the reviews. This week I didn’t have any subscriptions that came in. On the slow weeks like this week and last week I’ll probably break down some of my favorite characters.

  2. This proves a few things: 1. They stupid 2. These two are proof that the NFL does in fact have a head injury problem 3. Somewhere, there are a few high school history teachers that need to have their performance evaluations retroactively changed.

    Bwhahahahha!!! So, so true.
    Oh yeah, and that DDT comment yesteday? #gold

  3. NubianEmpress

    you should let me wu, wu, wu! lol. i just felt like sayin that. great list and i love the grace jones pic 🙂

  4. The Only Real Outcast

    Okay Keith, a few thoughts after reading this (no particular order, so here we go):
    1. I remember one of our basketball players taking a class called “Library” — or something like that.
    2. Dear AP/Mendenhall: I will gladly switch places with you.
    3. Fantastic article by Wilbon–I kind of get to see his point firsthand.
    4. 2 questions on Libya: a) given that Uncle Sam and Libya have a history, is there any ax grinding going on? b) is Gadaffi one of THE bad guys or is he one of OUR bad guys?
    5. The DDT is easily #1 (going back to check that out)
    6. Is there seriously a guy on Cleveland St. with the Grace Jones haircut?
    Sorry for being so lengthy!

    • 1. I think I took library but I’m an admitted dumba**.
      2. I would swith with those two in a heart beat.
      3. Wilbon killed it. I understood where both Rose and Hill were coming from. The thing is you just can’t say words about a man and not expect him to say his part in it. I honestly like both Rose and Hill.
      4. A) Uncle Sam and Libya’s history goes back further than Regan v Gadaffi. There’s a reason why the Marine Corps Hymn has the words “to the shores of Tripoli” It’s a reference to the First Barbary War where a very young America got into it with some pirates from that area. However, In this case I don’t think there is a specific ax that being ground. B) Gadaffi is just one of the bad guys. Of course he had beef with Regan but he and W saw eye to eye because of a mutual hatred of Osama. We never actually funded him though.
      *sidenote* I don’t understand what the world wants from us. The Arab League ratifies a document saying that they would support a no-fly zone that is then backed by the U.N. So the Justice League (NATO), lead by Aquaman (France) start bombing and all of a sudden the Arab league and Congress aren’t happy about something that they asked for.
      5. Hells yes the DDT is number one. (Stay tuned.)
      6. Cleveland State has a point guard named Norris Cole. Dude can hoop but he rocks a flat top that would make Big Daddy Kane proud. I saw him a few times on ESPN but I watched him play CofC on Saturday. The flat top is a tribute to his dead father. I don’t have any problem with it because I would rather a jacked up hair cut than a man who isn’t from Haiti or Louisiana having a hyphenated lasted name. *looking at you Maurice Jones-Drew*

  5. First time commenting. Let’s see how I do:
    1. Never really been a college sport follower. I’ve tried to find comfort following an NBA team. But hmm… maybe this isn’t my yeah. I’ll just stick to my home team (NYK).
    2. No fly zone? Nosign. USA is too damn nosey and I’m sick of it. But I’m stuck here because I thought Japan would be a good place till I remembered “Natural disasters.”
    3. You said Pootie Tang. *does biggie shorty*
    4. More sports talk. I’m a girlie girl. I’m convinced. I cook, listen to music, read, mind my own business and all other safe stuff. *sigh* I’m not ready for heavy sports stuff. *sigh* Oh well.
    5. I’m a slave too! To Home Depot. 😦
    6. Everyone’s brackets are all sorts of f*cked lmao
    7. Japan. Poor thing. 😦 *moment of e-silence*
    8. I guess I gotta read up on this Grant Hill stuff cuz I don’t know what’s going on.

    Weekend over! New week!!!

  6. Keith, Please tell me that you do not love Pootie Tang.
    I don’t think that Mary Fields has ever verbally threatened anyone in her life. She gave that look that she is giving in that photo, and that was all needed.
    This NFL strike thing is sickening…I don’t even pay attention to it. I listened to only a few lines about it while in the locker room in the gym….I had to change clothes, so that is the only reason why that mess got my attention.

    As far as what is going on in the world….I just think that some sh** about to go down. Well it has gone down, but I am talking about another level. I am hoping for the best, but I just got that feeling.

    • Pootie Tang was hilarious in hindsight. Didn’t we go to the movies to see that?

      Don’t sat sh*t to Ms. Mary. Just don’t bother.

      The NFL folks need to get over themselves. I don’t know who is worse the owners or the players.

      There is some sh*t going on in the world but there always have been. I honestly don’t think anything major like a third world war will happen. Remember in lieu of having a third world war, the third world just went to war.

      Folks need to fall back on Barack. Libya IS NOT a war. Everyone was clamoring for the big guys to do something to help those folks and now it’s happening. Congress, the Arab League and everyone else are just made it’s no happening on their terms.

      No matter what anybody has told you, the things happening in the world aren’t any worse than anything that already happened.

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